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    magnus knight

    Big Bad Day at the Office

    BY: Magnus Knight

    Warning: The following story contains nudity, violence, and sexual content. Readers should be at least 18 years of age.
    © 2005 pending

    “Beep, beep, beep…” A small slender feminine hand slowly peaked up out of the covers and made its way over to the alarm.  Then coming down hard nailed the snooze button as messy brown hair flipped over and onto its side and a grunt of five more minutes came out of a dry mouth.  It was six in the morning and Sue Rogers was not having a good day already.  Groggily and with blood shot eyes opening to see the new day she arose as her long brown hair fell into place around her.  Swinging over two small feet that planted themselves on the floor below the woman arose.  As she made her way over towards her bathroom her foot kicked the empty bottle of Jack that was beside her bed.  Bouncing around on one foot yelping in pain the memories of the previous night came back to hit her like a train.

    Sue had just broken up with her boyfriend of the past six months over a stupid argument about some magazines she found under his bed three days earlier.  They were full of pictures of muscle bound she hulks that she couldn’t even tell they were women at first glance.  Then she asked about them and he confessed how he had this weird muscle growth fetish type thing that sort of freaked her out.  Sue said she was cool with it at first until he showed up at her place the next day with a set of weights, and he wanted to film her working out with them while at the same time he would tear at her clothes so she looked like she was outgrowing them.  That was too much at once for her and that night they had a fight which took things down hill fast.  After days of him leaving messages where he practically begged her to do things she thought of as well, weird, she decided to call it quits.  When they finally broke up last night the argument became so heated all she wanted to do was drink to forget the whole thing, and here she was the next day as it all came back to her.  Groaning as she held her head she continued on her way to get ready for work.

    Sue couldn’t afford to be late another day for work as her new supervisor was a real bitch.  This woman her firm hired always wore these expensive suits and well coordinated suits as if to let everyone around her know that she was the boss and better then everyone else in their small cubicles.  She came down especially hard on Sue for some reason.  Probably because the two were the most attractive women in the place and she didn’t want her around as competition. 

    All this played through her head in the shower like a bad movie.  Shaving her legs the anger in her swelled until she tensed up and in doing so cut her leg in the process.  As it bled she cursed out loud and held the wound until the bleeding stopped.  Turning around to face the shower head the warm water trickled all over her slender nude body.  Feeling it on her breasts began to turn her on a bit as her nipples now became hard and poked out adding to the pleasurable feelings.  She began to sway back and forth in the shower and massaged her breasts gently letting out little gasps of excitement.  As her hands traveled down her smooth stomach and towards her nether regions she could feel herself become moist and the pleasurable sensations build.  Sue needed some form of release and this was better then anything else she could think of so she began to masturbate, slowly building herself to climax.  As she turned her head her flickering eyelids peaked at the clock in the bathroom hanging on the wall.  It was seven thirty and she was well on her way to being late to work again. 

    Cursing as she jumped out of the shower being unable to give herself that release she so wanted, but instead she made her way back into the bedroom to dress for the day ahead.  Once dried she threw on her outfit for her 5’5” slender little frame consisting of a pink camisole top and black pants, loose yet form fitting where it counted, dark black cotton socks, this hot pink suit coat with a flared collar that had black wave design and plunging V neck with four round black buttons down the front.  Putting on a gold bracelet on her right wrist and some dangling earrings she made her way towards the door.  There she slipped her feet into a pair of simple black pumps with a two inch heel and stepped out the door to catch the bus.  Then swearing to her again she went back inside to grab her purse, and then repeated the previous step over.

    Making her way out the door she made it down the block with her heels clacking on the cold autumn pavement and around the corner down the street.  Moving at a brisk pace Sue made it to the corner just in time to see the white and green bus drive by.  Now she was really pissed off as the next bus wouldn’t get her to work on time and she would have to stand in the cold morning air for another thirty five minutes waiting.  Sue also cursed her skinny female legs for not being strong enough to carry her faster to the bus stop.  This was shaping up to be one of those really bad days. 

