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    Well here we go…There's this interactive story on SWM forum and it had a part where paris hilton went ubergirl…SO This got me thinking and well heres the end result. First attempt at her not my best but its a good place to start what do you think??

    David C. Matthews

    Not bad at all!! If she really looked like that I'd probably actually (gulp!) like her!


    I agree…maybe a little bit more buffed up though, so I can kick it old school amazon with her  :mrgreen:

    Matthew Lim

    Wow, now theres something that actually makes Paris Hilton look HOT.  😆

    It's a really interesting morph, thanks for sharing.  :mrgreen: (I love that smiley)


    Now if we could just do something about the empty space between her ears.  😛


    I like it alot, but she could be a little more muscular i think.


    Very nice work, dear Demonic.
    It is good in it's subtlety. Making look both realalistic and achievable.
    Thank you.
    But, after having encounter the Hilton sisters (and especially Paris) several times over the past few years, I's can honestly say that there is nothing in thei World (the next or any other Dimension or Reality) that could make that creature look possible "attractive". She has a vile soul that rots through to the flesh. She may pose pretty but she is as hollow and useless as anything in this World.
    Ask our dear Ashlee and others who have encounter her and her kind and they shall more than likely say the same.
    But, besdies the subject, it is a fair work, dear Demonic. Thank you for it.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    There ain't enough muscles in the world to make that bi*** look pretty!


    I think you've done a lovely job with this morph, man!  Nice technique on the arm (although I also can see why people dislike Paris as a person due to various reports of her character). 

    I like your flashing chicken as well, while we're here.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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