Of Flood & Fire -a time for Brief Departing

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    Ave, all.
    As some may know, I's recent came to America to aid friends whom fell victims to Katrina's Wrath and, since that has now been settled and abaited, have been working the past few weeks in California in order to earn enough money to travel back to England for further work, in order to go back to Europe and, eventually, Australia and South-East Asia. This trip was to have been made sooner, but recent events have changed my's plans -such as a fire at the dwelling of those whom survived Katrina -Juilius & Lydia Zeekman- which has forced them to move from their home in Southern Los Angeles back to the Western Coast edge of the City. This has taken too much time and now, none remains for other things.
    Before week's end, I's shall be returning to England in order to work and take care of many personal matters that have been much (and willfully) neglected of late. So, I's shall probably not be able to spare any time for my's duty here until the first weeks of November. This also does mean that I's will be spending my's encroaching Birthday in England and not Australia as I's had hoped because of the party that was thrown for I last year. But one cannot not have everything desire or last would be most pointless.
    This is not said to garner attention or pity, but so ya'll know that if any problems should arise on any of the threads that I's do moderate -FMG Discussion, Weight Lifting & Training and Female Muscle & Society- you would be so kind as to report them to moderators such as Marknew or David C. Matthews or even to Lingter himself.
    During my's absence, I's shall endevour to set aside time each day to check and send e-mails (mainly for work purposes) and update my's new Live Journal (which Shadow was so kind as to set up for I) -http://www.livejournal.com/users/pimpneonblack/.
    Before I's do take my's leave, it is hoped that I's shall have a gift to present to ya'll and many more upon my's Returning.
    Until such time: be well and may good fortune be upon ya'll.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    As if "Karina" wasnt bad enough. Really sorry to hear that the Zeekmans had to cope with the devastation of a fire too. I'm sure that you proved yourself to be more than a good friend to them tho'

    Have an enjoyble as possible time whilst you are over here in my little part of the world…


    'Appy bufday too you
    Happy Bidet to u
    Happpy Birthday, dear Neon
    Happy Birth-a-day toooooo youuuuuuuu

    ….for when it occurs

    We all look forward to your safe return. Take care

    Best wishes


    Do as you need to live dear Sir with our wishes of good fortune to you.


    Have a nice and safe trip, man, and good luck.


    Thank you all for your wishes and concerns.
    And do not fret, dear Pete, I's was more than a friend and aid to Zeekman and Lydia in their time of distress and need. Same with all others whom I's knew in New Orleans. And thank you for the birthday wishes.
    I's shall endevour to return here as soon as I's can but that shall not be until I's reach European shores and am given time for respite. There shall be no time in England, for I's shall be staying with my's slightly Puratanical adoptive brother, who looks unfondly upon my's choices and pursuits and wishes not to let it enter his house. He also has many outragous Internet Security proticols because of his children and their computer habits, so it would be next to impossible for I to visit here from their Terminal and my's laptop is unable to be connected to their current ISP.
    For now, ya'll know how to reach I.
    Thank you again.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Have a safe trip to England. It's been raining a bit here lately, sadly, but don't let that dampen your trip! Also – you've done very good work. That's very cool. 🙂

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