    Sue finally arrived at work a good twenty minutes late but was still holding out hope her boss the bitch wasn’t in yet and was still at the coffee house for breakfast.  To her chagrin as she signed in late her boss’s signature was already in the book in the lobby for today early.  This meant that she would have to use some stealth to get in unnoticed to at least have a peaceful morning. 

    As she made her way through the lobby she took the elevator up to the third floor and then removed her black pumps and walked by her boss’s office in her stocking feet hoping to not alert her to her late arrival yet.  As she moved through the rows of cubicles she was like a pink blur in her coat trying to not make a sound as she moved about to make her way to her tiny eight by eight prison of corporate hell.  Raising her hand to her face and holding a single finger to her lips she signaled for her coworkers to be quite as she wanted to stealthily get into her space.  Carefully she rounded a corner and slid into her stiff chair and placing her feet back into their leather confines she breathed a sigh of relief as she scooted into position and flicked her computer on.  Then from behind her back came the “ahem” of no respect and what could only be the beginning of a trouble for her.

    As Sue slowly swiveled around in her chair a stern face met her eyes and those baby blue eyes narrowed and gazed into her as if to say you belong to me.  “Follow me.” a stern voice commanded and like a soldier in the army Sue rose to follow her supervisor.  As the two made their way by the rest of the staff Sue felt like a child as her boss was already taller then her at 5’8” and that was before the shiny slightly pointed black three inch heels she wore on her feet.  As the walked sue could make out her dark hosiery through the slit in the back of her velvet skirt as her legs flopped the material about.  Turning into an enclosed office Sue went in as the door shut behind her with the name Ms. Diana Valkry on it engraved in gold. 

    Sue stood before the tall figure of her boss, who once again was wearing a suit that no other person on the floor could afford.  Ms. Valkry was in a deep velvet suit coat that tapered in below her breasts and then puffed out a bit around her waist with four square gold buttons down the front.  Though wearing something underneath Sue couldn’t tell what due to the expensive gold necklace around her neck gleaming in the office light as she toyed with it to mock Sue and her low earnings.  Her red painted nails teased it and when she knew Sue was looking at it she smiled and sat down behind her desk, being careful not to wrinkle her long velvet skirt that matched the coat and even crinkled look as the bottom of the coat where it let the tops of her feet peak out for all to see. 

    The blond supervisor with her hair pulled back in a bun talked Sue to death about loyalty to the company and respect and responsibility in the work place.  The conversation and lecture all in one went on and on for a good twenty minutes before Ms. Valkry was done with her.  This woman in her early thirties, though she could pass for twenty eight, moved her hands about while talking as if to try and draw attention to her pictures of her hunky boyfriend, nice new car, and even her better chair that was massaging her butt as they spoke.  Then, to top all this off she handed Sue a pile of papers and told her to key the information on them into the company’s main server, but for a kick added since Sue was late plus the time wasted in her office she should skip lunch to keep up since she wanted all of this done by four.  Sue wanted to fling the paper’s back in her face, but knew from seeing how toned she looked in other outfits that Ms. Valkry could easily beat the snot out of her smaller frame.  So swallowing her pride down and her feelings she smiled and just said no problem about the work and she went on her way. 

    Back at her cubicle Sue went about keying in the information from the forms into the network server database to be kept by the company’s master records section.  As she was keying all of this information an annoying popup blinked on the screen.  It was one of those macromedia ones where you flicked a bottle cap into an empty cup past two mice to win some crappy prize that would end up costing you in the long run.  She clicked the close icon and continued working.  A minute later another popup add came up saying she just won a cruise and she mumbled to herself as she clicked it closed and then clicked on her popup blocker protection to see if it needed updating, which it did.  After she was done she went back to work when low and behold another popup interrupted her work.  Deciding this was a major annoyance Sue decided to run a spy ware check on her computer and sure enough a whole bunch of back door programs were found so she decided to clean her hard drive up.  As soon as this was done she went back typing in the information when all of the sudden the screen went blank.  “God damn it!” Sue cursed as she banged her hand on her monitor and had to execute a reboot of her system. 

