Pig Found Flesh – Chapter 2

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    Pig Found Flesh-Part the second

    The sexual fantasy that distracted Barkeley Files from leading a completely focused life questioned him again in the stuffy closet refuge “Anything? I’ll settle for Kung Pow even”. Taking a precious few moments more to run his hands over the muscle fiber enriched limbs and implausible breasts that Mandy had gift wrapped in his overcoat Bark wracked his aroused brain. The two campus Security in the apartment, that until a few moments ago Bark thought was Mandy’s, were from the sounds of things doing a thorough search for narcotics. A search, unless somehow counteracted, would within moments reveal an average male in his boxers along with an extraordinary example of parallel and incongruous female muscle and mammary development covered in nothing but a trench coat and topped with the face of a late teenager. Definitely not a way Bark wanted spend his Friday night, being arraigned for last minute cradle robbing on account of the metamorphic cutie’s approaching 18th birthday 2 hours away.

    Talk wouldn’t provide a good enough remedy only brute force, of which the fantasy made flesh Mandy heaving next to Bark had plenty of. Bark knew though that sheer might wouldn’t be enough to stop two well trained Garfield Security officers. Hire’s for Garfield Security came not from the usual geriatric war vets but instead the ranks of prison sergeants between posts. While Mandy could now make mincemeat out of Bark if for some reason she lost her mind and went psychotic with power, she’d be taken out like a repeat offender if she took on the on the guards without some sort of edge. That advantage was brewing in the quagmire of useless trivia that was Bark’s mind.

    Standing on his toes to better reach the few inches up where Mandy’s ears now resided he whispered “I got it what do I do now?”. They were so close he could swear he felt Mandy’s eyes close and a pleased murmur cooed “Perfect keep that image”. For Bark’s part the mental armament oozing from his mind was from a certain flick called ‘Game Of Death’. There was a combatant in it whose main advantage was his sheer reach which from the sounds of cloth stretching magnified in the small closet’s space Mandy was rapidly matching. “Hold your breath, I mean it” Mandy whispered as her mouth rapidly vanished from communication distance as her volume increased pushing the clothes rack off its mounts. The tumble of clothes created a racket quite audible to the protectors of property scouring the abode for contraband as evidenced by their banter ceasing.

    The silence gave way to cautiously approaching creaks. “What was that?” The first voice asked almost comically “We’ll find out won’t we” the other responded. The closet sliding doors flew off their mounts as a wingspan that mirrored that of seven foot two inch Kareem Abdul Jabar just carried on as if they were merely curtains. Bark almost forgot to hold his breath on account of the oxygen debt rapidly forming from sight of the titanic backside that flared from the tails of his now warped trench coat. Stressed fabric on armpits and a brief hint of their prow like enormity indicated that Mandy somehow progressed exponentially in her secondary sexual characteristics as well as her sheer motive mass. And what a congregation of fibers they were! Shoulders pulled the neck of the coat wide as the simulated Swimmer flesh trapezes created a wall underneath her ears. Her back was just a hairs breadth from tearing the jacket down the middle. Her waist was a gradual sweep to her flaring thighs that promised much frustration to a wedding dress seamstress. After seeing that much Bark knew he could bear that view for the rest of his days. The arms had split the stitching though with a thickness that, due to whatever other Kung Fu culture Bark had transmitted to Mandy, looked more lethal than for show. The block triceps led to smooth elbows, an erotic cue to the biological if not developmental age of their bearer, which in turn erupted into hard split forearms. The legs were pistons of bipedal motive force. The wide full ass was the beginning of a flurry of movement that SHOT from the underside of the trench coat which now appeared as a mere short jacket due to her increased height. The long feet were calculating and graceful as ballerinas except in the throes of the Fight portion of the Fight or Flight reflex.

    The added Mandy was such a sight that Bark realized only a third of a second had passed as the silhouetted “T” that was his amazing date for the evening knocked BOTH of the Garfield security men ass over teakettle in a heap of winded limbs. She strode over to one of them who suddenly produced a can of mace and emptied it into her face. The other gasping for air whipped his arms around one of her legs and twisted savagely. “She’s still new to her position above sea level” Bark pondered as that desperate move managed to make her crash to the ground. The one Public Safety Officer on her leg repositioned himself and put his full weight on the joint. The mace can guy took a couple of breaths and crawled over to attempt to strip bind the feminine behemoth. Neither one of them had used their walkie-talkies and called to base yet nor noticed Bark. He was in the clear “I could just go as fast as I could, my briefs look like a pair of party shorts and I have skater shoes on I could do it…” he fought within his mind as his dream girl Mandy thrashed against the two brick shit houses wrangling her like a horse. He couldn’t for the life of him do it, let her get busted much to the realization of his shallowness “I would Never find a girl like her again”. One kitchen chair and yelp of surprise later a Guard was nursing what may have been a concussion. The mace guy was entranced by the mammarian adornments that jiggled hypnotically on Mandy, freed of their overcoat harness in the struggle. She shook the groaning man off her leg and ambled over to the mace guy ordering Bark to “Take another breath dipstick!” before fastening face to the Garfield Security man’s lips. She seemed to be there for about a minute inhaling through her still petite nose and exhaling into the trapped gents’s airpipe. Mace guard began to struggle but then fell limp and lifeless to the ground. “He’s okay” Mandy replied to Bark’s unvoiced concern, while having his every sexual score sheet filled tonight was well and good adding murder was no turn on for him. The other, conscious security guard made for the door and was almost to it when Mandy slid along the floor grabbing the fellows legs with her own impenetrable limbs and with a movement reminiscent of a boa constrictor brought him to the ground with a muffled thud. “Another breath or do I have to move your diaphragm for you?” Mandy chastened Bark, since she was so in control of her trapped quarry she didn’t have to worry about the security guard being able to call for help on account of her bulging thighs squeezing the fight out of him. Bark complied and saw her ravish the mans lips with her own until he too lost consciousness.

