Part II: Trial of The Obsession (lots of growth)

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    magnus knight

    Trial of The Obsession

    A Sequel to The Obsession

    By, Magnus Knight

    The following story is rated Fiction MA and is not suitable for minors

    Part II:

    Mrs. Kimble took this opportunity to regain herself long enough to get up and move out of harms way. As she moved away she noticed something odd about her attacker. They were both the same height a minute ago, but now she clearly had a height advantage. Her attacker was shrinking, and Mrs. Kimble took this as an opportunity to strike and end this battle once and for all.

    Meanwhile in the ladies room of the crumbling courthouse Mrs. Kimble’s attorney Monica Keep was splashing some cold water across her face. To her all of this seemed like the kinds of nightmares she would have about work after going to bed and eating Mexican just before for a late night snack. One of the jurors, and her own client, just grew into a pair of giantess’s and now were fighting somewhere over something and she couldn’t even focus on what. The truth was she was having trouble focusing on anything right now. She could feel her heart racing inside her chest, and no matter how quickly she splashed the water she couldn’t keep up with the newly formed sweat on her brow. As she came up again to wipe her face she noticed her once neat short black hair looked a little messy. As she tried to fix it the oddest thing caught her sight. She could have sworn her hair was slowly growing longer, which would explain the mess, as it seemed to be creeping towards her shoulders. Monica looked down to her hands and could swear they were lengthening as well, little by little reaching on their own for some unknown prize. “Ouch, Ow!” she yelped and looked down to her black shoes. They were pinching her toes and causing all kinds of minor discomfort. Monica left the ladies room and as she walked down the abandoned halls of the courthouse the clacking her heels made grew louder due the weight their wearer was adding to them, though unbeknownst to her at the moment.

    As Monica made her way through the hall she failed to notice her boucle jacket’s sleeves were now creeping past her wrist and as she ignored the mounting pain in her shoes she also failed to notice the supple leather bulge out in unnatural places. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and placed her hand against a nearby wall. As she looked up to her hand she noticed that it appeared as if the fingers were sliding across the smooth marble of the wall. She could in fact feel the cold stone move beneath her hand. Monica removed the hand and shook it as if it fell asleep, and once stopping to examine it noticed how her fingers seemed longer and slinkier then before. She looked around and noticed a courtroom nearby. After knocking and hearing no reply she entered to find it was empty. She made her way in towards the bench when just as she made it through the gate; she paused and glared down at her feet.

    Monica’s black pumps were squeezing her feet like a vice. She could look down and see the indentations of her toes pushing against the supple leather of her footwear. The black buckle strap that went across her lower ankle on the shoes was audibly making little groaning noises as it too was being harassed by some unseen force. Her chiffon flared skirt that was supposed to rest just below the knees was now just a tad above the knee. Her bow tied ribbon belt being made of fabric was for the time being stretching and moving to maintain its shape. Her maroon tights were holding up well thus far too, being that they were the most elastic thing on the young attorney. Her jacket was looking a tad bit puffy as it was being pushed out of shape from within, but it was still holding its own. The most visible difference as of yet was Monica’s hair, which at the start of the day had almost a twenties flapper style to it, but now the black strands were slowly creeping out of shape and moving down towards her shoulders.

    She reached up to stroke the moving hairs and mutters “What the hell?” As her fingers gently caressed the strands she could feel them lengthening going in between her fingers. A pained look appeared on her face and she glanced down upon her footwear again. The leather material was groaning slightly louder and seemed to look as if something inside the shoes was moving about. As Monica bent down to examine more closely she suddenly yelped and stood back up grabbing at her rear. It seams that the bending motion caused a wedgie to form as her silk panties tried to slide up her ass when she bent over. Her face became flushed as she tried to pick at it, but then paused and brought her hands to her face to gaze upon them puzzled. Her fingers seemed longer, more slinky like in appearance and as she wiggled them about she would have sworn they grew longer. Her nice manicure was now looking sloppier as the nails grew trying to keep pace with the rest of her hand.

    The attorney placed her hands to her side and knew immediately something was amiss. She turned her head to glance down and saw the maroon boucle jacket now only was slightly less than three quarters its man made length. She instinctively reached over with her left arm to tug at the right when she noticed the same problem as before. Monica squirmed again this time looking down to her tights. The maroon material was paling as if someone was tugging on the material stretching it out. She also felt the seat of the tights pulling down her thighs slightly and reached down to pull them back up. “Shrip!” she felt a run appear under the skirt she wore along the back of her thigh. She also could feel that her sleeves had now crept up to the three quarter mark on her arms. Her maroon flared skirt now had less flare to it as it crept up to above her knees. All this was puzzling the young attorney. As she spun around she took in how all her clothes seemed a size or two too small. The buttons on the front of her boucle jacket that were still buttoned were now pushing out around her bust. Her shoes were pinching her feet, the straps digging in. The sleeves on her jacket rose and the jacket itself now sat at waist level, instead of where it was tailored to fit, slightly below the waist. She brought her hand to her forehead and could feel sweat begin to form on her brow, which to get at she had to push hair aside that shouldn’t have been there to begin with.