    More swears were heard from neighboring cubicles and as Sue stood up her saw screen after screen go blank one after another.  Apparently what happened to her pc was happening to everyone else’s.  Ms. Valkry came out of her office looking upset when she asked who just tried removing spy ware from their computer.  Slowly Sue raised her hand, the gold of her bracelet twinkling in the office light as her pink sleeve slid down a bit.  “Sue, didn’t you see the memo that said they were upgrading the spy ware protections today and if you tried to use them before noon a system crash could result.” sternly her brow furrowed and if her eyes could shoot lasers Sue would be shot down.  “Oh, that’s right you were late today and missed the announcement.” her boss and tormentor said smugly.  “Well, were all going to lunch, but once this system comes back online you will have quit a bit of work to catch up on miss.” Smiling wryly she singled for the department to tale lunch and there was Sue left alone feeling low as could be while her coworkers just walked past her shaking their heads at her giggling. 

    About ten minutes after everyone was gone her computer came back to life along with everyone else’s and grumbling she sat down to get back to work, hungry and pissed that she was here while everyone else was gossiping about on their lunches.  As she checked the status of her work she grew red in the face and swore out loud finding her work so far was lost in the crash.  Taking some deep breaths to calm herself down she went back to work, from the start, now realizing that she might be here all day and night working on those stupid files. 

    Typing away with hard anger filled key strokes a popup appeared on her screen, which she didn’t expect to see after all the crap she just went through over them.  Clicking it closed another appeared and as soon as she removed it one more just like it popped up.  Picking up her phone Sue called the IT department about her problem, and after belittling her a bit they assured her she shouldn’t be seeing any popup as the entire network now had the best and most current protection that was out there.  Slamming the phone down after their useless advice she looked at her screen in disgust to find another popup.  Instead of ignoring it though she decided to read it and was amused to find it read Boss bringing you down, boyfriend being weird?  Feeling weak and weary compared to others in a man’s world?  Want to get payback in a big way? Then play the game where the prizes grow within you.  Sue thought this was an oddly worded add, but it seemed at the same time to be directed right to her.  So with no one around she decided to click on it and play whatever game was there for kicks.  A new popup appeared and it was a feminine hand outstretched in a fist and across from it a brick wall.  The instructions read that to win just click on the arm as fast as possible and then move it into the wall to break it, then if the bricks break you are eligible for the prize.  Sue smiled as she clicked on the arm.  The faster the clicked the more the bicep on it swelled and pulsated growing larger and larger, and after thirty seconds it was huge, and as she slid her mouse across the arm moved and broke through the wall.  A new popup appeared saying congratulations click her for prize, and clicking on it a picture of a scrawny woman appeared.  It said to click on her until she was as big as the prize you want.  Sue clicked away and noticed how at first the animated figure grew taller, then after gaining height it began to inflate, little animated muscles springing to life on it and for some reason Sue found all of this highly entertaining as the little icon grew and grew until it appeared to be well pumped and toned, yet sue figured still feminine.  After her last click a little stat box appeared on screen which read “Your prize is 400 pounds.” Now Sue was excited thinking this was some type of British contest and she just won about 560 U.S. dollars, so she was more then eager to click on the yes box to accept the prize.  The second she clicked she scooted back in her wheeled chair yelping as her mouse gave her a medium sized shock.  As she moved back she saw the popup now read her prize was on its way, which she thought was odd as she never entered any type of personal information for a delivery.  All the popup disappeared except for a small one that read when through click here to play again.  Liking the animation she saw for the popup she just clicked to reduce the box, hoping to check it later and see if she really did win some money.   

