Oxygen (Musclemag) – Fitness Calendar ’06

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    The other Oxygen magazine, the one by Robert Kennedy / Musclemag, which seems to be the only place these days where one can still find some coverage of reasonably muscular females on the newsstand.

    Anyhow, thought I would bring it to the attention of those so interested that the January 2006 issue has a free tie-in 12 month calendar featuring buffed-fitness gals – i.e. Kelly Ryan, Jenny Lynn, Mocha Lee, Margaret Diubaldo, Monica Brant, etc.  Incidentally, the ones portrayed in the calendar were also the featured cover girls of the past 12 months.

    I might also add, the Jan '06 cover featuring Tiffany Grapoli-Jawitz was what first caught my initial attention . . . defined femuscular abs will certainly do that to a person . . .  😎


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