    All of Monica’s attention was drawn back to her feet again. Her leather ankle strap pumps were causing her intense pain. She reached over to grab onto the judges bench for balance as she leaned to her right and tried to kick off the offending foot wear. This was not working for her though. The shoes were so tightly on that the kicking motion she used couldn’t remove the pumps. As she went down to stomp her foot in frustration an odd snapping sound filled the empty court room. The attorney looked down to see the buckle across the top of her left foot snapped open and she could now see her maroon hose clad foot rising out of the top of the shoe. “Pop!” and she swiveled her head around to see the right shoe’s now useless strap followed suit. As she examined the shoes she heard another slow cracking sound and after a minute of this could feel the backs of her feet now had some breathing room. As she turned around to see this she noticed that her leather pumps no looked more like a pair of clogs that were three sizes too small. She tried to walk in the exploding foot wear but couldn’t maintain any balance and stumbled down and foreword onto the floor. There on the floor she tried to regain her balance to stand up, but when she put pressure onto the balls of her toes for leverage two loud cracking sounds caught her attention. She glanced back to see the fronts of both heels cracked open and she could now wiggle her toes in their maroon casing with somewhat ease. As she stood back up the cracks grew and seams on her foot wear blew and once she stood to her full height, which was four inches more than it should have been, her foot wear disintegrated down to nothing and this left her in her maroon tights encased feet.

    Monica tried to reach some sort of conclusion in her mind for why this was happening. First the juror grew into a giantess, and then admitted she really killed her client’s husband, and Monica thought the case was won. Then her client grew into a giantess, bursting through her clothes, and proceeded to fight with the other giantess. “Oh my god!” she blurted out loud, as her face became pale and frowned as she looked upon her own body. “I’m growing too.”

    Just then her train of thought was interrupted by a tearing sound. She looked for the source and found that the shoulder of her jacket was rupturing due to its growing contents. Monica froze now and could only mutter “Oh god no.” in between tearing and stretching sounds and her compulsion to gasp for more air to satisfy her bodies growing need. The seams all along her boucle jackets shoulders were tearing themselves apart as they were no longer able to contain her growing form. “Shrip, rip” the material went and soon Monica’s jacket’s sleeves separated completely from the rest of the garment. This was just the start of the carnage unleashed upon this professional woman’s attire. “Rip, Shrip!, pop!” Her sleeves now free and on their own burst apart as her arms grew and pulsed with new found vigor. The ruined material puddle on the floor and left the attorney wearing nothing but a boucle vest now that had its front buttons straining to contain their contents.

    Speaking of which the buttons were now audibly straining to hold in their confines of flesh, their material that held them in place protesting their expanding contents. The gaps between them were ever widening. The ribbon belt she wore around her waist over her jacket was for a while now able to stretch and keep pace with the young attorney’s growth, but that time was fading fast it was now visibly stretching out and contorting being forced to move in unnatural ways. Her maroon tights were fading and showing off a paler color than they were designed for as the silky cotton material stretched to keep her feminine long sexy legs properly sheathed.

    “Pop, pop!” Monica looked down with both horror and fascination to witness the two top buttons of her boucle jacket snap off and fly across the court room; her pink camisole with its intricate lace top now coming into view. “Shrip!” Her ribbon belt started to thin around her torso as the knot it was tied into tightened and undulated about her waist. “Shrip!” the ribbon material succumbed to the attorney’s growth and finally burst into tiny ribbon fragments and fluttered to the ground around her.

    “Oh god, no.” She said to herself as she could see her flare chiffon skirt now lost its flare and clung tightly midthigh, well above the resting place it was designed to reach. “Please make it stop.” She let out as if some unseen force could now intervene and make all this go away. “Pop, Pop!” the last tow buttons now burst free to open her maroon boucle jacket to the world and reveal her lace camisole whose intricate lace loops along the tops and bottoms now enlarged and Monica’s tits poked at the material as if the room itself was ten degrees below zero. Monica instinctively clutched at the jackets material and tried to force it closed to hide her modesty. All that futile effort did was increase an already unbearable strain on the stitching of the jacket’s back material. “Shrip!” The boucle jacket tore wide down the center and as Monica let go it just fell off to the side to puddle with its former sleeves upon the floor.