    Continuing on with her work Sue was busy typing away while at the same time stewing over all the crap she had to put up with today.  Clicking and clacking away at her computer she was distracted for a brief moment by and odd new sensation.  It was like the creepy crawly sensation one gets when they sit on their foot too long and the nerves tingle.  This sensation she was experiencing started in her finger tips, the one that her mouse shocked.  The tingling then went through her hand and as she held it up to examine it the feeling grew as it traveled up her forearm down the whole arm into her back and sides.  The tingling traveled all along her body until it reached the tips of her toes and into the temples of her head.  Hunched over slightly she reached up and massaged her temples letting out an “Uhh.” Escape her lips that sounded more sexual then it should have.  Sitting for a brief moment there in that pose the feeling reached a climax before subsiding.  As it left her she felt restless, like her muscles needed a good stretch or something along those lines.  Pausing for a moment she decided to finish up the file she was on then she had to take a break to move around or else she felt like her muscles would just burst out of her and take a break on their own. 

    Working diligently at her computer Sue was trying to finish the file she was working on when her face muscles contorted into a grimace as she turned her head to peak below at the floor.  There she saw her foot tapping on the floor to some unheard rhythm when it stopped moving.  She looked at it as if concentrating hard to see if something about it had changed in the past few minutes.  She didn’t know why, but her left foot hurt all of the sudden.  It felt cramped and sore as if she were standing on it all day.  She rotated the foot about while deep in thought about the situation.  Deciding to take the black pump off she kicked her foot, but unlike every other time she tried this motion the pump did not slide off, but remained on.  Using her other foot she tried to hold the heel while pushing at it but still no luck.  Finally bending over she grunted as it finally popped off with more effort then it should have taken.  Staring at her foot it looked as if it was a little bit swollen, and longer then it should have been.  Puzzled she crossed her legs to massage the sore foot.  As she rubbed it the foot felt firmer and shapelier to her then it was just this morning when she last saw her feet in the shower.  As she massaged it her other foot began to ache in its leather prison too.  Thinking this was all strange she decided to take her other shoe off until she spied the time on her desk clock.  The other workers and her bitchy boss would be back soon and she didn’t want to be spotted by either sitting around touching herself so with wincing and a lot of effort she stuck her foot back into the she and continued typing away. 

    Sue was just finishing up on the current page when she noticed how hot the office was today.  Though usually cool as she sat there perspiration began to form on her brow.  Wiping it away with her right hand she felt the moisture as it slid and cooled her hand.  Picking up a manila envelope she fanned her self as she felt the air around her begin to heat up.  As she fanned herself off she began to become aware of other sensations besides the heat she was feeling.  She blushed but could swear she felt something just caress her breasts and other private parts.  Not able to explain it the sensations was that of something soft and smooth moving very slowly rubbing against her private areas.  This and the sudden increase in the temperature around her made her face turn flush as she could feel herself slowly becoming aroused.  Her breathing was becoming labored and if she didn’t know any better she could swear she was feeling the same way she did in the shower this morning.  The memory of the warm water dripping and flowing over her erogenous areas as the flowery scented soap filled her nostrils.  The way the water teased her with a promise of something special that would fill her being with cascading waves of joy; her thoughts were interrupted by a new and very odd sound.  Sue never heard anything like it before, but it was the sound of something being strained.  Something being distorted and forced into a new shape, material bending and stretching, moving about, and odd rubbery sound that was foreign to her.  Looking around she was able to pinpoint the noise glancing under her desk where it was its loudest.  Examining her pumps closely she could make out an odd bulge in the back of them.  It wasn’t until the pain struck her the pain was her foot, no feet, both pushing against the backs of the black leather shoes.  The noise grew louder and as she swiveled around she spotted the fronts of the pumps, with five tiny indentations pushing up into the rounded fronts, forcing them to bend and realign themselves.  Now realizing that something was amiss she stood up and made her way from her cubicle to someplace she thought she could be alone to get a grip on these weird feelings and sensations.  As she moved down the spaces between cubicles she thought about heading for the ladies restroom, but knew that it would soon be filled with gossiping women, so instead she made her way through the thick and heavy steel door for the stairwell and decided to get a grip there instead.   

