"Phantom’s Tears"

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    Posted elsewhere as "Lyanna and Gessler"

    © 2000 Mordenheim

    Lyanna glanced nervously around at her surroundings, her beautifully fluffy golden tail looking faded in the gloom of the old theater. He had to be here, she thought. Glancing to and fro, her vulpine ears twitched as she caught the faint sound of footfalls on the catwalks above.

    "You have come at last," A voice called from above. She fairly swooned for the voice was of such incredible power and beauty it seemed to come from an angel. Or a demon…

    There was a soft fluttering as a dark shape dropped from the catwalks some thirty feet above the stage. He landed with a soft clack, his hard soled boots tapping on the wooden stage. Rising to his hindpaws, she saw that he wore a porcelain mask identical to her friend Erik D’argent. This made sense, since he was merely the dark aspect of Erik’s soul given flesh.

    The wolf gazed at her, his eyes black and glittering behind the bone-white mask. He wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt and tie. A black cloak lined with a deep blood red cloth was draped over his shoulders. A broad-brimmed hat which covered his ears was removed and tossed to the side, revealing the white fur on what could be seen of his face as well as his snowy-furred ears protruding from his long brown hair which was pulled back into a tight ponytail at the base of his skull.

    She swallowed hard, suddenly very nervous. "Y.. yes, I have come. I wish to speak with you."

    "Indeed, mademoiselle. What is it you wish to speak of? Why do I torment my.. ahem.. "better half"? Or why I seem to be hunting down members of your family one by one?" A grim smile slipped over his features as he spoke, his teeth flashing for a second in the gloom.

    As she thought for a moment, her paw slipped into the pocket in the pale blue skirt she was wearing. Within was a small vial of blue liquid her brother Mordenheim had given to her. Her thoughts drifted back to what he had told her that morning.

    "You know that I don’t like you going to talk to this furre alone, Lyanna." he sighed as he looked at her, his one blue eye glittering in the sunlight. He pressed the small vial into her paw. "Take this with you. If you are in any danger, I want you to drink it down as fast as you can. You will be safe if you do, I promise…"

    Rousing herself from her thoughts, she mustered all of the courage she could, she gazed once more at the dark figure on stage. "Aye, I have come for the answer to the latter question. Why are you hunting my family?"

    "Follow me, dine with me, and I will explain all."

    Saying this, he turned and vanished behind a curtain at the back of the stage, not waiting to see if she followed. She slowly walked up onto the stage, her hindpaws leaving tracks in the thick dust on it’s surface. She was surprised to see that the wolf had left none. Perhaps they had been swept away by his long cloak. Leaning back a bit in case it was a trap, she slowly pushed aside the curtain.

    He was sitting at a table lit with two candles. Two glasses, a bottle of wine, some bread, cheese, and some kind of meat were set upon it. He glanced up at her momentarily, slicing a bit of the cheese with a dagger.

    She stopped for a moment as soft music began to filter through the air all around her, seeming to flood her very soul with it’s beauty. The masked figure seated at the table began to sing.

    Below the city streets I hide

    A gas lamp’s light my only guide

    A silver rapier by my side

    here in the endless night

    I hear your voice and turn away

    It was so bright, so light and gay

    It filled my mind both night and day

    You touched my heart with light

    Your voice’s beauty filled my mind

    I searched for you and I did find

    Your heart already had been signed

    To a handsome young feline

    But his heart, it has grown cold

    Leaving you with pain untold

    and now, if I may be so bold

    I ask you to be mine.

    "I hunted them because I knew that sooner or later you would come to find out why. I know you very well, Lyanna. D’argent and I, we both loved you…"

    Lyanna was somewhat taken aback by this admission. She knew that this creature’s better half, her friend, had loved her. This creature, though… This murderer.. was it capable of love?

    The music continued and as though in a trance, Lyanna raised her own silvery voice in reply to Gessler’s song.

    Sweet as the starry sky above

    As gentle-seeming as a dove

    Your heart, I hear is filled with love

    You tremble in my sight

    But sadly it shall come to naught

    Because my love cannot be bought

    And still you kill without a thought

    Please leave me in the night

    You say your love grows like a tree

    Each time you sit and think of me

    Dear, cautiously I ask of thee

    Please do not say these things.

    You swear that we will never part

    But death and music are your art

    Now out of pity my strong heart

    A requiem for love sings

    Your time has passed

    Love breathed it’s last

    A requiem I sing…

    "Why did you not simply ask me to come?" She whispered softly, still a bit in shock and more than a little frightened by the strange music they had made together.

