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    magnus knight

    He could also see that her legs were no longer resting flat under there, but were now at an odd angle like you see when an adult sits at a child’s desk.  The leather buckle began to shift and move about now as her feet seemed to be expanding within them somehow.  The shifting continued for some time until her hands suddenly shot under the table and securely gripped the chair as if she were bracing herself for something.  “Crack, snap!” Rob could not believe it but her heels just snapped off of her shoes leaving her feet flat on the ground.  Taking this as some divine sign her toes rushed foreword, placing an unbearable amount of pressure on the leather strap. 

    The sound of the heels snapping caught everyone’s attention and soon all eyes were focused by the three guys on their perspective dates.  The three high school seniors were all now squirming about and looked very hot and uncomfortable.  As they gyrated about their clothes seemed to move less with them and become more stuck about where it was.  All the wrinkles disappeared and pained looks of confusion swept across the ladies faces, while ones of awe and puzzlement swept across the guys. Not on but three sets of stretching sounds began to grow in chorus, but muffled under the table only that group heard them.  Joe asked Stacey if she was all right, and after blowing her usually well kept hair out of her face replied, “No dam nit, its too hot in here, and why are my shoes so uncomfortable now.”  To which Tara seemed to nod in agreement, but didn’t speak as her mind was awash with confusion.  “Guys, maybe we should leave.” Rob told the group, but as he arose and the other two guys got up to help their girlfriends out Jackie let out a loud moan of what sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure.  The whole restaurant was now focused on the table in the back corner. 

    Jackie was still holding her grip firmly on the chair only it was now so tight that her knuckles were turning white from the pressure she exerted.  “You hear what I just heard?” Stacey said to Tara in between deep breaths.  Tara just nodded an assurance to her girl friend.  The guys there were sitting down blushing with embarrassment as all eyes focused on their table.  As they turned to look to each other for some solution to the problem at hand, they both noticed Rob with his head under the table staring at something.  The two of them proceeded to lower their heads to see what Rob was so entranced by, and instead found something to only compound their confusion at that moment. 

    Laying flat on the floor they saw two beautiful feet tightly encased in leather flats, which they knew was odd since when they left earlier that evening the three women were all in heels.  The other thing that caught their attention was the odd way her toes seemed to be wiggling about in the fronts of her footwear.  The truth was that her toes were not wiggling about but were expanding to find more room to grow on.  As they watched her toes Rob shifted his gaze upwards to see her knees were now pushing against the table top, trying to find more expansion room.  While he focused on this even louder, stretching sounds began to fill the air.

    Apparently her leather dress sandal had enough of their confines and wanted out.  The rhinestone bordered buckle shifted about and the upper leather strap yawned upwards as her feet fought for supremacy of their domain.  After about twenty seconds of this, the shoes had all they could take.  “Pop, Snap!” sounded out as her right foot tore the stitching apart where the strap met her shoes.  Then a moment later the left buckle just exploded into three separate pieces and rhinestones scattered everywhere.  Her feet pushed up and her arches curved more to show how big her feet had become.  Then without hesitation, her toes surged foreword and her feet seemed to grow four sizes in no time at all.  As all this had their attention, they failed to hear another clip that held her corset style blouse pop to reveal more of her belly to the world. 
    The feet of the young woman were slowly pushing the remains of her footwear and grinding them into the ground.  At the exact same time her legs expanded upwards and into the tops of the underside of the table which was placing her in a very uncomfortable situation.  Her legs pushed and contorted the bottom part of her lace skirt smoothing out all of its wrinkles and stressing the seams out.  The under table gawkers saw her thighs push out stretching out her skirt and her knees pushing foreword to further distress the material. 

    Rob removed his head and looked up into the eyes of his date Jackie and he could see through them into her pain and confusion of all that was now happening to her.  Her once nice brown hair was now a mess as tangles grew out to partially cover her face, as thicker hair grew down her backside.  Sweat poured from her forehead and pores everywhere to begin to drench her body and clothes.  “Plink, plink” sounded as two medium sized earrings that were once fastened securely to her ears fell from the now too large holes onto the ground.  The under the table gawkers saw the golden brown trinkets hit bottom and pulled them selves up to see the state Jackie was now in. 

