now for something completely differant!

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    [move]Thought I would try the steel look..[/move]
    [move]Only done one arm as a test………..[/move]
    [move]What do you people think?.?.?.?.?.?[/move]


    i like it mate, would like to see more.

    How did you do it?


    Many many layers lots of patiants some jack danials and an over active imagenation 😀

    No seriously. First i cut around the part i wanted to change then i used the gradiant map to get the gray scale that i wanted
    then i inverted it and ajusted the levels. useing Dodge and burn to increase the defanition i then used the blur tool to make it
    a little more realistic looking. i then created a second layer and used the filters to get a crome affect. i then blended that
    layer with the first to give a hint of reflection to the shape. i then again used Dodge burn and blur untill it started to resemble
    the picture in my mind. i then used the paint tool to add some colour and blur to blend it in.

    Hope that helps you

    I use photoshop CS


    similer method to what i would have done i think. I use CS too, but i think i prefer 7.

    Right get ur self some more jack, and lest see a whole girl done!


    I would love to but im nackered…got a better lassie in mind for my next attempt anyways (Ever heard of Aplhie Newman?). but that will be a anotherday as i have work in the morning and its like 2.30 now!

    i use to ues 7 all the time untill i sat my ass down and decided to get my head around cs. Now i would never go back.


    i know the girl u mean

    Look forward to seeing it.


    Can I join, or is this a private talk?

    Now, seriously, demonic, amazing work, would have never though of doing something like that. it's really original, keep it up.


    Something like this still perfecting the style!


    Very well done and certainly a change of pace as a collage.

    Question, is she suppose to be solid (i.e. like Colossus of the X-Men) or a liquid format akin to the T-1000 – if the latter, the Victoria's Secret trick of the Terminatrix is not beyond her . . .  😎

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    To be honest alex…i haven't thought about it she could be both….

    I was trying to put riges on her like colossis but i just couldnt get it right

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