    Outside in the stairwell Sue began to pace about back and forth on the landing as her pumps clicked and clacked, only the sounds of her footsteps were growing louder.    As the pacing continued she kept bringing her right hand up to her forehead to wipe the sweat off as it continued to drip down into her eyes.  Glancing down form time to time Sue could make out growing indentations of her toes as they pushed harder and harder into the rounded fronts of her shoes.  She could also begin to feel other odd sensations throughout her body.  Her legs felt alive as if something under her skin was shifting and moving about trying to gain more room.  Her arms felt tired as if she was working out with them all day, the muscles aching and throbbing.  As the feelings grew so did this almost primal lust that began to cloud her thoughts, flooding her mind with pleasure and a world of new sensations.  “Uhh, ooh.” she let out in gasps and grunts as she felt both in pain and alive.  Closing her eyes she just stood still for a moment and let the feelings wash over her. 

    With her eyes tightly closed her ears began to pick up a series of stretching and groaning sounds.  Imagining herself transforming into some kind of powerful goddess she felt her black pants tighten around her rear as her ass came to life.  Her thighs felt the synthetic fabric of her pants rub up against them, her calves dancing and moving into new life as she could almost swear she felt the cuffs of her pants begin to rise up her legs.  The sleeves of her hot pink coat hugged her, keeping her warm, her arms feeling alive as they shifted about within he garment.  Her pumps felt as if they were toying with her feet, tightening their grasp on them as her toes playfully pushed against them for more room.  When she opened her eyes she gasped to see her thoughts were a reality. 

    Sue started by looking down at her feet.  There she saw how the black pumps were filled with her feet, toes and heels, everywhere pressure being exerted on the leather craftsmanship as her feet looked to be about two to three sizes too big for her shoes.  Her pants looked to be an inch or two higher then they should have been as well, more dark cotton of her socks exposed then she would have liked.  The waist of the pants was pinching her and as she swiveled her head about she could make out her ass now large and curvaceously filling out the seat of the pants, straining the stitching of the back.  Her arms too looked fuller and felt fit as the sleeve was also a few inches too high, this tightness all around her body.  She reached up and felt her hair, then pulling a mirror from her pocket noticed it was messed up, sweat beaded about her brow.  Dropping the mirror Sue moaned and released an “Uhh god, what’s happening to me?” between pursed red lips. 

    Stumbling back she turned to grab onto the cold metal railing as a wild spasm shook her from head to toe.  As she gripped the railing stretching sounds grew louder from her coat.  As she glanced at her sleeves she was surprised to find the upper arms were inflating as if a balloon was being pumped up.  Soon she realized it was not a balloon, but her biceps, she could feel the musculature of her biceps firm, tense, and then expand.  The muscle mounds rose higher pushing the sleeve up and causing them to travel up her forearms before becoming caught on something,  Looking down she saw the forearms muscles, her extensors and flexors expanding as well, catching her sleeve mid forearm and not allowing it to climb and higher. 