    Her camisole was skin tight on her and rising with the passing seconds to show off more of her waist and the small of her back. The straps dug into her shoulders causing the skin around them to become red and irritated. Her maroon tights paled and now looked pinkish and stretched further but looked as if they could pop any moment. Her chiffon skirt now clung tightly to the young attorney’s newly acquired seven foot frame, well above the mid thigh point. Monica moaned in both pleasure and pain as her clothes vice like grip tightened and her modesty was slowly taken away.

    “Uhh.” She pursed her lips to let out as she felt the pressure around her lower waist be relieved somewhat. The black round button that fastened the top of the zip at the back of her skirt snapped off and rolled away along the ground. “Zip.” The copper zipper undid itself slowly to reveal her pale tights through which her red panties were now visible. The panties themselves were like a thong creeping up into parts of her they were never meant too touch. As the skirt crept higher it finally became caught at the eight foot attorney’s upper thighs and could not rise anymore, which meant this garment was now at the end of its life.

    “Shrip, rip.” The seat of this woman’s maroon tights ripped open along their inseam and split wide to show of a clear view of her new red thong silk panties. As the gap widened her thighs now violently pushed on the confines of their chiffon prison. “Shrip, pop.” Runs, small and barely noticeable at first, now opened up along the backs of the woman’s calves. These runs slowly teased their way up along the backs of her legs, and down towards her feet. “Shrip.” New runs now roamed at the tops of her feet and traveled up her legs towards the splits at the tops of the tights. “Rip, Shrip.” The skirt now started to tear open at the bottom, the rips traveling up her thighs. “Rip.” Her zipper no longer content to have merely opened itself up now tore through the bottom of the skirt as it blazed its own path now through the chiffon material. “Shrip, pop.” The small runs now widened and soon her tights burst into a multitude of holes. The holes grew and her white flesh forced them to open wider and gaps burst with her tights eventually separating at the knees. As she grew past the nine foot mark the lower part of her tights shredded into cotton fibers as her feet finally tore through their prisons and her wonderful bare feet now grew across the cold tile floor. This caused another series of moans to escape her lips as the sensation sent a shiver through her whole body.

    The skirt’s rips traveled up her thighs until with one final tearing sound reached the tears that formed at her waist and the whole thing blew into pieces and fell away. As she stood their ten feet tall dressed only in her tight camisole and upper tights and thong a tear formed in her eye. As the tear traveled down her cheek a tear formed at the front of the camisole and traveled down in-between her breasts. The two large for measurement fleshy orbs pushed on the camisole as the light pink flesh of her tits poked through slightly. The back of the camisole tore along the top at first too, and traveled down. The straps dug in further as the skin under them reddened. This pressure on her breasts and the sliding of her panties caused the only brief moment of pleasure for this woman throughout the ordeal. At eleven feet she smiled slightly and “oh, uh!’ let out a guttural moan of pleasure. The pleasure soon became pain again as her panties now pulled and pushed in her in unnatural ways.

    “Snap, snap!” The straps of the camisole flailed about before coming to rest as they tore asunder and freed her shoulders from anymore undo pain. The camisole itself now looked more like an ill fit corset. The remains of her tights tore up along her thighs until those tears met the earlier ones and the whole mess burst and fluttered away. Her red panties groaned and stretched as the sides showed off small rips all around them. “Snap” the panties tore in front of her vagina and the waist snapped as the red underwear slid down her leg to join the rags on the floor.

    At twelve feet and still growing Monica tried in vein to cover up her bottom area, but with the growth still going it made it difficult. “Shrip, rip!” the camisole tore and ripped and yawned itself open to reveal two enormous breast with all their supple beauty come poke into view. The back tore and soon the last of her former business attire was gone and there stood the thirteen foot tall naked giantess.

    Freed from the confines of clothes the young attorney’s growth now carried on unimpeded. Fourteen, then fifteen feet she shot up and up growing taller by the second. She felt slightly woozy from the growth process, but that didn’t slow it down any. The only time the growth started to slow was when she hit the twenty foot mark. Then the process started to calm down until in the end the world now had its biggest attorney at the thirty one foot Monica crouched down, grabbed her knees and cried.

