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    ze fly

    Here is the first appearance of Rampage in the Superman series. Hope you'll enjoy this…  😀

    (1988) No. 7


    Because with the wonderful effort you've undertaken in sharing these pics it's either that or sainthood..

    I mean Nicholas has got the North Pole all you need to do is kick out the Lovecraftian prehistoric horrors lurking under the ice and the South Pole's all yours!

    With the aid of a scientific wunderkind that can also metabolize electricity into physical size and power you'd be all set to take on Shuggoths and what not.

    Thanks again for this Rampage retrospective.

    Her second appearance is even more mind altering on account that you get to see her transform from mousy professor into mohawk'ed powerhouse Rampage!  :mrgreen:

    Prophet Tenebrae

    You're certainly a giver zee fly 😀

    That's a good first appearance for Rampage… it's a shame she hasn't had more "air time".

    She's pretty damned huge before she gets taken down.


    here is a complete list of her comic app.  i ahd some more pics of her but i can't figure out how to post them here.

    Issue #7 (Title: Rampage! 'First Appearance')
    Issue #24 (Title: Rampage Round Two!)
    Issue #123 (Title: Superman Reborn!)
    Issue #130 (Title: The Longest Halloween)

    -Superman in Action Comics-
    Issue #681 (Title: On Another Rampage)
    Issue# 693 (Title: Kryptonian No More!)
    Issue #759 (Title: Shock Treatment!)

    -Superman Man of Tomorrow-
    Issue #12 (Title: Need to Know)

    -The Adventures of Superman-
    Issue# 552 (Title: Power Grab!)
    Issue# 585 (Title: Dark City)
    Issue# 587 (Title: Lost Souls)

    -Superman: The Man of Tomorrow-
    Annual #1 (1992)

    -S.T.A.R. Corps-
    Issue #1 (Title: Tarnished S.T.A.R.)
    Issue #2 (Title: S.T.A.R. Crossed)
    Issue #3 (Title: Brainstorm)
    Issue #4 (Title: S.T.A.R. Chamber)
    Issue #5 (Title: Trauma)
    Issue #6 (Title: United)

    -Starman- (1988 Will Payton Series)
    Issue #13 (Title: Rampage Is Back–But Who's the Real Threat?)
    Issue #14 (Title: Look–Up in the Sky?? Superman Special Appearance)
    Issue #32 (Title: The Seduction of Starman Part Three)
    Issue #33 (Title: The Seduction of Starman Part Four)
    Issue #36 (Title: Intruder Alert!)
    Issue #37 (Title: Sophisticated Ladies!)
    Issue #38 (Title: Sophisticated Ladies 2!)
    Issue #39 (Title: All Choked Up!)
    Issue #42 (Title: Sun Spots!)
    Issue #45 (Title: Star Light, Star Bright!)

    -Starman- (Vol.2 Series)
    Issue #36 Nov. '97 (Title: 1900: A Hero Once…Despite Himself…A Tale of Times Past!)

    Issue #6 (Title: Rampage!)

    -Who's Who in DC-
    Vol. 4 '87 (Rampage info page)


    Hello all!
    Phew, it feels so good to be back, for the past few weeks, I was not able to sigh on here due to an incorrect password. -I kept trying to put the correct one in but it never worked, and finally, was able to re-enter a new one- Its GREAT to see me FAV FMGer Rampage be brought up again as I would like to consider myself one of the biggest Rampie fan out there. -I own ALL her issues- Thanks Ze fly and Scott for posting the scans and Rampage comicbook list -you forgot some titles that I will add at the end of this message- its great to see everyonew rally around Kitty/Rampage. I totally agree she needs to return to the DC era as its been years since she has appeared in anything.Iin fact, its time she received a mini-series IMO. -many things left unsaid about the character so far- I have a lot of Rampage's comics on-line and would like to post them here if anyone would be interested. -Starman has the BEST Rampage appearances as the others are mostly of Kitty Faulker -drool- So, what do you say all, would anyone like to see Rampie kick some butt? 😀


    P.S. Kitty/Rampage also made appearances in the Body Doubles mini-series, Superman Action #644 #692, #733, Adventures of Superman #586, Superman v3 #55, #158, #208, Superman: Man of Steel #1, Superman Secret Files #1 and Young Justice #35 🙂

    Prophet Tenebrae

    She was also in one of the first 30 issues of the previous run of Supergirl – the Earth Angel one (was it v3? I'm confused as the current run is dubbed v5…)

    Anyway, she's in one issue of that.


    She was also in one of the first 30 issues of the previous run of Supergirl – the Earth Angel one (was it v3? I'm confused as the current run is dubbed v5…)

    Anyway, she's in one issue of that.

    I thought there were three Supergirl titles before the Peter David "Earth Angel" one.  One in the 60-70's, One in the 80's that was terminated in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the one in like 88-92 during the Death of Superman, and THEN Earth Angel one.  Because I can't think of any Supergirl series between the current one and the Peter David one.

    But anyhoo, I am pretty sure that is what series Scott was referring to with the Supergirl #6 issue.

    Delmo Walters Jr.

    The 1st Supergirl series ran 10 issues, then was merged with Lois Lane & Jimmy Olsen to become Superman Family, and it kept the numbering of Jimmy Olsen.

    The 2nd series, "The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl", ran for 23 issues.

    Before the Peter David series, there was a mini-series, a one-shot, and I believe she was the lead feature in Showcase '95.

    Zespara Alathar

    Not to mention that Supergirl was the lead character in the old Adventure Comics series for a while.  😉



    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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