    Tightness in her chest caused her to look down to find her breasts were moving and pushing up and out, though the sensations were coming from a deeper spot.  Her pectorals must have been growing just like the rest of her arm muscles.  She could feel the soft breast tissue being forced out by something tightening and growing behind them.  Her abs felt like they were on fire.  Though she couldn’t see them she assumed they were reshaping them selves as well.  Her coat pinched her shoulders and she could feel the muscles of her traps and deltoids come to life, inflating causing her coat to tighten on her.  The stitches all creaked as they were being pushed to the very limits.  The four buttons on the front of the coat were straining, trying to hold on as her chest grew and muscle inflated. 
    Not to be outdone gluteus firmed and toned as they pushed the seat of her pants out, strain the stitching adding to the symphony of groans by the fabric.  Her quads pulsated causing her to buckle at the knees.  As she regained her stance they pushed out and hard into the fabric, bulges forming as the muscles grew out.  Her calves expanded outward as well, pant legs creeping up to mid calf.  This led her to believe she wasn’t only growing stronger, but taller as well.  She felt the cotton of her dark socks, the elastic tops pull down to expose some smooth skin to the world.  Trying to wiggle her toes in her pumps she found such attempts to be useless as her feet had now taken up all the spare room in her shoes.  She grimaced a bit realizing that the sounds of her outfit meant that of all of this didn’t stop soon she might burst right out of her attire. 

    Back at Sue’s cubicle a tall blond frowned as she found the woman was missing.  Diana had told her to stay at her desk until the job was done, but then figured Sue was too much of a goof off to even do that simple task.  As her well manicured hand reached out she clicked on the mouse button to see how far along she was.  Diana Valkry was not happy to find Sue was only a quarter of the way through her work.  As she moved the mouse about she found another item was running on her desktop.  As Diana clicked on it she found an odd game that Sue must have been playing before.  She wasn’t very happy by this and thought that maybe she should fire Sue to set an example for the others who would come in to play games.  Smiling then she decided to try her hand at this game herself, figuring if Sue could play it, so could she.

    Out on the landing in the stairwell moans of pleasure and pain were escaping the young woman’s lips.  “Mmmh, all my clothes so tight, hugging me so much.” She cooed as by this point she appeared like a woman in little girls clothing, though with the definition of her muscle now appearing through her clothes this was one girl not to be fooled with. 

    Gripping the metal rail tightly she gasped as “rippp!” was heard.  Her deltoids began to tear the material of the pink coat apart at her shoulders.  “Shripp!” the other shoulder seam failed as her shoulders grew through the holes as they widened.  “Rip, shrip!” her biceps were now tearing the fabric as the stitches yawned open as her skin and muscles expanded through the material.  Flexors on her forearm expanded as small rips appeared in the cuffs of the coat.  The wavy pattern on the collar was pushed out by her neck as it broadened and grew with sinew pulsating with power.  “Pop!” the top button popped off as her breasts jutted out, the top of a lace cami now becoming visible.  As her shoulders expanded further the cami’s straps became visible as they too strained to hold.  More tearing sounds followed as her muscles of her arms surged to life with power.  The pink material filled and bulged more, muscles tearing them apart.  Extensors firmed and toned, then went beyond that and tore the sleeve more.  Tears now overflowing with muscle and flesh turned into gaps as they widened and grew.  The gold bracelet became tight and caused her some pain as her wrists thickened with muscle and the metallic trinket contorted and shifted about as she grew.  The gold slowly swiveled around until her wrists pumped out with muscle and the metal band snapped off and clinked to the ground by her pumps. 

    Her pumps were filled with feet that were so big, yet still beautifully feminine but demanding more room to grow.  Her toes bunched up into the fronts, crammed together.  The sides of the shoes groaned in protest as her feet swelled.  The backs pointed at an angle due to the two inch chunky heel strained the fine leather stitching.  “Ohh, mmh, please break.” she demanded to relieve some of the pain she was feeling, and to allow more pleasure in.  “Crack, snap, pop!” soft and harsh sounds traveled to her ears as the leather stitching began to give way.  Sock clad toes began to emerge and peak through the fronts.  As she grew the leather strained more and more.  Soon the sides began to come undone, as little tiny leather stitches snapped as more foot emerged.  “Crack!” a loud cracking sound signaled that the back of the shoe was now rupturing as a black sock encased heel forced its way out of the shoe.  The sides continued to explode until in one mighty bang the shoe exploded off of her feet.  All the sides broken and mangled, but there were some leather straps over the tops of her foot, until the felt the force of this muscular and large feminine foot break them off, one by one until only the soles were left.  Then her feet grew out more cotton stretching and paling as her feet grew.  The toes and heels poking inches over where the shoe’s were designed to hold her, the heels wobbling as her weight increased, until they snapped and broke and her feet fell flat onto a pile of ruined leather scraps.  The socks inflating as even her toes were growing stronger. 