    The thing that caught their attention was her swelling breasts.  They seemed to be lowing up like some kind of balloons.  As they inflated they pushed her halter corset top outwards as gaps formed and expanded in the clips.  The straps grew taught as her shoulders expanded as well.  The purple material under all the flowery black lace showed serious strains in its stitching and the pressure overall on the outfit was mounting.  The seams would not last much longer. 

    “Shrip, rip!” was heard from the underside of the table, and Jackie’s face became flush.  She was embarrassed as her skirt’s seams began to give out on her.  As her thighs swelled the seams of the purple material under the lace of the skirt began to tear and open up, to which her legs pushed out and into the black lace stretching it out further than it could go.  The lace began to pop and snap as her thighs pushed into it forcing it to give in to her growth. 

    Tara glanced over at her friend and reached out cautiously to grab her hand to try and comfort what she was going through.  When she placed her hand upon hers she could feel how much larger it had become, but surprisingly was no less feminine.  Jackie turned to her friend with a tear in her eye and tried to smile through it all.  Tara glanced down at the hand and could see the red nail polish upon it cracking and splitting the red polish ruining her lovely nails. 

    “Rip!” the seams along the sides of her halter began to split to reveal her white flesh as it was almost like her top was unzipping.  Her breasts continued their inflation which was making the men their drool as the two fleshy orbs pushed out.  “Plink, snap!” went the two top clips as it started to yawn open.  Her purple velvet bra began to expose itself to the men as its floral cups came into view.  “Plink!” the next clip in line snapped open and her breasts jutted out with her nipples already hard and pointing out like the tips of pencils.  “Pop, zip!” was heard coming from her lower back which signified the back of her skirt was opening up.  Sure enough the group sitting behind her just caught a glimpse of her satin panties as her ass crack began to swallow them up into her forcing her to grimace slightly. 

    Just at that very moment an unusual creaking noise filled the air.  As the sound grew louder Jackie began to wobble from side to side.  The problem and noise source revealed itself as all of the sudden her chair gave out and she crashed on the ground hitting her butt hard on the floor.  “Rip, Tear!” her ass swelled out forcing her zipper well past its end point as it pushed out it tore her skirt open more.  “Shrip” her bra cups started to rupture to reveal more of her bosom to the gawking crowd. 

    To escape the mounting embarrassment she was feeling she quickly crawled underneath the table she was at to try and hide.  As she went under more ripping sounds tore through her outfit and she could feel the clips snapping off her corset halter one by one.  The waist of her skirt tore and ripped in streaks down her skirt.  While under there she huddled in a ball around her friends feet there and her back pushed up tearing her top open down the middle.  The clips to her velvet bra strained and began to pull themselves from the fabric.  Moaning sounds emanated from under the table with ripping and tearing sounds.  She pulled herself into more of a fetal position and this caused her the shoulder stitching of her top to tear itself apart.  The bursting continued and in moments the under parts of her outfit disintegrated and left her in her underwear and black lace part of her outfit. 

    Popping sounds started to become more frequent as the lace popped and tore open to unleash this growing virgin beauty.  A group gathered around the table as the teens moved away from it slowly and cautiously unsure of what was happening under there.  A large shadow formed under the table as flesh began to spill from under it.  Then the table shook violently once, twice, and upon the third it shot up into the air and shattered into pieces.  There stood Jackie, and as the towering giantess took a few deep breaths her bra popped of and panties snapped to leave her naked.  She rose up and up with all eyes on her.  Soon her head bumped in the ceiling which put her at the fifteen foot mark and she crouched down not wanting to cause too much damage.  As she did so her legs expanded out further knocking over tables and chairs as the sound of glasses shattering on the floor echoed throughout the Denney’s.  The whole restaurant stared slack-jawed at her, but some one was suspiciously missing.  No one seemed to notice young eighteen year old Tara take off for the bathroom clutching at her stomach. 

    The wooden door of the Denney’s bathroom slammed shut as Tara made her way towards the sink and mirrors.  As the young woman slammed into the counter top she let out a low moan of frustration over what was happening to her and her friends’ perfect night out.  As she turned on the sink and splashed some cool water on her face she couldn’t believe what was happening right outside the door.  One of her best friends and fellow cheerleader just grew and burst out of her clothes and was standing naked in the middle of a Denney’s restaurant.  Not only that but her boyfriend Tyler just watched and regressed into some kind of drooling thirteen year old who just saw his first boob. 

