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    Hey guys, relax I'm not a lurker or anything, actually I'm a frequent
    member of the group simply in disguise as sadly the subject matter of
    the group can sometimes be frowned upon, although compared to some of
    the stuff we write or draw..pretty tame in comparison.

    Anyhoo I'd like to invite all those interested and who have longed for
    a group on this subject matter to poke your nose into the Female Foot
    Transformation group on one of the tfing body parts that some may feel
    doesn't get enough coverage and hopefully will act as a catalyst for
    more stuff on said subject to get added

    Check it out at :

    I should accept you in no time at all

    Hope you all enjoy 🙂

    Deadly Pixxxie

    That's enough out of you…..

    magnus knight

    Please don't bad mouth the group.  You know how hard and time consuming it can be to run one?  It is no easy task.  Just be happy it's there, and for us to enjoy, ok.


    That's just what normally happens to the group, people lose interest, or some other such thing, and they abandon the group. Now, if the group will actually be run like it should, and new material will actually be posted here from time to time, than it would be a truely excellent place to go. But I don't see that happening.

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Will you just…stop talking?


    Shut your friggin' mouth.

    Deadly Pixxxie

    You listen good and you listen hard, little boy.

    All you do is badmouth and slam everything. You rarely have something constructive to say and when you do, it consists of:

    A). "So and so is the last person to do anything good and after he goes, goodbye genre"

    B).  "No one makes anything I like"

    C). "These groups are poorly run"

    You know what? It's asses like you that kill the joy of these genres. It's whiny little boys who can't get off their high horses that make stuff like this die. It's guys like, that make people not want to produce content.

    I have a simple solution to the three things I listed.


    Do something for the community.

    RP with a friend, brainstorm some ideas, start drawing your own strips (regardless of artistic ability), write a story or have something commissoned. If you don't like something or the way something is run, change it. you have the power to do that. A few good examples are as follows:

    A). TRC. The kid draws his own strips, made a slew of specialist groups and constantly is innovating the genre.

    B). Our own Magnus Knight. The guy drops The Obsession on us, writes a sequel that's mind blowing, makes a whole mass of groups and stories and continually cranking out content.

    C). 99% of the artists and writers on here. Everyone's got a different perspective….and everyone brings something new to the table.

    D). Myself. I'm a muse and I make content. I'm co-responsible for Gothic Rampage…because I got tired of namby pamby heroines that didn't have any backbone…and there was a lack of hot goth chicks bursting out of their clothes.  😉

    That's what I see everyone else doing…and all I see you doing is complaining and not doing anything about it.



    And when people do contribute, say thank you.

    Just thank you. No smarmy comments, just a simple….THANKS.



    Androxi…If you dont like the subject matter in this forum…do the  heroic thing and sling ya hook.

    There are many famous internet artists and writers within these walls, not to mention the mighty Lingster, who has moved heaven and earth to keep this forum up and running… and they might not be too pleased with you brainless comments….mostly cos they simply aint true.

    WOW!!!! that dont happen very often …Pete getting angry…I'm SO  angry, I could slam this revolving door.


    magnus knight

    [glow=red,2,300]B). Our own Magnus Knight. The guy drops The Obsession on us, writes a sequel that's mind blowing, makes a whole mass of groups and stories and continually cranking out content. [/glow]

    Thank you very much for the kind words Pixxxie.  It's people like you who keep me writing, and people like some one who I won't name that makes me sad and want to stop.  Good thing I have fans like you to keep me going. 

    _M. Knight  :mrgreen:


    the owner of the group is back at the group now. im sure he will have new stuff to post there sooner then you think ill see to that;)

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Lingster, Hunter….you guys want to chime in on this?

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