    "Your brothers would never have allowed it and you know it," He spat, a low growl in his chest. "They don’t know what it is like, to love, to feel burning desire, and know that it will NEVER be returned…"

    She took a step back, her paw going to her throat for a moment, unable to speak. He was right, of course, her brothers would never have allowed her to come here without an excuse. He had wounded so many of her family, even killing a few that as the matron of House Xanthica, she had to come.

    "The reason I wanted you here, Lyanna is simple." Reaching up, he slowly removed the mask, revealing his face. The entire right side was furless, the flesh nearly transparent as white bone shone through. He had no nose to speak of, merely a black hole in the end of his muzzle. "I have chosen a mate and I will not need to torment your family any more."

    Lyanna had picked up a glass of wine and taken a sip, a wonderful cider, mulled and spiced, but with another taste. Something bitter and medicinal underneath. She looked at his ruined face without a flinch, for he was in all physical ways identical to her friend save for his eyes. "Congratulations, I hope she makes you very happy."

    "I am sure that you will, Lyanna."

    Lyanna coughed, choking on the wine as she gasped. "What do you mean?!"

    "I have chosen you to be my angel. You will bear my child, Lyanna."

    Lyanna was suddenly terrified beyond words, but she felt suddenly tired and dizzy. Everything seemed to be spinning. "Drugged… you… drugged me…"

    "Oui, c’est true, ma petite. You would never have come to me willingly, so I shall take you. It is merely a matter of time now."

    Standing and staggering back against the far wall, she dug into her pocket for the vial and quickly drank it down. Shaking her head she slowly sunk down the wall, her eyes wide with fear but her body no longer responding. She felt a strange sensation in her stomach as Gessler stalked towards her.

    "Mordenheim’s antitoxin will not clean this from your system, I took that into consideration when I made this drug," he growled, towering over her. "You will be mine. My love, my wife, the mother of my child." With a smirk on his ruined muzzle he reached out to stroke her breast lightly through her blouse, "Out of pity, however, I will wait until you are fully unconscious. I do not want you to be traumatized more than necessary. After all, you might not conceive if you are in shock."

    She gazed up at him, fear in her eyes as he leaned down and kissed her gently upon the cheek. Her brother had promised she would be safe if she drank it, yet nothing happened, what in the world had he meant? She blinked and slowly shook her head again, her blurred vision clearing a bit. "Please, please don’t do this."

    "I will not hurt you, ma petite." He smiled as he stroked her cheek with a gloved paw before removing his cloak and tossing it aside, "I love you, Lyanna."

    "NO!" she cried, and shoved as hard as she could. She heard a crash and looked up to see that Gessler had stumbled into the table some four feet away. How had she even found the strength to push him off of her?

    She felt a warm tingling sensation in her stomach that slowly spread out to her arms and legs. Carefully, she began to stand back up, using the wall for support, a sudden tightness in her chest. There was a soft squeaking noise, followed by a snap as her bra suddenly gave way beneath her blouse. She placed a paw on her forehead, still dazed and more than a bit confused about what was happening.

    Gessler growled softly and pulled himself to his hindpaws, cursing in French before getting enough control of himself to speak her language, "Little bitch, you will pay for that."

    He stalked towards her once more, a low growl rumbling in his chest as he grabbed her wrists and jerked her up onto her hindpaws. He shoved her back, causing her head to bang painfully against the coarse stone wall. His rage overwhelming him, he swung a vicious backpaw at her face that sent her spinning downwards to crumple on the floor in front of him.

    She lay on the floor, stunned, unable to do anything but stare at her reflection in his polished black riding boots. She looked tired, worn. Her cheek had swollen a bit where he had hit her already. She felt a cold draft on her midsection, thinking her blouse must have come untucked from her skirt when he struck her down. She heard another growl from above her and the boot she was staring at swung towards her face, causing black stars to explode in her vision as she crashed back against the wall once more, her blouse losing several buttons as she slumped there, barely conscious.

    She lie there for a moment, whimpering in pain not only from the blows, but from the fact that her boots were becoming unbearably tight, mashing her toes into the end, the laces cutting into her golden fur. There was a barely-audible pop, followed by the squeaking sound of leather stretching as her toe claws slowly pushed through the ends of her boots. The laces beginning to break with a series of staccato snaps. She was too hurt and dazed to realize what was happening to her. Trying to catch her breath and protecting herself out of fear, she threw an arm up in front of her eyes, causing the sleeve to pull up nearly to her elbow as the seam on the shoulder gave way with a loud rip, exposing the golden fur beneath.

    Gessler reached down and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her up once more. Odd, he thought, she seemed heavier than last time. Standing her against the wall, he roughly grabbed one of her breasts, making her gasp. He then looked up at her and realized something was wrong. He was nearly a foot taller than this vixen, yet now he was looking up at her. What the hell was happening?