    What Tara didn’t notice while her mind swirled with activity was her long shiny black hair was becoming longer with each passing minute.  It crept down her back and was ever so slowly moving down her forehead towards her beautiful brown eyes.  Tara placed her hands firmly on the sink as a wave of dizziness passed through her.  Her face became flushed as she opened her mouth wide feeling the sudden need for a deep breath.  As it closed another moan escaped her lips, one that surprised even her. 

    Tara now shifted her legs slightly as her shoes were growing uncomfortable again.  She even wiggled her butt as her sheer black pantyhose felt a little too clingy.  As she was shifting all about for one brief moment she lost her balance, but thanks to years of cheerleading she quickly regained it and stood up straight.  What she heard as she regained her balance made her go from red to pale. 

    The sound of slow and deliberate leather stretching, being forced to bend and reshape itself, began to rise from under her skirt.  As the seconds ticked by it became louder until it filled the whole bathroom.  Tara was very hesitant as she turned her head down and lowered her chin to examine the source of the noise.  In some deep recess of her mind she knew what was happening, but didn’t want to admit it to herself.  With a worrisome expression on her she found the source of the sounds.  She could see her toes peeking out further then they should have been from where her black dress sandal ended.  The two leather straps that went across the top part of her footwear were being pushed upwards and it was straining the stitching.  She could make out her toes creeping towards the edge of the shoe, and then jutting out just a little past it.  The same for the backs as she now had trouble keeping her balance. 

    Tara’s clothes were constricting her movements as they grew tighter on her skinny expanding frame.  The ruffle hem of her skirt climbed up to just above her knees as her butt pushed out the back.  Her calves lengthened and tugged her dark pantyhose down while pushing out the stretchy material causing it to pale in color.  Her drape neck top’s sleeves were being pushed to the side as her shoulders continued to rise and shove the material out of their way.  Her shoes groaned and pinched her feet, while underneath it all her panties became a thong and her once small B cup breasts were being crushed by her bra as it was running out of give. 
    “Snap, crack!” Her heeled sandals began to succumb to the expansion as the two straps that went across the fronts of her feet snapped open on her right shoe.  “Pop, pop!” the lefts shoe’s straps met the same fate as now her feet grew on top of the groaning leather slip on sandals.  Tara felt her hose encased feet slide on the ruined foot wear as she reached out to grab hold of the sink to maintain her balance.  “Crack, snap!” Her balance was restored as the heels snapped and broke on her shoes which allowed her to plant her feet flat on the cold bathroom tiles beneath her. 

    As her feet landed flat on the ground her dark pantyhose ruptured as her toes pushed through the fronts sending runs up her calves and thighs to hide and expand under the rising material of her skirt.  The skirt was puffing out in spurts as her thighs expanded and force the material out with each growth spurt she experienced.  Tara looked down to see her mid riff exposed as flesh began to pour over the waist of the skirt.  “Snap, zip!” The back clasp that held the skirt closed now snapped open and the zipper forced itself to open to reveal her panties as they were being eaten by the crack of her ass.  As the zipper reached the end of the line it then forced the material of her skirt to tear open further as to allow for it to push out and her body expands further.

    Tara grimaced slightly due to the sensation of her underwear creeping into places it was not meant to go, and she reached behind herself in a desperate attempt to relieve the pressure.  As she swung her left hand behind her the left shoulder ripped and tore open destroying the sleeve.  As she brought her right hand around to help more tearing sounds occurred as her right shoulder shredded apart.  As her hands found their mark she felt her ass tear the backside of her pantyhose wide open.  This allowed her access to the bothersome material.  As she reached for her panties the front of her top tore open in a diamond shape to show off her black satin bra.  As she reached behind her the diamond opened up more and her breasts expanded further into the cups straining the material more and more until she finally got a grip on her panties and with a mighty tug, ended up tearing them clean off and in doing so the motion jutted her breasts out further causing her straining bra to snap open in the front as her tits now came into view. 

    Tara brought the torn panties up to see for herself what she had done.  As her arms came up ripping sound emanated from the sides of her blouse.  “Rip, shrip!” the seams popped and her blouse tore open along the sides from her underarms down letting out her expanding flesh.  She immediately dropped her underwear and grabbed at her blouse in a desperate attempt to keep from going topless.  As she pulled the material tight the back of the top yawned open to reveal the back of her bra, just in time to see the three small metal hooks snap open rendering the garment useless. 