    The young murderous juror continued to slowly shrink back down to normal Mrs. Kimble, still every inch the scornful giantess of a woman, approached her dwindling victim with a gleam of vengeance in her eye and bloodlust in her heart. The long arm reached out to the increasingly panicked juror and grabbed her by her long black hair. The widowed giantess picked her up by her mangy locks and spun her around the top of her head, until she was satisfied she was dizzy and in pain. Then the anger filled Mrs. Kimble threw the juror across four city blocks where she crashed through the south wall of the formerly proud standing courthouse where her ordeal began. She was surprised that the impact didn’t kill her, because something soft and warm broke her fall. As she finished shrinking back to normal she gazed upon two enormous breasts and looked up to see a giant woman’s head sobbing. She quickly realized it was her tormenters defense attorney, though she was now much bigger and in the nude.

    “Oh great, you too.” She said to her benefactor whose life she now owed to her cleavage. Before Monica had a chance to respond the walls around her began to tremble and as the dust rose so did she to her full thirty foot height, with her new bosom buddy. Just then an irate Mrs. Kimble crashed through the brick and mortar wall to find her target grasping tenaciously at her defense attorney’s breast. “Give her to me Monica!” Her voice boomed with authority. Monica took a moment to get a grip on her current predicament before responding, “Now Mrs. Kimble, Anne, don’t due anything rash you may regret later.”

    “Look at me, at us, everything about us is regrettable right now.” Anne responded. “Now let me finish what I started.”

    “No.” was Monica’s reply. “You are better than this, better than her, and I won’t let you do this.”

    “If your not with me, your with her than, against me.” Anne said back at her former attorney.

    “Don’t make me fight you.” Monica said, but before she could try to reason with her giant client again Anne already lunged at her and thru the first punch. Monica took it upside her head and responded in kind with a right hook. Anne took the hook and thru a left uppercut that sent Monica through the wall behind her. As Monica regained her composure she witnessed the court house collapse around Anne Kimble as with three walls destroyed it could stand no longer.

    Anne wiped the dust from her naked body and charged towards Monica. Monica quickly picked up a tractor-trailer parked by her foot and swung it at her client. The jolt thru her back and onto her side with a crash so mighty that building within a three block radius shook. The juror clung and wobbled to her savior’s right tit as she swung about like a monkey on a branch.

    “Thank you for this.” Monica heard from a tiny feminine voice and looked down to see the small nude woman on her tit. Monica picked her up in her hand and placed her on top a nearby building so she could face her eye to eye. “I’m not through with you bitch.” She replied and brought her hand up to the juror’s level. She then flicked her with her thumb and forefinger across the roof and into a nearby wall where she hit and landed with a thud out cold.

    “BAM!” Something big hit Monica from behind. She turned to see Anne with blood dripping from her mouth smiling with fists at the ready. The two giant women now engaged in a fist fight the likes of which the world had never seen. Some people watched in awe while others ran scared. Tow people were watching all of this unfold with a particular interest below. A young journalist and him, who had no idea that the woman with the digital recorder next to him would soon join the ranks of the giants.

    A left, then a right, oh man what a fight I was seeing. The two women locked in a battle of might and of wills over the fate of some one neither one really knew. As the battle wore on blood rained down like rain drops and mixed with their sweat as time passed by to soak the ground around the titans. It was now just I and this cute Latin reporter woman as all other bystanders now fled in fear for their safety. These two juggernauts were after all destroying their surrounding environment. Cars lay overturned in the streets, buildings had their sides crushed and gouged out, and the street filled with giant foot shaped pot holes. I knew the battle wouldn’t last much longer though. These women were burning through formula fast. I just waited to see if Mrs. Kimble could beat Monica and enact her revenge on the juror on the roof top before she shrank back down to normal.

    While I was being caught up in the moment I failed to notice the lovely young woman at my side who facial expression was going from one of confidence to one of pain and confusion. Her eyes became wide and her lips opened to draw in a large breathe which she quickly released with a gasp and as I turned to look upon her the first thing I saw was her hand, trembling as it squeezed her little digital recorder in her hand. The recorder was somehow smaller in her hand and looked as if its plastic casing was being crushed by her grip. As she turned her head slightly and our eyes met the expression on her was one of puzzlement. I believe she was about to ask me something when through all the confusion going on both of our attentions were drawn downward to her feet by an audible stretching sound, one by now I was very familiar with. Both our eyes slowly traveled down her shuddering frame. I noticed her black jacket was no longer closed and could see its red interior lining as her bust and arms pushed on it from within. Her skirt at knee length hugged her hips like her nude hose hugged a woman’s legs. Her feet looked normal, but from the look on her face I knew they had to be snugger than anything she was used too. I wanted to do something to relieve her pain and alleviate her confusion but I knew all too well that the only thing to do that now would be her clothes eventual destruction to relieve the pressure itself. I thought back and realized there must have still been some formula left somewhere in the courthouse and in all the confusion it found its way into this woman’s system.