    He propped her against the wall and took a few steps back, his eyes widening. Her head was slowly inching its way up the wall. Her blouse was completely open and pulled tight across her back, the seams straining to keep it on one piece. A tatter of white cloth lay at her hindpaws, her brassiere, now far, far too small for her. Her toeclaws were sticking out of the ends of her boots and seemed to be slowly sliding out of them across the floor. Her black bracers were cutting painfully into her forearms, fur poking out between the laces as her shins and calves began to expand more rapidly, destroying the remains of her boots.

    Her skirt had risen from ankle-length to where it now was above her knees and still rising. There was a loud pop and she gave a sigh of relief as the waist-string snapped. The skirt was too tight to fall off, however and remained in place. She felt her panties draw up into her crotch and gave an embarrassed little moan of pleasure at the sensation.

    She shook her head slowly, trying to make sense of the situation as her vision cleared. It took her a moment to register what had happened. Everything looked so small. Had he set her on a shelf or on a crate? Why did it look like she was still moving upwards? She noticed that her breasts were exposed and tried to pull her blouse shut quickly, succeeding only in splitting it in half up the back, leaving two short, ever-tightening sleeves on her arms. She looked down at herself, gasping in shock. She jumped and sat down hard, the thud resounding through the theater, knocking paintings from the walls. She squeaked softly as her skirt split down the side, falling away, leaving her in nothing but her panties, which now looked more like a thong. She winced as the remains of her sleeves cut deeply into her fur before finally splitting and falling away in tatters.

    Gessler was in a panic. The vixen he had planned to capture was now twice his size and still growing. There had to be something he could do. Some way to make sure she would not be a threat. A smile spreading slowly over his ruined muzzle, he called forth his power and began to sing sweetly, soft and low.

    Lyanna looked around her. Why did everything look so small? The effects of the drug, though lessened at her greater size, were still present and muddling her thought. She tilted her head to the side as the tiny wolf across the room from her began to sing. It was so lovely, so peaceful. All she wanted to do was rest, just close her eyes and sleep. She arched her back and bit her lower lip, moaning as something pulled up into her crotch, but then there was a tearing noise and the sensation was gone. Shrugging her shoulders a bit, she lie down and drifted off to sleep.

    A smirk on his face, Gessler strode up beside her. As he drew nearer, he noticed a strange sound. A strangely muffled squeaking, cracking sound, not like that of wood, but more like when a piece of meat is pulled apart at the joint. Ignoring it for the moment, he walked around and placed his paw gently on her massive thigh.

    "You are rather large now, ma petite, but not too large for me. I will…" He suddenly fell silent, his eyes widening as he held his paw in place. It still felt like it was moving, displacing her fur as though he was rubbing it. Looking at her lying there he was stunned to see the tips of her ears which had been almost a foot away from the wall a moment ago were now brushing against it. He looked down towards her hindpaws and saw that they were slowly sliding across the floor. He estimated that she had to be over twelve feet tall and still rapidly expanding.

    The process was speeding up, the wooden stage creaking beneath her increasing weight. Her ears were flattened to her skull as her head pressed hard against the stone wall above her head, the pressure on her neck beginning to wake her from slumber. She made a murring, mewling sound as she stretched, her toeclaws catching in the stage curtains and tearing them down as her arms broke apart several crates at her sides. She slowly sat up and the stage finally gave way beneath her, she fell what seemed to her about a foot downwards until she hit the stone foundation. The resulting shockwave shattered windows throughout the theater and sent the chandelier crashing down onto the remains of the stage between her legs.

    The wolf was outraged! His plan was ruined and this.. CREATURE, was destroying his theater! He ran forwards, cursing in French, not thinking of what he was doing. He drew a silver rapier from beneath his cloak and plunged it into Lyanna’s calf.

    She yelped in pain and yanked her leg away from him, pulling the sword, now more like a straight-pin to her, from her leg. Growling softly, she darted out a paw to grab him. Gessler danced away from the grasping paw which he was alarmed to see was getting larger by the moment. He glanced upwards and got an idea. Grabbing the rope of a counterweight, he cut through it and it lifted him swiftly up to the catwalks once more.

    Dashing madly around he began to cut rope after rope, sending sandbags crashing to the stage all around the expanding vixen, one smashing into her nose and causing her to see white stars of agony. She moved her tail at the last split second to avoid having it severed by a falling backdrop. Growling still louder she glanced up towards the catwalks and spied the dark shape flitting from shadow to shadow, filling the theater with his mad laughter.


