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    magnus knight

    Prizes and Sizes
    By, Magnus Knight

    The following story is pure fiction and not meant for any person less than 18 years of age.

    It was nine o’clock on a Saturday night as three young women waited for their boyfriends and one waited for her blind date to arrive and pick them up.  It was foggy with a cool breeze in the autumn air as the full moon broke through the clouds to shine light on the situation.  The three girls stood there giggling and talking to each other just chattering away complimenting themselves on there choices of attire for the evening ahead of them and teasing the one about her upcoming blind date.  They waited in front of Stacey’s house in her upper-class suburban home and fidgeted about.  Jackie was the lamb up for slaughter as this would be her blind date with Stacey hooking her up with a friend she met in summer camp.  She assured her that this guy was “a major hunk” and would not disappoint her in the least.  Jackie was preoccupied at the moment putting on her lipstick and holding her compact with a slight jitteriness that all high school girls have on their first dates. 

    “Calm down girl.” Tara said while clapping her hand over her cell phone.  “You have nothing to worry about, Stacey wouldn’t do you wrong.”, and then removed her hand to continue her phone conversation. Jackie was still a little nervous.  This was the first guy she would be on a date with in almost seven months since her jerk of an ex-boyfriend Steve broke up with her at her eighteenth birthday party.  She had been going steady with him for two years when he dropped a bombshell that he found this college girl instead who was more mature for him.  She just assumed that was guy speaking for put out.  He tried over the past few months before that to get her to put out, but she wasn’t having any of that until college.  Just then Tara clacked her cell phone shut and said the guys would be pulling up any minute.  The three girls made one final inspection of each other and with approving gesture stepped off the porch just as Tyler’s parents mini-van pulled up to the house. 

    Seeing as to how these were all senior high school students Tyler just laid on the horn as the side door slid open.  The three girls stepped into the back and after a quick exchange of hellos the door slid shut and they were all on their way.  Riding in the van on the way to the movie were three jocks and three cheerleaders.  All but one were seniors at Tito Jackson High, the sixth being an outsider who was a junior at Jermain Tech.  The cavalcade for the upcoming night’s festivities consisted of Tyler and Joe who were seniors at Tito high and played defense on their schools hockey team.  Their dates for tonight were there girlfriends Tara who was a curvy black haired raven with brown eyes, and her friend Stacey who was the head cheerleader at their school.  Their mutual best friend Jackie was out with them and the one on the blind date.  All three ladies were cheerleaders at their school.  Jackie’s blind date was Rob who was a friend of her friend Stacey.  Though she couldn’t get a good look at him as she was seated behind him, she could just tell by his voice that he was cute and probably gentle as a lamb. 

    The three were heading out tonight to celebrate Stacey’s eighteenth birthday, as she was the baby of the group, and still had some growing up to do as the movie she pick was form Disney.  Now the three guys didn’t mind this at all, as they planned to be doing other things during the movie with their dates anyways.  The whole reason for the nights blind date was that Stacey didn’t want to celebrate her birthday without one of her best friends Jackie and knew the only way to get her to show up was to place her with someone so she didn’t feel like a third wheel, or in this case fifth.  She had remembered Rob from the summer camp she counseled last year and he seemed like Jackie’s type, though he was a year younger than the rest of the group. 

    As the van pulled into the movie theaters parking lot Tyler put it into park and got out as Rob sitting next to him emerged out the opposite door.  As the sliding door slid open Joe got out holding Stacey’s hand to ease her out.  Rob could tell Stacey and Joe were already making out in the back as her black strapped heeled sandal hit the ground she was fidgeting to fix her tightly woven fishnet pantyhose and fix the back of her spaghetti-strap dress with beads as it rode up a little on her.  Next out was Tara whom he gave a quick hug to as they had not seen each other in months.  Tyler turned a little red and quickly but gently ushered Tara away and with him as they made their way towards the theater.  Tara’s heeled two front buckle strapped sandal clacked on the pavement as she made her way down the lot.  Tyler was checking out her outfit for the night and seemed to approve of her beaded black velvet drape-neck blouse with matching velvet skirt with slight ruffles at the end where it met her knees.  From there dark hose went down to encase her calves and feet.  Rob waited anxiously for his date to emerge, which took a little bit of coaxing from him to get, but when she did it was well worth it.  Her wild brown hair blew in the breeze and as her bare leg came out it touched the ground in a pair of satin dress sandals with what appeared to be some type of rhinestone buckle.  She wore a lacy corset styled halter top with a row of small silver buttons up the front and black flowery lace over purple cotton.  Her skirt was the same in design and styling as it flowed elegantly about her to her knees. 