    With hair flailing about as it grew she cried as the hopelessness of her situation became apparent.  She could feel her pantyhose tear and shred as her legs grew in mass and her skirt no tighten around her upper thighs.  “Rip, pop!” Her skirt’s seams now went as her thighs and butt pushed the garment past its breaking point.  Rips traveled along the sides of the material and soon the waist began to give way.  She tried to hold her outfit together, but al this did was allowing it to tear faster.  As she let her arms now dangle at her side the torn and shredded material of her evening attire fell away in pieces to the floor around her.  Tara dropped down onto the floor weeping as her body continued to grow with no signs of stopping. 

    While all of this was happening in the ladies room Stacey now stood surrounded by the three guys, Rob, Tyler, and her boyfriend Joe in a huddled mass in the corner of the restaurant as they all watched their friend Jackie continue to grow and expand at the opposite end of the restaurant.  Jackie’s growth was turning over tables and chairs as she crouched down to keep from ruining growing right out of the Denney’s restaurant.  By this time all the other people in the place had left as sirens in the distance singled the oncoming emergency vehicles on their way, as if they could really do anything to help the situation out. 

    With their backs to Stacey the guys failed to notice the changes she was starting to go through.  Her long blond hair was longer then before and she had to keep pushing it away from her eyes so she could see what was happening.  She failed to notice how her finger nail polish was cracking and shrinking as her nails lengthened.  Her painted toe nails had their pedicure being ruined too, as through her fishnets you could see the polish crack as her toenails grew. 

    Stacey’s black spaghetti-strap dress began to tighten around her frame as she started to creep upwards and the material tightened around her young pert breasts as they began to jut outwards.  The tightly woven netting of her stockings began to have their holes widen slightly as her thighs and calves began to enlarge.  The thin straps of her dress dug in slightly, but to all of this she remained oblivious as she grew.  It wasn’t until her crisscross dress sandals pinched her toes and ankle with their straps that she became aware of her predicament.  But unlike the other girls this tightness was not feared.  Instead she looked down and a sly smile shot across her face.  Unlike the other’s, Stacey looked down to see her toes begin to peek out from the sole of her shoes, and embraced it.  She took a step back and let out a quit moan as her clothes tightened around her.  She wanted this to happen to her.

    Stacey was the head cheerleader and a very popular girl at her school, but still this was no enough for her.  She always wanted since she was little to be the center of attention.  She wanted to be the biggest thing ever so that all eyes would always be on her.  She did not want to be treated like a girl, but like a celebrity.  She always did whatever it took to stand out, but nothing was ever enough.  She always wanted more.  More attention, more friends, more of everything.  And by becoming a giantess she knew she could finally get it.  No, the thought of growing and bursting from her clothes didn’t frighten her, it thrilled her.  This was her chance to be big at last. 

    She backed away from the guys and began to rub her hands all over her body, feeling very aroused as her clothes tighten on her growing form.  She placed a hand on her thigh and giggled as she felt the holes in her tightly woven fishnets expand.  She cupped her breasts and smile and moaned as the expanded in her grip.  She felt her ass swell and moaned louder as she had trouble grasping it all. 

    “Oh, god yes.” This caught the guys’ attention as they turned to see Stacey begin to tower over them.  “I’m growing, uh…Make me big, uh, yes…”Stacey let out as they all focused on her.  They could see how tight her out fit was on her, as her skin was bunching up and pushing out on her dress.  Her sandals looked painfully tight on her, and her hair was now down to her butt.  Her feet were almost dancing about as the straps were visibly and audibly digging into her.  She let out another moan to keep all the attention on her as she teased the guys with her erotic motions.  Rob noticed how she seemed to be growing faster then Stacey did, probably because of how she was embracing it. 

    Stacey struck a pose and stood sticking one foot out in front of the other sort of like the way runway models do.  As she stood with her foot out there the guys could hear the leather bands audibly stretching as her foot expanded.  “Uh, yes; here it comes.” She let out as popping and snapping sounds filled the area.  The ankle strap on the front shoe snapped and leather flailed about wildly.  “Pop, snap!” went the back shoe as its ankle strap and front cross straps both snapped off in unison.  “Pop!” and the main front strap on her front shoe went and soon they could see her feet growing on a slant on top of her ruined heels.  The fishnets she wore had their holes widening as her toes pushed forward and onward trying to tear open the material to gain more space. 

