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    Well, now that I put China Will Grow Larger in my library, I was mulling over the next thing to write.

    Here's the list according to my priority:

    Child's Play:  Chapter 3, Blackout
    Dyna Meets Mezaros
    Dr. Terry and Kitty-kins, story 2
    The sequel to China Will Grow Larger

    I'm hoping to do Jimmy Templeton's Thursday:  Sundown on Wrath, but I really can't do much until I get a clue what Marknew's cadre's gonna do.

    No poll this time, since I didn't follow the last one too closely.  But I would like to hear y'all's d'ruthers on what you'd like, though.

    David C. Matthews

    Well, you know what I'd like…  😀


    >_> Sequel! (to well… i think you can kinda guess)

    and if you can't!  The sequel to Generals!  😆

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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