    Maria’s attention no longer focused on the story she was reporting but instead now focused on herself and the changes she felt her body going through. The nylon material of her nude panty hose felt very ill fit as they shifted about to maintain their integrity on her enlarging legs. Her shoes squeezed unmercifully on her poor feet, the leather groaning in protest to her foot’s new demands for space. Her cotton black skirt began to climb up her legs to reveal her rounded knees in their sheer prison. The black jacket that was barley at waist level before began to climb up the small of her back. Her sheer black blouse like her hose was made of a more flexible material and though able to conform to her body’s changes it was able to show the brasserie underneath having a little bit more trouble maintaining shape.

    I was trying not to get too excited about this new giantess as I had already created two more than I originally wanted to by accident already, but there are some things in life one cannot control and I found my friend inside my pants was already awakening and stirring about because of this new prospect. I wanted to offer some form of solace to this woman beside me, but at the same time didn’t want to give myself away as I knew already that there were probably some people out there looking for me. My attention to this new woman was taken away by the fight in front of me I completely spaced on with this new revelation. I tilted my head upwards to find Mrs. Kimble was losing the fight now, as well as her height. The formula had run its course and she was now shrinking back to normal. Her hair seemed to recede and her feet about fifteen feet in front of me shrank from their size 20 something’s to their former shapes and forms. As she shrank I saw her attorney the giantess Monica give her a look as if to say everything would be all right from this point on. Her breasts seemed to deflate and her ass pushed in as she continued her descent. After a minute she was down to her pre-growth height and feeling a little guilty I forget for a moment of this new growth and ran to place my coat around her naked quivering body.

    “Who are you?” She asked and I simply replied, “A friend and a fan.” And as she stared at me with a puzzled look I ushered her into a nearby diner and told the waitress there to take care of her as I handed her a fifty and told her to let her have whatever she needed, plus maybe an extra apron to cover up. As I emerged I gazed up to see Monica walk off with a wry smile upon her face, probably off to find someplace a little bit more private to shrink back to her normal self. I tried to locate the growing reporter but she seemed to have moved away someplace. Approaching sirens in the distance caught my ear and so I decided to make another getaway and slipped into the shadows of a nearby ally.

    As I made my way through the darkened ally I stumbled upon the sounds of a woman grunting and groaning not to far off in the distance. I followed them until I came across the woman from before leaning against the brick wall of some nameless building still clutching her digital recorder. When she noticed me she held up her hand to warn me to stay away as she didn’t want to hurt me. I could see as she held out her arm her jacket was already half way up her forearm. I figured that after all she had witnessed she had a good idea as to what was about to happen to her. I told her not to worry I was a doctor; well sort of one, and that I could help, but really thought I could at least watch. As I moved near her I could spot her press name identification and saw her name was Maria.

    “Maria, did you happen to drink any water you found lying about today?” To which she nodded an affirmative. “How much did you drink?” To which she held her hand out for me and spread her expanding fingers to show me just a tad. I could see her dark red nail polish already cracking and peeling due to her elongating finger nails. I quickly did some math in my head and came to the conclusion that she didn’t drink enough to grow too large, but she would still probably end up naked. The bright side of which was that the formula in her would only last a few minutes and so she could return to normal in no time. I didn’t want to tell her this because being a reporter she would have questions I didn’t want to answer, so I just approached a little closer to keep an eye on her.

    “Ugh.” She let out of her swelling lips as it probably felt as if her whole body was on fire at this point as her cells struggled to comply with their strange new orders they were being sent to multiply at an unheard of rate. I looked down to her black heeled shoes and noticed they had that nylon material between the tongues of her shoe and the back portion on the sides to allow for comfort and easy foot movement. I watched it as the nylon material started to push outwards and increase the gap between both parts of her footwear. As this swelling out occurred her feet were putting tremendous pressure on both ends of the shoe. I could hear the groans of protest from the shoe and see the formation of the five bumps as her toes now pushed hard into the fronts of the rounded leather. One large bump formed in the back as the heel of her foot forced its way back also demanding more room to grow. Her skirt continued to climb up her beautifully curved thighs past her knees and started to get caught on her mid thigh region showing of more of her tan nylon encased legs. “Oh my.” She let out as I witnessed her sheer black blouse un-tuck itself from her skirt to reveal a smooth and slender tan abdominal area and pierced belly button. Her jacket now was at her mid back and very form fitting to the point I could make out the bumps in her spine, as its sleeves now pulled up to her elbows. None of her clothing would last much longer at this rate of growth.

