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    I wrote this a few years ago and have decided to post it…I aplogize for any typos……Constructive feedback is appreciated.

    “Damn” she thought, “there goes he lights….” The storm outside had been the worst she had ever seen…lighting a candle she made her way threw the darkened house…. “ No TV tonight…”. She was house siting while the owners were away in Europe. House sitting was a good way to make a few extra bucs, but this house gave her the creeps. It was like an old castle something out of a Dracula movie. She had heard the owners had brought it over from Europe to Northern California. She never met the owners she was contracted by an agency to take care of the home for the summer.

    She wandered into the library…hoping to find a good book to pass the time with….”Flash another crack of lightning and thunder startled her she stumbled…running into a bookcase. To keep from falling she grabbed at the bookcase as she fell. A book tumbles out of the case as she regains her balance…

    Looking at the title…she can not read it because it is on a language she doesn’t recognize. The book itself was very ornate and appeared very old. The book was bound in leather and held closed with a clasp. On the cover were all types of glyphs and writing, which she could not decipher. “ I wish I could read this" she said out loud, "looks very interesting." As the words left her mouth the book glowed briefly. Looking at the book…the figures on the cover swirled and coalest into English writing.

    “ What the Hell! “ she thought…..”This was strange”…..Opening the book she found the whole book was in english, it appeared to be a collection of stories and spells….reading the cover it said…”Necronomicon” she gasped. She had heard of this book, it was a legendary book of spells dating back to Merlin and King Arthur’s court.
    “This must be the original,” she thought. Excited about her find she went up stairs to draw a bath and relax while she read her new find.

    Slipping into the tub she felt the warm water relax her body. Candles were lit all around the tub giving  the large bathroom the feel of a cathedral.

    She was average looking red hair and green eyes. Her body was nothing special she was not fat but could lose a few pounds, she worked out often but can never seem to achieve the body she wanted…her breast were small had small round nipples.

    Letting her body enjoy the heat of the tub…she reached for the book. She thumbed through looking for something interesting to read. She opened to a chapter titled “Morgana"  " hmmmmm this looks interesting “ she read the story as the storm raged outside seeming to get worse as she read. The story was about a woman, who was transformed by the gods into a powerful warrior. She defended justice but also had very amorous adventures. Apparently the gods had a sense of humor and with her gift of strength was a gift of uncontrollable desire.

    Reading the story of this woman’s transformation and adventures began to get her aroused. She slipped a hand down to breasts and fondled it gently. She imagined herself as the heroin in the story. Moving her hand to her pussy, her clit already hard and exposed. She touched it and almost came instantly…with a few gentle rubs she exploded with a shattering orgasm. Almost dropping the book into the water. Lying back enjoying the feeling she sipped the wine she had set next to the tub. “ Wow that was intense, whew”. Picking the book up again she finished the story. At the bottom of the last page there were some words that appeared to be gibberish.

    Trying to sound out the words out loud, she slowly read them…the book began to vibrate the storm got even worse. The glow returned and began to spread over her body.
    She felt strange her muscles began to twitch… the book fell from her hands as finished the last words. She felt hot all over and became incredibly aroused. She began finger fuck her pussy. The feeling was like never before. Then she noticed it…the muscles in her arm began to grow and gain definition. Her once round stomach became a flat six pack. Her thighs expanded and she felt her legs lengthen and fill out. The feeling was incredible it was like one sustained orgasm. Her hair grew out from its normal short length to become long and flowing. She saw her breasts begin to expand going from a small B cup to over a D in just minutes. They firmed up and rode high on her chest. The last orgasm hit her, a window flew open and the wind tore through the room. The candles went out and the room went dark only lit me the lightning. , and the fading glow from the book.

    “ Oh my god” she said gasping as she heard her voice. It was a deeper, sexier than before. “What has happened to me”. Finding a match she lit a candle. In the faint like she walked to the mirror. Stunned at the figure before her. Her face was familiar like her old one but much prettier. The similarity ended there her body looked like a goddess. Well-defined muscles covered her body. Her legs were long and shapely showing the power in them. Her breast high and firm, the strong pecks could be seen beneath them. Her stomach flat and strong. She was becoming aroused again. She touched her breast. "Oooh" they were more sensitive than before. She felt the heat return to her pussy and began. Feeling incredibly horny now she glanced at her pussy. Her clit, bigger than before was protruding from its hood about ¾ of an inch. She cupped her breasts and fingered her new improved clit. The image in the mirror was so arousing she couldn’t hold back. She was fucking herself. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. The more she watched herself the more she cam. Finally exauhsted, she stumbled to the bed and feel asleep…..

    End of Chapter One


    very good, more more more chapters?


    very good, more more more chapters?

    Glad one person liked it! LOL


    I liked too.  Please say you're going to write more.


    Well done , now how about the secound chapter!


    Indeed. Great start. Hope you continue it soon.


    Hunter S Creek

    Cool start!  Looking forward to more, please.

    Thank you for sharing!


    Entertaining Ideas for chapter two…..wrote this story a while ago but stalled on chapter two due the fact I didn't know where to take it……


    Michael Pouliot

    Ah, the classic problem of the FMG writer…able to write a scene but unable to come up with a story.  I'm no expert writer, but what you're going to need to decide first is…do you really want to write a story?  It's a lot of work.  You'll need a basic plot, structured around a setup, a series of events leading to a climax, and a final resolution.  What you have here is a setup (really a teaser).  If you really want to flesh this out into a full story, it'll take a commitment.

    OK, enough blathering…here's a basic outline…

    Woman casts spell
    Woman uses new power to get laid
    Woman tries to save new boyfriend from car crash, fails…not strong enough
    Woman casts new spell…becomes enormous…and possessed (it is the Necronomicon)
    Woman proceeds along path of destruction
    Different woman finds book, casts spell to stop possession and return huge woman to normal
    Different woman can't resist temptation…casts spell…story ends

    Of course, there's 8 zillion other ways this can go.  But if you really want to give it a shot, I'd suggest first drafting up a simple outline and then going for it.

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