    Rob took a deep breath and swallowed as he now formally introduced himself.  The two exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes and then made their way into the theater with the others.  While the guys checked out their dates, their dates did the same to them.  Tyler wore kakis and a polo shirt while Joe was in kakis and a short sleeved button down shirt.  Rob was the best dressed of them all in his black dress pants and maroon polo with a sleeveless sweater.  The group mingled in the movie ticket line for a while before finally getting their tickets and then all made their way into the lobby to buy snacks as they still had some time before the movie started. 

    While the men were all in the snack line at the end of the lobby the women were walking about chatting things up when one of them caught something out of the corner of her eye.  “Look at that, would you.” said Tara as they passed the arcade machines.  There was something shimmering in the claw grab machine that caught her attention.  As the two other girls swiveled about in their heels soon there attention was grabbed as well.  “I’ve never seen anything so nice n one of these before.” went Stacey.  “Neither have I, you think it’s in there by accident?” questioned Jackie.  “I don’t know, but I want it.” Tara blurted out.  The three women quickly raised their hands and hurriedly waved there boyfriends back to them as they hustled about the machine.  The guys, being as guys at that age are raced to see who could get there first. 

    “Tyler,” questioned Tara, “Could you get something for me?” and before Tyler could ask what she turned and pointed to the center of the claw grab machine.  Inside it was a most unusual treasure for such a machine to hold for some one to win.  Buried in with the cheap stuffed animals and candy was what appeared to be a necklace?  Only the top part showed, but from what the ladies saw it appeared to be very nice.  There laid a black onyx quarter shaped stone, surrounded by golden curls and shimmering small green jewels.  Though none could see the rest of it, they could all agree it was very nice.  “Tyler, could you show us some of that games skill you have and retrieve that little item for me.” Tara asked him.  He was of coarse more than too eager to show off and impress the others. 

    After putting in his dollar the machine came to life and with one hand on the joystick and the other against the glass casing he began to maneuver the small metal claw around its domain to attempt to get a lock on the item that caught his girl friends attention.  After several seconds of careful placement he dropped the claw and it hit the target dead on, but as is so often the case with these types of machines all it did was slide right off of it only to nudge it a little to the side.  “Come on baby, try again.” Tara cooed, but Tyler was not about to waste another dollar.  “Come on baby, you know no one ever wins at these, plus the prizes are never really that good anyways.” he told her. 

    At that moment Jackie went over to Rob and placing one of her slender well manicured hands on his chest and the other over his ear whispered something to him.  Then with a grin he stepped up to the machine and dropped his coin in to try his luck.  “What did you tell him?” Stacey asked Jackie who replied, “I just told him how much it would mean to me for him to fish that out of there.”  Rob used all his dexterity and skill to properly align the claw with his target, and sure enough as it dropped it hit its mark dead on.  Next with slow and intense concentration he was able to lift the necklace from its stuffed animal confines and bring it to the prize chute to drop it in.  Reaching in to the prize door he pulled out the necklace and with a smart ass grin flashed it in Tyler’s face.  He then approached Jackie with the item and she stood on her toes for a moment to plant a kiss on his cheek.  She then turned and put the necklace around Stacey’s neck and told her happy birthday and gave her a hug. 

    “Looks like your dates would rather touch each other than you two.” chided Joe.  Tyler hit him gently in the shoulder and said, “You’re just jealous that the gift you got her sucked.”  The two guys laughed and then the group made its way into the theater for their movie. 

