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    This is something I thought I'd do for the guy who's basically PCC's biggest fan (you know who you are). I know he likes Sheeri this way, but I hafta constantly disappoint him because it's not something I'd ever do to her in the comic itself. But, through the magic of places on the internet that aren't PCC, I can do stuff like this and it's acceptable (at least for the people it doesn't totally freak out).

    Looks like all those years of feeling small, unconfident, and inadequate finally got to the ol' girl, and well…she Sheeri DOES know a little bit about crystalmancy. Guess she finally got tired of getting kicked around by life, the universe, and everything, and figured out how to drain ALL the energy from a power shard in one shot: ya gotta SWALLOW it. Probably a secret she's gonna keep to herself, given the results; lucky those power shards are only about the size of a rather pointy cherry tomato. Seems at last she's got the means to defend her people like never before, but on the flipside, finding clothes that fit (or a husband) is gonna be a useless pursuit. Can't have it all, I guess, but at least she'll still fit in with the OBSESS bunch, as a bigger collection of freaks and oddities there has never been…and she's as big a freak as they come (except as far as height goes, as she only grew in mass and weight).

    Where was I going with all this? I dunno, really. Hope you guys haven't crossed her, is all I'm sayin'…that front double arm flex she's got going looks like trouble. It's also a pose I don't do too often, so I think it turned out rather well.

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    We all knew this was going to happen sooner or later, whether in the continuity of the PCC story or otherwise, and in this case, it's the latter.  Nice job on her musculature, although she looks like a totally different character, largely because of the horns (One would expect me to say the muscles, but no; the horns really make the difference, as I identify people by their heads/faces).

    Anyone realize it's been over a year since we've seen Sheeri in her normal form (aside from that Hurricane Katrina aid strip)?


    It looks greatb i like sheeri anyway.
    I would like to see all the other artwork done on UBER sheeri

    maybe do a "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE" and see all the sheeri's, evil Sheeri, Super Hero sheeir, liitle sheer, DR.Sheeri, Military Sheerie and her male counter part shawn


    That's terrific!


    Good god! ^_^ I love Sheeri even more than I did before (referring to her other, more "leanly buff" pics)

    Great job man, and in a way, I'm probably only speaking for myself when I say this, but I like how you kept her bust size relatively small…I mean, not like I don't like em huge, but Sheeri would just look…I dunno, unnatural with huge knockers, ya know?

    Thanks for sharing with us!


    Awesome! That's great 🙂

    I've always been a fan of buff sheeri, and this is as buff as it gets 😉

    I still secretly hope that she gets a little buff again, like she did when she was being "improved" by her "roommates" 😉


    Thanks. 🙂 Yeah, certain things had to be kept in proportion (ironic) to keep her looking familiar. I was aiming for the 'fireplug' look.

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    I shall begin filling out the paperwork to make you a god.


    I shall begin filling out the paperwork to make you a god.

    Thanks…Lord knows I mess with my creations enough. :p This pic might be useful in helping catch the interest of the Japanese part of the fandom, maybe…wonder how many of them come here?


    Argh!  I'm totally freaking out!

    …but in a good way!

    Great stuff!

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