    “My breasts are so big.” She said to draw the guys’ attention upwards.  As their eyes rose they caught a glimpse of two black hoops falling to the ground.  Those were her earrings.  As they got to mid chest their eyes froze as Stacey pulled her hands away to reveal two very large breasts pushing outward for more room.  They could also see her shoulder straps digging into her skin irritating the area around them.  As she sort of did a little shimmy the straps snapped and her breasts heaved forward.  She shimmied again and this time a small rip appeared at the top of the dress.  She stood still for a moment and let out a gasp as the rip traveled down her dress to just below her breasts. 

    “Snap, snap!” and she dropped about an inch and a half, but then quickly shot up to and then past Joe who was the tallest of the guys there.  Rob looked down to see her heels just broke, and as if on cue her fishnet’s tore and snapped open in the fronts to release her toes onto the green carpeted floor.  As her toes crept along the carpet snapping sounds sprang forth as her fishnets were now tearing and snapping up her calves and under the rising hem of her skirt along her thighs.  She muttered something or other about how the sensation tickled her. 

    “Rip!” the tear along the front of the dress now widened to allow full view of the front of her black spandex strapless bra.  The cups were full and small tears were forming as the material began to rupture.  “Shrip!” a new tearing sound went on for a minute and her dress hung loose foe a brief moment before tightening up again.  Jackie did a little twirl to show the back of her dress tore open.  As the growing teenager spun the back was exposed just in time to see the bra clasps snap one by one, and as she completed the rotation the front snapped and the garment fell to her sides. 

    By this time Stacey had to be about eight feet tall, and as she was still raising a loud crashing noise made everyone jump and turn around to see a gigantic white foot, followed by an enormous calf break through the ladies bathroom door.  As it made its way through he restaurant knocking over tables and chairs it blew past Jackie who was still growing trying hard to keep from bursting through the ceiling. 

    “There goes my dress.” As the guys turned to see the black dress fall away in shreds from Stacey with her breasts jutting out like two large melons as the nine foot giantess rose higher and higher.  All that remained on her were her snapping fishnets and panties which went from a thong, to floss for her lower part as the silky material was being devoured by her most womanly of parts.  “Snap, snap, pop!” and with those last sounds her fishnets fell away in ruin as her panties snapped and fluttered down to the floor.  Soon Stacey’s head bumped the ceiling, but instead of ducking she through her arms up and crashed through it as debris and rubble fell around the guys.  Another loud crash sounded and in the distance they could see Tara’s head now rising in the night sky.  As the Denney’s began to fall apart the guys made it out just in time to see Jackie blow through the roof.  The three women continued to grow and stretch into the night sky until their growth stopped around the fifty foot mark. 

    As Tara and Jackie dried their tears Stacey laughed out loud and through her mighty head back as if in triumph.  The two girls just paused for a moment, looked at each other then laughed them selves.  The laughter echoed for miles around as a large crowd now gathered to see what all this commotion was about. 

    One month later there was a large pile of papers sitting on a table in a gym at a school somewhere in America.  Three novels like books all in a row.  Rob, Tyler, and Joe each picked one up that day and as they walked away opened them to display for their friends.  Each was a giant poster of each one of the guys standing next to a giant pair of feet, and as one flipped through it the feet turned into calves, which went up into brightly colored canvas and ended with the giant heads of three beautiful giant ladies.  At the top they each read Senior Prom 2005 with the theme marked as “Village of the Giantess.”  Stacey had atop her head a giant chandelier as a crown, and a very large necklace.

    The End

    “The growth is out there…”

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Oh. My. Heavens.

    This is the finest story you've written yet.

    I love it.

    magnus knight

    Thank you my dear Pixxxie.

    This was a fun one for me to write. 

    "She has not yet begun to grow."


    Magnus, you simply continue to amaze me!  I can't believe i didn't see your stories earlier but this one was fantastic.  the description of the growth process and the reactions of each cheerleader was brilliant!  I am so glad you are one of the wiriters in this community and hope you continue to write for your enjoyment.  It is very obvious you enjoy writing these stories for yourself as much as for the reader.  Thank you agian!!!!

    Grey Deth

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