    Maria looked down in dismay with a pained expression on her face and sweat dripping from her brow. Her black dress suit was really feeling binding on her and at this point would have done anything to relieve the pressure, especially that around her poor defenseless tan feet. She new that this stranger was with her in the ally and felt a moment of shame just standing there in front of this male stranger, whimpering like a school girl. She went to bring her arms to her side and stand in a more dignified position when “shrip” a small and quite noise broke through all the other noises in the ally. Maria tried to turn her head to see where this sound arose from, but the moment she turned it “shrip” another ripping sound came from some point behind her. As she brought her head around for another look see “rip” another tearing sound alerted her to another seam failing somewhere behind her. When she finally gave up looking and brought her head completely around to her front the loudest tearing sound of all went off.

    I could tell she was a bit confused by all the ripping sounds going off around her, but for me it was clear to see her jacket tore open down the garments center. As a gust of wind came through the ally we were in the two pieces her jacket were no in flapped open to show her back, the red lining of the jacket flailing about her sheer black top as it stretched tighter around her chest region. She looked at me and the confusion about her vanished as with that breeze she knew all too well what just happened behind her. The problem was for her that this was just the beginning.

    Maria brought her hands up to mid chest and balled them up into two tight fists, and “snap, pop!” the sheer material of her long sleeve blouse started to tear open and up its seams along her wrists, then continued to tear up to her elbows where she could feel the material rip further inside her jacket. “Crush!” exploding plastic sounds echoed in the ally and as she opened her right hand found her digital recorder was crushed in it by her growing strength. She was curios now to see just what affect this growth was having on her body and decided to flex a little to find out.

    First she went to show her bicep and “rip” her jacket tore open along the top of her upper arm, and as she relaxed the muscle “shrip” her sleeve separated from her shoulder. She tried the same with the other arm and was met with similar results. Maria next wanted to see how her legs were doing so she went down and squatted slightly, which proved to be too much for her skirt which was already trapped at her mid-thighs. The two seams that closed the sides tore asunder and as she went down a little further, the slit designed in the back to allow easy leg movement tore up a little higher than it was designed to and a new rip traveled halfway up her tearing skirt to just below her buttocks. As she stood back up to her full height her calves tickled slightly and she felt a little bit of the chilly air along the backs of them. Once at her newly acquired height she noticed a popping sound and turned to see the button on the back of her skirt lying on the ground behind her. Maria looked about for the man with her in the ally was now at least six inches below her line of sight. A wave of nausea swept through her and as she grasped at her stomach, and the remains of her jacket tore away completely and the red lining shimmered in the ally light as it fluttered to the dingy ground below.

    I watched Maria as she moved her arms to her midsection and then was surprised by the sounds of her tearing sleeves on her sheer blouse. I must admit I thought that her blouse would have put up more of a fight. “Crack, boom!” A loud unfamiliar noise made me jump a little and at first shocked me as I try to reason what that noise was, but as I followed the path of her sight I found it to be her little digital device. Apparently her added strength caused it to shatter in her grip. What she did next though surprised me a little. Where as the other women tried to save their clothes, she decided to test them on how well they were holding up. “Shrip, rip!” I looked over to find she flexed her arms and hastened the destruction of her jacket. “Rip, pop, shrip!” She started to crouch down and as I followed her motion the sounds of tearing fabric caught my ears. I glanced a peak at her smooth thighs as they tore her black skirt open along the seams and exposed her nylon imprisoned legs to me. As she rose back up I could tell already she was at least six or more inches taller than I was and she was still growing. As she did rise the tears in her skirt grew too and traveled almost the entire length of her thighs. Once standing to her new full height a loud pop caught my attention and I quickly maneuvered myself to catch the button on the back of her skirt in mid flight thru the air until it hit the ground. As my eyes traveled up her luscious tan thighs I could see the beginnings of runs forming along her nylons right in the center of the back of her calves where sometimes you find a seam.

    Maria rose upright and with a shudder she moaned out loud “Oh my feet hurt, shoes so tight.” And after that picked up her right leg and stomped it on the ground angrily. As she brought it up again “shrip” the run on her thighs expanded and traveled up along her thigh and then below into her too tight shoes. As the shoe came down she gasped as and her ears picked up a leathery tearing sound. “Crack, split!” the front of her right shoe burst open upon impact. She felt the black leather seams split and rupture open and her nylon clad foot pushes its way out into the open. “Pop” and the nylon material in the center of the same shoe tore in the center to let her expanding ankle have some room. While staring at this she pushed some of her elongating black hair out of her eyes just in time to witness her left shoes front burst open. The splits in both shoes went back along their leather stitches towards the back where the heels now burst into freedom and the runs on the backs of her nylons were now fully visible. She let out a sigh of relief as her foot room expanded, but soon was pained again as the tops of the shoes clamped down on her. As her feet continued to grow she watched as her hose’s runs traveled to the fronts f her feet along the tops of them and just as those leather tops finally burst her nylons ruptured and left her bare foot on top of cracking heels. The heels themselves soon ground flat due to her increasing weight.