    As the cuffs of her black slacks climbed ever higher the muscles beneath the fabric grew and expanded outward inflating with sinew of new tissue and muscle mass gaining by the second.  The calves thickened and toned beyond that of any model as they greedily gobbled up more and more space to be free in.  Her quads throbbed and pulsated as they grew rubbing against the sides of the pants pushing the fabric to the limits.  The inseam stitching struggled to contain the growing muscle within them.  New curves and definition was forming as she grew the pants showing off as much as they could.  Tightness around her waist grew in intensity until “snap!” the metallic clip that held them closed broke open.  Then the zipper began to slowly undo itself as it went down the rails, in the process revealing some of her black cotton panties to the world.  As the zip went her glutes grew in size and firmness strains the seat of her pants to their limits. 

    Above the pink coat’s sleeves continued to unravel as her arms grew denser by the second.  Soon triceps pushed out and the bottoms of the sleeves tore open to reveal hard dense muscles.  The ripping continued until with one mighty effort the sleeves tore open and her coat looked like a muscle shirt as her hulking mass demanded more room.  Her traps and deltoids grew to immense size and soon her back split the jacket open.  As she grew the whole tore wider and her pink camisole was seen as it moved trying to conform to her size.  “Pop, pop!” went two more buttons as her coat opened up more and her pectorals inflated snapping the useless buttons.  She looked down dismayed on how the increase in muscle density was ruining her soft supple breasts, when all of the sudden they tingled and sprung to life as the soft breast tissue grew to keep her pecs from destroying her feminine frame.  The lace top of the cami pushing out as it had this to deal with now.  The last button popped off and her coat then tore up the sides as her muscles and height swelled.  Soon the garment had nothing left to give and it seemed to explode off of her body in shreds.
    Now covered in what looked like Capri pants and a tight cami her growth kicked thing up as she moaned in suspense over what would happen next.  Not having to wait long her camisole pulled itself up as her abs felt like they were on fire.  Looking down she could see a tight six pack forming out of what was once smooth skin.  Her obloquies pushed out on her sides and the camisole’s pink fabric danced before tightening around her sides.  Her trapezoids tensed and grew out forcing the back of the pink camisole to tighten around her further.  As all of this was going on she glanced at her arms and figured her biceps had to be around twenty inches around if not more, and the funny part was seeing this excited her for some unknown reason.  Tightening her grip on the metal railing she could hear it bend and as she looked down at her hands she found she was crushing the metal, as long feminine, muscular fingers warped the cold metal.  Taking a step back she grunted as she tore the railing from is welded mounting and dropped it to the floor as a new series of spasms attacked.

    Intense warmth traveling down her spine to her legs her muscles there grew with a new found fervor as they pushed into the fabric of her clothes.  Calf muscles becoming so large they caught her rising cuffs just about three inches below the knees as they bulked up and then tore the seams open.  As the stitching popped seam by seam her quads came alive and did the same thing to her thighs.  The muscles pulsated and grew and soon a lone stitch on the outside left seam ripped.  Then another tore, followed by a few more sounds of black fabric tearing open.  “Rip, shrip!” the inside seams soon popped and tore open too, rock hard smooth curvaceous skin pouring out of the holes.  Her right side seams were also failing now as the pants tore open along the sides.  Her face became flushed as a loud static of popping sounds from behind singled the seat of her pants could no longer contain her swelling ass.  Black nylon of her panties poured out as the seat failed and her glutes grew in size and firmness. 

