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    It has been brought to my attention that the final part of the story had been cut off due to the size limits of the posting space. So here is the rest of the story.

    Once Mary had zapped all of the soldiers with her entrancing power, they all came towards her, dropping their guns as no longer important. All that was important to them was admiring her…and serving her. Mary had seen the same reaction to Desire more times than she cared to remember, so loved having that attention turned to her for once.

    "I’ll do anything for you," one of the armored soldiers gasped at Mary. That sentiment was immediately echoed by all of the others.

    Mary just smiled as she looked them all over. "Drop your guns," she ordered the ones who had yet to do so. A number of rifles hit the ground at once.

    "Anything you want," another of the soldiers pleaded. "Anything to make you happy…" There was a dreamy look on his face.

    "Well then," Mary purred, relishing this feeling of absolute sexual power that she had over them. "Why don’t you boys all sit down on the ground and hold your hands over your heads…" As soon as they had all done just that, she smirked, "Now wait right there until the police come and arrest you… I don’t want you giving them any trouble now…"

    Now Mary only hoped that he police would arrive soon, though she was fairly sure that they would. One thing that she’d learned while watching Team Omega’s fights on video was that the cops always arrived the moment that the bad guys were defeated and tied up. It was as though they waited just out of sight until all of the hard work was done. And then, as if to prove Mary’s suspicions, the police sirens suddenly came to life and the cop cars tore around the corner.

    "Make sure that you go with the police nice and peacefully," Mary reminded her temporary worshippers.

    Mary nodded faintly and let out a sigh of relief as the cops quickly rushed forward and began handcuffing the armored soldiers. Though her work was done, she wanted to stick around for a little longer. The effects of her powers would wear off soon enough and she wanted to make sure that the police already had the soldiers well in hand before that happened.

    "It looks like the Mechaizer will need some new soldiers," Mary smirked, then glanced at the wreckage of all of the robots she had destroyed, "And some new toys too…" She almost felt disappointed that the big villain hadn’t shown his face himself. Taking him down personally would have been quite an accomplishment for a first time out.

    "Thanks you miss," one cop suddenlygrinned at Mary, even while putting the handcuffs on one of his prisoners.

    Then Mary looked around and realized that the cops weren’t the only ones who had suddenly popped out of the woodwork. A number of reporters seemed to be showing up along with the cops. She shook her head faintly, wondering if it was standard procedures for them all to just gather around and wait until the fights with the super villains were over and then come out.

    "Better than them getting in the way," Mary muttered to herself.

    "Are you with Team Omega," someone asked, though Mary wasn’t quite sure.

    Mary blinked in surprise and glanced down at the Team Omega costume that she was wearing. Then as she thought of the fact that she had the powers of the entire team, she muttered, "I AM Team Omega…"

    "What?" the cop closest to her asked, apparently not having heard what she’d said.

    "I’ve never seen you before," a woman reporter told Mary, then asked, "Who are you…? I mean, what do you call yourself?"

    Mary froze at that, going blank for a moment. A code name… She had been so caught up in everything else that she hadn’t even given any consideration at all to a code name… Of course, during the months that she’d been left behind at the headquarters, she’d imagined what kinds of code names she might have with various powers. If she’d been able to run super fast, she might have called herself Runway. And if she had sonic powers, she might have called herself Echo. However, she’d known that she couldn’t choose a proper code name until she had the powers… And now that she had the powers, she’d been too busy….

    Then Mary looked down at the reporter who’d asked the question, and further down, at the costume that she was wearing. And as she once again thought about the fact that she had the combined powers of the entire Team Omega, she knew the perfect code name for her.

    "I’m Omega," Mary proudly announced, standing up straight and tall in what she hoped was a heroic pose.

    Mary loved the expressions that were clearly visible on the faces of everyone around her. They were staring at her, nearly entranced by her incredible beauty…but they were also somewhat intimidated by her size and massive power. But more than that, they knew that she had just saved them.

    Someone in the back of the gathering group of people yelled out, "Thank you for saving us Omega…" She smiled even more at that, feeling extremely pleased with herself. This was a dream come true. Not just having the powers…but being able to use them to do good. She was finally a super hero…just as she had longed to be.

    "It was my pleasure," Mary answered honestly.

    And then, Mary waved at the crowd before using her telekinesis to life off the ground and float up into the sky. She could have teleported away even more easily, though she thought that flying off would be a little more dramatic.

    Mary laughed aloud as she flew over the city and away from the scene of the battle, feeling more excited than she had ever imagined that she could. She now had everything that she’d ever dreamed of… Thanks to her own power matrix finally manifesting, she had more power than she had ever before imagined. She had a body that was unbelievably impressive…and which felt even better. Every molecule of Mary’s body now felt stronger, healthier and…better than she could have imagined. And of course, she was finally able to be the super hero that she had always dreamed of being, fighting bad guys and saving the day.

    "I wouldn’t give it up for anything," Mary exclaimed with a broad grin.

    Then as Mary closed her eyes to savor the new powers which coursed through her body, she realized that the ’empty’ space was still the inside of her. Or at least a part of it still was. With all of the power matrixes that she’d stolen, it still hadn’t been filled up…at least not completely. And it was with a feeling of delight that Mary realized that she still had room for one or two more power matrixes.

    "The possibilities," she exclaimed, her mind already racing over them.

    Mary loved all of the powers which she had already taken, and couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to have more. There were so many powers which would be extremely useful for her… And there were so many super villains that she could steal them from.

    For a minute, Mary smiled dreamily as she thought of all the other powers that she could use as a super hero. She could take the power to shoot energy blasts, turn invisible, intangible, fly on her own or so many other things. And she couldn’t help wondering how much stronger and more invulnerable she could become if she took the power matrix from someone else who had the same powers as Tank. Or maybe, she grinned at the idea, she could steal the genius intelligence and telepathic powers of someone like the villain Dr. Brain.

    "So many possibilities," Mary whispered to herself.

    But then Mary shrugged off the thought of taking more super powers….at least for the moment. For now, she would enjoy the powers that she had and be the best super hero that she could be. She owed that much at least to those whose powers she had taken.

    "Perhaps," Mary mused to herself, "I should go talk to Mr. Baxter…"

    With Team Omega having lost their powers and now being forcibly retired, Project Omega could really use her powers…just as she could use their recourses. And Mary did rather enjoy the thought of the former members of the team being stuck at base while she went out and did all of the hero work…if they would be allowed to stay for long as they now were.

    Finally Mary just smiled and increased her speed, leaving thoughts of the future, of returning to Project Omega and even what other powers she might gain behind. Those things could all wait until later. At the moment, the only things that mattered were what she had become…how amazing she felt…and how she could use her new powers.

    "All that matters right now," Mary grinned broadly to herself as she looked at the ground far below her, her sharp eyes scanning for any signs that she might be needed, "is being Omega."

    The End

    Mark Newman

    I DO like the idea of her stealing more powers. Maybe in the next chapter.


    Oop. You were right, Morpheus. There it is. My duh.

    And your good story. Bravissimo again.


    I just can’t wait to see the next installment of this upcomming saga…

    It’s just so wonderfull…

    Maybe Omega could steal someone’s mind powers or extreme intellect, turning into the Dark Side…

    But well anything will do…

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