    I watched the young woman grow before me, and felt a bit of sympathy as she paled and doubled over slightly. Apparently my formula was upsetting her stomach. She muttered something in a moan, but I was too distracted by her legs as their smooth tan flesh of hers rose and stomped on her right shoe. The pain of her foot growth must have been a little too much to bear on her poor small feet. As the foot came down a second time I watched with growing anticipation one of my favorite things happen. “Crack” the front of her shoe snapped violently open. Before I could feel the tension build up inside myself again the other shoe burst. Then I watched eagerly as her feet expanded and her toes wiggled inside their nylon prison as they out grew the fronts of her footwear. “Crack” the backs now burst and as I watched the heals grow out I could also make out the runs in her nude pantyhose expanding into tears around her feet and calves, and sure enough the flimsy material soon ruptured completely. Her heels were baring a lot of weight now and the cracks in them would soon reach the breaking point and with a crash shoe plopped down onto her ruined footwear as her feet now grew atop the leather mess.

    Maria arose as she felt and heard the zipper on her skirt’s back slowly unzip itself down to reveal her black lace panties. This made her feel a little self-conscious and instinctively she brought her arms behind her to cover up. This action had two unfortunate side effects. First the motion caused the shoulder seams on her blouse to separate and then the flexing motion of her arms caused the sleeves to tear and shred until there was nothing left of them. The other side effect was on her black satin bra. With her arms behind her it pushed her breasts foreword and up, and the pressure on her bra cups was too much for them to bear. The fancy stitching on the cups burst and her tits now jutted out fully erect in this cool ally.

    My foot observations were soon lured away by the sound of something slowly unzipping. As I was craning my neck to see behind her she quickly brought her arms to her behind to cover up. This allowed me for the first time to see how big her breasts had grown. Those tan fleshy mounds jiggled and throbbed as they pushed outward and stretched her already mesh top’s front even clearer to the point where I could make out the intricate lace work and designs sown in the fronts as they were now being pushed foreword with incredible force. Then I watched with my mouth a gap as the stitching started to snap and bend to fit her expanding cleavage. Then the greatest reward of all arrived as her tits poked through, slowly at first, then their pink might forced the cups to rupture all the way and as they pushed onward the rest of those fleshy mounds followed, and soon their tan flesh was pushed hard against the front of an all too see through blouse.

    Maria felt the cool air on her erect nipples, and this turned her on a little so she parted her lips slightly to let an “ooh” out, but the pleasure full moan was interrupted by two sounds like those of a coin dropping. Maria felt her ears were somehow lighter and upon bringing her hands up for inspection sure enough felt her gold bud earrings were gone.

    I watched two golden trinkets fall from the now eight foot giantess fall away and as she brought her hands to examine the area the lifting caused a tear to form in the front of her blouse. Two tears actually. One at the bottom that started just above midriff where her blouse now came two, and the other right in between her growing breast, “shrip” the tearing noise sounded as the rips met each other at her blouses midpoint. As she tried to grab what flimsy material she could the motion caused ripping sounds to reverberate throughout the ally and soon she was without said blouse.

    Maria wanted to examine her ears for her prize golden orbs, but forget the lessons from trying to cover her ass. All her arm movements caused ripping and tearing sounds to emanate from her blouse and with each attempt she tried to conceal herself, another seam failed and soon she was left in a tightening black satin bra.

    Maria’s legs tickled her so and as she wiggled her hips to alleviate the pleasurable tickles they just increased instead. Tearing sounds multiplied upon each other and soon she felt very self-conscious standing with just a pair of shrinking panties and a straining bra on.

    I witnessed her blouses destruction. Then I heard faint, but steadily increasing in volume ripping sounds. This woman then started to gyrate and I wondered what was going on “shrip, rip’ pop” I followed the sounds down to her nylons. The runs in them were not only expanding, but multiplying as her nude pantyhose disintegrated into a fine nylon mesh that just fluttered away in the wind down the ally. The motion also hastened the tears growing in her skirt and that too slid down her growing tan thighs to puddle on the ground.