    "Never!" The wolf howled back, "If I cannot have you, NOFURRE can. I will kill you if I must, but either as a mate or as a pelt, YOU WILL BE MINE!"

    Lyanna had finally taken all that she could stand. She rose to her hindpaws and stared straight at the diminutive wolf standing on that catwalk, some thirty feet above the splintered ruin of his stage.

    "And how, little Gessler, do you plan to do that?" She smiled at him, feeling for the first time, raw physical power coursing through her. It was intoxicating. She murred in delight as she felt the tingling sensation rush through her once more and her head was filled with a strange creaking sound. Stifling a moan she bit her lower lip and looked around. The catwalks seemed to be lowering. She shot out a massive paw to capture the wolf but succeeded only in tearing away a section of empty catwalk, sending it crashing down to the stage far below.

    Gessler was silent, his mind racing. She was right, at her size there was absolutely nothing he could do. He had to escape and hope that she did not do much more damage to his precious theater. He quickly leapt from the catwalks to the floor once more and made a mad dash for the entrance.

    Lyanna heard his boots hit the floor and looked down. With one sweeping motion she slid her tail around to block the doors, smiling as her eartips brushed up against the ceiling. Then she blinked as she felt them pressed down onto her head, followed by a building pressure on her neck. Her growth wasn’t stopping. Glancing all around her, she crouched, then finally sat on the stage once more, fear settling in. How was she going to get OUT? She leaned back against the wall and actually felt her back and shoulders sliding over it as she expanded. Growling as she looked down, she noticed Gessler staring up at her. Outraged, she planted a massive hindpaw on him holding him in place but careful not to crush him.

    "This is all YOUR fault, what in the hell were you THINKING?!" She pressed down a little more, feeling the wolf squirm as he howled in pain. She felt a grim satisfaction as she could actually see her hindpaw expanding to cover him further. "I should just step down now and be done with you," She growled, smiling a bit as his face disappeared beneath one of her toepads.

    She leaned back against the wall again, drawing a deep breath as she began to enjoy the sensation of growth once more. The strange creaking was loud in her ears, but oddly relaxing and the tingling that flowed through her was oddly pleasurable. The feeling of the cool stone wall sliding across her back was almost like a lover’s caress, slow and gentle. Suddenly panic washed over her like a bucket of ice water. Her eartips brushed up against the ceiling once more while she was still sitting down.

    Growling softly, she reached down and pulled the tiny wolf from beneath her hindpaw and gripped him tightly in her fist. She stared at him, thinking of all of the horrid things he had done, and all of the things she could do to him right at that moment. She shook her head, clearing those thoughts from her mind. She was not a violent furre and she would NOT let this wolf turn her into one. Of course, he didn’t need to know that.

    She clenched her fist a bit, causing the wolf to yelp in pain. "You are to leave my family alone from this moment forwards, do you understand me?" She bowed her neck forwards as she felt the top of her head brush the wooden supports of the roof.

    Gessler glared defiantly up from her paw, his face flushed with anger as well as the blood that was being forced to his head by her crushing grip. "Never! I will never stop, you are MINE!! So long as my music exists, my power will be great enough! I will MAKE you mine"

    Lyanna glanced downwards towards the orchestra pit, now barely the size of one of her hindpaws, and over towards the wall behind the stage at the rack of musical scores. She hunched over forwards as her shoulders pressed into the ceiling, her hindpaws inching over towards the entrance to the building.

    "Then your music shall no longer exist."

    With that she slowly began to draw her legs underneath her, ominous creakings and loud cracks of breaking wood could be heard. She slowly began to lift her head, the screeching and cracking of the splintering rooftop drowning out Gessler’s screams of rage and horror. She pushed upwards through the wood, slate shingles falling away from her eartips and shoulders. Still she rose, uncurling and stretching her legs as she stood, her tail and hips rising past the catwalks and actually sending them crashing downwards into the accumulating rubble. Finally she stood tall, her hips level with the rooftop of the theater, the tiny wolf in her paw nearly in tears.

    She kicked down the walls of the theater, smiling slightly, a feeling of great satisfaction filling her. She used her massive hindpaws to grind the remains into so much rubble and sawdust. She gently sat the wolf down beside the ruins.

    "Your greed for that which you cannot have coupled with your dark spirit brought this upon you. Your music which was your one power, and your true happiness is no more." She watched as Gessler dropped to his knees before the ruin, weeping.

    After a moment, she turned away from the ruins. She had been standing for a long while, watching the wolf who was now still as a chunk of stone. Very carefully she left, seeking out her brother for the antidote to the potion he had given her. Where she had stood the earth has been pressed into two lakes side by side. They are known today as "The Phantom’s Tears".


    And I am not into fur-dom even 8)

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