    Two hours later the group emerged from the theater and headed towards the exits to proceed to dinner.  As they went through the doors the air had become colder and tiny goose bumps formed on their skin as they exited the building.  The moon was shining bright in the night sky on this the first day of its new lunar cycle.  Just as the group stepped onto the blacktop of the lot Jackie stopped them all and turned to Stacey.  “Honey, it occurs to me that none of us had yet to look on that prize Rob won for you.” as Tara nodded in both agreement and disappointment that the necklace was not around her neck.  As the two young women gathered around their friend to examine it the necklace’s intricate details glimmered in the moon light.  The quarter sized stone that appeared to be onyx was so dark it showed no reflection.  It was housed in gold that flared around it slightly and coiled back in at the tips.  The chain was gold as well, linked in small parts around the neck of Stacey where it rested at her mid-chest area.  There was a picture etched into the gold on the sides of the necklace that was somewhat hard to make out.  Jackie reached out and lifted the piece up towards the moonlight to see it better as Tara stood near and Stacey looked down into it.  There the three young women saw what appeared to be the engraving of two trees on each side.  To the left was a small tree, and to the right was what appeared to be the same tree, but much larger.  As they gathered in more to see it better the black stone caught the full moon beam and to the ladies astonishment started to glow and the necklace grew warm in Jackie’s hand.  Just then a bright flash went off from the dark stone and shot up at the three high schoolers.  The next thing any of them knew was that the guys were half way down the lot when they heard Tyler shout, “I said come on ladies, we don’t have all night.”

    The three friends looked at each other for a brief moment and blinked a few times before coming back from their little space out, and then proceeded to catch up with their dates.  “Hurry up ladies,” repeated Tyler, “It’s getting cooler and we’re starting to get cold.”  He said as he got himself back into the van.  The three young ladies shuffled towards the van with their heels clicking and clacking on the pavement as they made their way in when Tara said to Tyler, “Cold, are you serious, I’m feeling a little bit warm myself.”  She then turned to her girlfriends whom all nodded in agreement.  “Whatever.” Was Tyler’s response as the side door slid shut and the van started back on its way.       

    A half hour later the van arrived at its next destination, a local Denny’s Restaurant located next to the area mall.  As the doors to the van opened everyone made there way out and towards the restaurant.  The odd thing was that the guys were having trouble keeping up with the women.  Those ladies were moving towards the entrance in a hurry.  Along the way no one seemed to notice the fact that the three lady’s heels were making much more noise as they click and clacked on the cold black pavement.  “Honey, for some reason I sure am starved all of the sudden.” Tara admitted to her friends.  “Me too.”  chimed in Stacey, “and that’s really odd because I just ate a big supper a little while ago.”  “I know what you mean.” Answered back Jackie, “It’s like all of the sudd… ya!”  Jackie cut herself off mid-sentence as she suddenly stumbled and would have hit the ground if not for Rob’s quick actions.  “Thanks, you really are something else, aren’t you.” She said as she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.  After the kiss she glanced down for a brief moment and wiggled her toes.  “I can’t believe I tripped over my own two feet like that.” She told him, “I mean I’m a cheerleader here.”  As she finished she glanced down at her feet again and could swear her toes were now hanging over the edge of her black dress sandals, but just as quickly she dismissed this as some sort of trick the night air was playing on her.  She thought to herself she just bought them the other day, and they fit fine then, so this must just be her being clumsy.  Jackie quickly left Rob to catch up with her other girlfriends.  As she caught up with them Rob looked off a bit puzzled at what he saw.  To him it looked as if the three girls were all moving slightly funny, as if their shoes were too tight or they all had wedgies or something.  Plus was it just him or did Jackie kiss him with standing on her tip toes.  As Tyler and Joe caught up with him he just shrugged it all off and proceeded into the Denney’s. 

    Once inside while the guys waited to be seated the three ladies dismissed themselves to go to the bathroom together.  As the door slammed shut behind them Stacey leaned against it with a look of frustration on her face, “These heels are killing me.” She said followed up with, “and my fishnets are riding up on me like crazy.”  “I know what you mean girl.” Tara replied to her friend.  “My feet hurt too, and these black hose keep needing adjustment.”  “Speak for you ladies,” Jackie sounded in, “My damn shoes caused me to trip and embarrass myself in front of that hunk, plus my violet panties are riding up like a thong on me.” She said, and her friends knew how Jackie hated thongs.  “Did you say hunk of a man?” Stacey cooed; “Does this mean some one’s getting a crush?”  “Oh girl, you got yourself a new man don’t you.” chided Tara.  The three adolescents all started giggling and then got back to fixing themselves up for the rest of the night.