    Maria tried to pick her underwear out of her ass crack, but instead with her increased strength and the pressure being put on them tore the silky material. Now all she had was their elastic band wrapped around her waist. Her bra straps were digging into her and causing her some major discomfort. She figured since every time she moved something burst, she would alleviate the pain by shrugging. It worked too well. She heard not one, but three snaps. She watched one strap fly off, then turned to see the other fly off, and then heard an odd creaking sound and before she knew what that was she watched her bra float to the ground. “Snap” she heard the material that was left around her waist snap off and as her growth slowed she looked ahead to see she was nearing the tops of the three story buildings she was hiding between and decided to crouch down. “Kindly get your ass out of my face!” a voice yelled and this startled her and her one foot slid out from beneath her, through the ally and slammed into a parked car flipping it over. Maria blushed and quickly brought her leg in.

    As I was watching I could see how red her rising shoulders were getting due to her tightening bra and found it somewhat amusing how she tried shrugging to alleviate this. I also saw that this not only snapped the straps, but also caused the clasp in the back to spring apart and release her two enormously feminine tan breasts to the world. Now I’m standing there trying to gauge her height when the next thing I know is that I see this beautifully round tan ass coming right at me. I shouted out “Stop, and kindly get your ass out of my face.” And as it was just about close enough for me to pucker up and kiss it, there was a sudden crashing and exploding sound so I took this as a good time to get the hell out of the area. I pulled out a piece of paper jotted a note on it and took off.

    As her growth slowed Maria stood fully erect and looked into one of the windows on the building in front of her. She spotted a man in a suit drinking a cup of coffee in a white mug. As he nonchalantly spun around, he paused, then dropped the mug and as it shattered Maria watched the cup shatter on the floor spilling coffee all over the gentleman. “Sorry” Maria said and then took a step back feeling a little woozy. She leaned against the building behind her for support and felt the cold stone slide along her backside. She knew by her decreasing perspective she was returning to normal, or at least that’s what she hoped.

    Soon enough Maria was back to her normal height. Shivering in the cold ally she looked around for a minute then came upon a black rain coat. Being there naked she went for it and put it on pulling it around her shivering naked body for warmth, not to mention to hide the fact she was naked. She made her way out of the ally and paused for a brief moment and among a large crowd watched police and firemen flood the are along with news vans trying to get a story on all this chaos around the downtown area. She just smiled to herself and turned to walk away. She felt the cold of the side walk on her feet and placed her hands in her pocket for added warmth. In it she found a crinkled up piece of paper and as she pulled it out she read what it said. “Sorry, M.”

    The next day on a plane up in the air a man sat in his blue jeans, black shirt, and sport coat reading that days evening edition. The headlines read “Thirty-Foot Giantess War Destroys Nine City Blocks And Historic Court House” and smiled to himself as he read on to the city page where “Former Giantess / Murderous Home Wrecker Gets Thirty Years,” but the one he found the most amusing was on the Lifetimes section cover by a young reporter named Maria Kana titled “What It Might Be Like To Grow.” His reading was interrupted by the flight attendant. “May I put your briefcase above for you sir?” “No thank you.” He responded “The contents are fragile.” While folding up the newspaper. “I see you’re reading about what happened downtown yesterday.” “Why yes I was miss, say, what do you make of all this.” “Well to be frank,” she says while blushing a little, “I wouldn’t mind going through a little growth spurt myself. Sometimes the men on these flights can be real jerks.” “You don’t say.” He said while also checking her out casually. She blushed a tiny bit and asked, “Is there anything I can do for you now sir?” To which he responded coyly, “No, but maybe I could help you once we land.” And with that resumed reading the paper as the attendant walked away with a puzzled look on her face, he just made himself comfortable and chuckled to himself in a low tone as the plane roared away into the night sky.

    …the growth will continue.

    Deadly Pixxxie


    You’ve written a masterpiece.

    magnus knight

    Thank you ver much. 😳

    Deadly Pixxxie

    No, thank *you*!

    Deadly Pixxxie

    No, thank *you*!

    magnus knight

    and you and you and you… 😆 😛

    Matthew Lim

    Finally sat down and read this thing all the way through. And man is this a great story 😀 It really brings it home and readies for a third installment of the Obsessions series (tecnically fourth with the "Obsessions Starring" story in the fray). It really gets me thinking what out of the norm growth scene you’re going to provide us with next (the DMV perhaps? 😛 ). I really look forward to what you’re going to throw our way next. 🙂


    This is a great story, and it was well worth the wait. I hope to write a few stories of my own similar to this down the road, but in the meantime, this is a source of great inspiration that caters to one of the things I enjoy about the whole GTS process: the detailed clothes ripping. It is something I really enjoy, and you did very well with it in this opus, Magnus. I look forward to your future efforts.


    Well done buddy, that was a very good story, your a very good writer, i love the growth well explained. Will there be another part or was that the end? and btw that guy that went around and did the growth to the woman was really cool. GOOD JOB!![glow=red,2,300][/glow]

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