    When she stood up she was a vista quite unlike anything Bark had even dreamed, for once the reality outpaced the fantasy. He hadn’t caught her front on account of the scuffle but in its forward buttressing he felt himself fall to his knees weak from the blood inflating his nether regions. He tried to gulp but only drooled as the telephone post of delight that was Mandy’s form soon reconciled itself with her face. She had the two men undressed while they were unconscious ever faster than Bark was able to disrobe himself earlier that evening when in full command of his facilities. She was a paradox of flesh making the suitably sized apartment seem uncomfortably small. She tried on the guards clothing until a suitable fit could be found between the both of them. “Thankfully they had both big feet and combat boots” Mandy joked, bringing Bark out of his bone induced fugue state. He merely nodded as his clothes bounced off his face from a dinner plate grabs worth of Mandy overhand toss. “Get dressed, I hope you have some sort of will left over, look you didn’t force yourself on me nor were you going to when you were able, I’ll afford you that same luxury at least until we reach your place”. Pulling him gently to his feet and enveloping his crotch with her hands, that despite the intense exertion in the past 10 minutes were still cold, she managed to massage him to a state after the act with again none of the fluid loss. “What are you doing to me saving me like the last tube of toothpaste?” Bark murmured as he hopped into his clothing with all the practice of many a one night stands’ morning escape. Mandy looked terribly upset at his comment and Bark shirked away from her as if expecting to have an ear ripped off for his insolence. Mandy then immediately calmed “You weren’t asking me HOW were you? But instead the what? I can handle that… We have about an hour until the state says we can exchange fluids, I’d really like to do you by the book if you know what I mean?” Bark motioned his assent.

    “Well since you’re not going to be able to come back anything you want to … take?” Bark asked, almost blinked his eyes out of his head as he saw a pair of developed sensual tree trunks of legs connected to a swarm of athletic bags emblazoned with the university logo on them. As she stepped past him he noticed that Mandy had not lied about her ability to regress her expanded state. However the only thing seemingly lost was her height and none of the muscle that went with her previous Seven foot and change combat height. This made her thick to the point where here graceful curves become thrusting pronouncements of doom to anyone that partook of a sample without permission. Her moo orbs due to the constraints of having to remain fully clothed for her ruse to work properly were no longer the nearly head sized chest monsters of previous. However what they lacked in size they more than made up with perky fervor as if channeling the 70’s porn star lineage through their uniform compressed cone-age. “That Uniform daaaamnn add another discovered and fulfilled fetish on tonight’s list” Bark mentally tallied as he took in the sight of a woman absolutely wanting for nothing in the field of dense muscular potential. She looked to be a closet bodybuilder that as a result of some sort of genetic lottery was blessed with every grace of nature’s blockade of muscle. Her arms were filled with long bellies and more fibers than Bark was willing to admit could exist on most championship level men even. Despite her now fireplug format she wisely retained some of her seven foot width on order to give the joints more room amongst the proliferation of lift-tissue.

    “I gotta straighten myself out, don’t worry I’ll hurry we still have another ten minutes before those two are missed how long will they be out?” Bark called from a now curiously bare of hydroponics bathroom. “I think anywhere from two or three hours… “ Mandy answered as the sounds of clothing being stuffed willy-nilly made a whispering seething sound from outside the procelean palace. They were moments from leaving when Mandy circled around him and was noticeably at his eye level to dramatically and almost in a Prestlian tribute drape the growth battered trenchcoat around Bark who ironically responded “Thank you Thank you very much!”.




    Waiting ……….


    Cool, Cowprobe! Like the storyline and looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for posting it!


    More of the story.

    There are more chapters but I don't want to dig them all up. Don't want to bump so many old chapters.

    Just a searching Christmas gift for those who haven't seen this stuff.

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