    As Jackie pulled out her wedgie and fluffed her brown hair she smoothed out her lace corset halter and fixed her lacy skirt.  Tara proceeded to tug on her dark black panty hose and readjust her black ruffle velvet skirt and tugged down her drape-neck top that somehow rode up on her slightly.  Stacey meanwhile played with her tightly looped fishnets being careful not to tear them.  Then she straightened her spaghetti-strap dress fixed her long blond hair.  Tara stepped over to the mirror to fix her shoulder length black hair when she noticed something odd.  Her friend Stacey and she were the same height, but she knew Stacey was always two inches taller than her.  She went over this in her head for a moment, but then came to the conclusion that Stacey must be wearing lower heels than her tonight.  She was wearing almost three inch heels and she knew Stacey usually only wore one to two inch ones.  The truth was they were both wearing two and a half inch heels tonight.

    When the ladies emerged from their little meeting of the minds they found the guys were already seated.  As they sat down they talked and laughed just like any high school seniors would do as they neared the end of the year.  The thing that in all that merriment that was lost to the group was how they all sat.  The three ladies were seated at the same height as their boyfriends, which was odd seeing as to how none of them were that tall to begin with.  The other thing that all the guys noticed was how much the group ate.  The guys always ate plenty, but tonight their girlfriends out did them by a mile and then some.  Jackie had four pancakes, three eggs, three bacon strips, four sausage links and a whole lot of Pepsi.  Tara ate two large hamburgers with fries and aside salad.  Stacey, who was normally the tallest and skinniest in the group out did them all with her two Rueben’s plus fries, four pancakes, and tow side salads.  The strangest part of all was that none of this fazed the girls in the least.  When the waitress came back for the dessert order all three orders two slices of pie each, which left the guys with nothing as that would eat up the rest of their combined cash. 

    The dining being completed the group was gabbing away amongst each other when an odd sound caught the groups attention.  “Plink!” sounded out again and as the group looked around to find where the noise emanated Jackie looked down at her black lace corset halter top to find that the bottom two clips had snapped off.  By that time the rest of the group found the two broken metallic clips in the carpeted floor below them.  Tara held them up to Jackie and went, “Girl, you ate a little bit too much when this happens.” The guys started laughing, which was followed by the ladies when it all abruptly stopped.  Jackie, now clutching he stomach looked ill and uncomfortable to the rest.  As she sat there clutching at her stomach odd stretching noises began to fill the area around her.  “Guys, I don’t feel right.” She confessed while looking at her friends.  “Come to think of it, I’m starting to feel a little bloated too.” Tara replied as she rubbed her stomach.  Stacey was rubbing her forehead when she turned to the other two girls to ask if they felt warm.  All three were starting to sweat and shift about in their seats uncomfortably. 

    The three guys were practically rolling in their seats now laughing out loud at their girlfriends’ discomfort.  “That’s what you get for eating the whole menu at once.” chided Tyler.  “Yeah,” went Joe, “Looks to me like all that food is going straight to your thighs faster then expected.” As these two laughed like hyenas, Rob was looking straight across at Jackie with a puzzled expression.  She looked to now be slightly taller then he was sitting.  The fact was all three looked taller then him now, squirming and shifting in unison. 

    Rob also picked up on all those stretching noises and finally traced them to under the table.  As he peeked under his eyes caught the most unusual sight.  Jackie’s feet seemed to be shifting about in her shoes struggling to find more room.  He could see her toes as they appeared to be reaching for the floor below them, despite the protests of her dress sandals, which if it wasn’t for the fact the only thing holding them to her feet was a simple buckle leather strap, would probably be causing her a lot of pain by now. 

    He could also see that her legs were no longer resting flat under there, but were now at an odd angle like you see when an adult sits at a child’s desk.  The leather buckle began to shift and move about now as her feet seemed to be expanding within them somehow.  The shifting continued for some time until her hands suddenly shot under the table and securely gripped the chair as if she were bracing herself for something.  “Crack, snap!” Rob could not believe it but her heels just snapped off of her shoes leaving her feet flat on the ground.  Taking this as some divine sign her toes rushed foreword, placing an unbearable amount of pressure on the leather strap. 

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    *bows down*

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