    Tensing up a bit Sue doubled over as the sensations and feelings of pleasure and pain overwhelmed her.  As she bent over both fists clenched she moaned as her arm muscles glistened with sweat.  The back of the camisole became to tight and ripped open at the top as her traps tore the lace apart.  Her deltoids swelled and the straps of the camisole snapped off right then left shoulder as her muscle grew.  Her pants tore the seams and then the fabric in random places began to tear and pop open as her thighs grew.  Her calf muscles shredded the fabric around them as if it were made of tissue paper.  Looking down she noticed how large her feet were now, probably a size 15, but as her socks tore apart and her toes freed themselves she was surprised how they still looked totally feminine and sexy.  She wiggled her toes as the top of the dark cotton socks split, then she felt to cool floor as her heels tore out the backs, and soon her whole foot grew skidding along the cool tile surface of the landing. 

    As Sue rose up she gasped for air as her chest heaved out tearing the thin lace over her breasts.  Happy she didn’t wear a bra today or else it cause some real pain she watched the two fleshy orbs swell and expand with each breath, feeling her nipples become erect as they poked through the flimsy fabric and her pectoral muscles underneath grow in firm support of the breast flesh.  Her obloquies forced the sides of the camisole to strain until static ripping sounds signaled that they were tearing apart too.  Deciding to flex a pose for some reason as if the subconscious was telling her it was appropriate to do so she flexed her massive upper body muscles and her camisole tore down the center of her back wide open.  Then striking another pose her chest muscles danced as the front of the pink cami tore to reveal intense musculature definition on her front, sweat covered six pack, the useless cloth tore and left her topless now.

    Moaning as the cool air made contact with her sweaty upper body she looked down as her brown hair drooped over her eyes to see her pants tear off until they looked like cut off jeans.  Sticking out one leg she smiled at the tone and definition of muscle, the structure and balance between statuesque form and female pose.  Feeling naughty now she clenched her firm glutes and squealed as the back stitching of her pants tore off and now looking down at her self she figured she had to be around seven or eight feet tall and covered in toned muscle.  Feeling her panties ride up and give her a wedgie she reached down and with no effort tore them clean off with just the tip of her pinky. 

    Glistening in the light she flexed once more and couldn’t believe she was the same person who showed up late for work this morning.  Her muscles were huge, like those of the biggest male body builder, if not bigger, but as she grew taller it balanced out to make her look ripped, but still like a sexy woman.  Caressing herself she felt more alive then she had been in years, and a brief thought of what her ex-boyfriend was trying to explain to her the other night about his fetish for this sort of thing and going through it herself she decided maybe she would give him a ring, as the growth was more intense then anything she ever felt before. 

    Then her thoughts turned towards her bitch of a boss who came down on her before.  Sue always felt intimidated by her, but she realized with a body like hers that no one alive could intimidate her again.  Deciding to maybe get some payback she made her way for the thick metal door she came through, but reaching to open it an evil thought crossed her mind and she stopped herself short, then stepping up to it she made a tight fist and brought her arm back.

    In the office of Diana Valkry she opened her door and shouted out that if she caught whoever was playing with the thermostat she would fire them as sweat was visible on her brow.  As she closed the door she let out a moan as she began to feel odd all of the sudden as a tingling sensation enveloped her. 

    “Bang!” a large fist was seen going through the door as it swung back then off its hinges and crashed into the far wall.  Loud deep feminine laughing could be heard through the settling dust out on the landing.

    To be continued…


    Very well written! Are we going to get to see Diana's transformation as well, or is it going to be one of those "You get to guess how it goes" things?

    magnus knight

    There will be more to grow on soon.  😎


    That's excellent! It must have taken ages to get right. Thanks to you! 😀


    Nice 🙂

    I'm dissapointed that Diana found the game, though, as I feel she doesn't deserve any "prize" 😉

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