Pig Found Flesh- Chapter Five

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    The only way Barkley was going to let Option 30, known on his bus pass as ‘Walter Nailman’ off the hook was to get a straight answer about the big smirking amazon houseguest. An amazon whose deep breaths were leaving his best shirt a titty popped ruin. Persevering into the kitchen upon slippers made of false pink bunny Bark regarded the lanky Option 30, his friend since high school, “You’re a pile of melted records trying to be a string of licorice with a hard on Walter, and I’m going to kick your ass once the room stops spinning” Bark grumbled looking through the now, totally bare cupboards.

    Option 30’s only response was to grab one of the head sized chest melons of the zaftig houseguest and steer her to the bathroom. Barkley shrugged and decided to call for a pizza. As the morning cartoons danced on the dust dulled television set Bark thought he heard some sort of thumping coming from the facilities. “Serves him right to hook up with the Incredible Slut” he thought to himself while savoring the morning air. “Wait a second there’s no beer taste” Bark pondered. Looking to his wallet for confirmation there was an amount of money no way diminished from even the lightest of drinking binges. There was also a receipt with a word on it that made his eyes water and his heart race. “Mandy?” the scribbling formed that word, in usage merely a name, but it was something that crowded even the bellyache of hunger out of Bark’s hierarchy of values “Where do I know that from”. The pizza delivery guy, a sizable gent who ironically lived in the same apartment complex as Bark, arrived breaking his train of thought. “Hey Cliff you work out, you know any chicks at the gym built like a cross between the governor of California in his heyday and a Barbie doll?” Bark’s question was answered with a cryptic “Depends on who I’m seeing that month” and a patronizing shrug. “Serves me right for asking a man that spends his time making bizarre headgear, nothing like idiot savant dentistry” Bark noted once the pizza brute was well out of earshot.

    As if there was an invisible mechanism attached between the pizza box’s lid and Option 30’s face he appeared just as Bark was about to mete hunger justice to a slice “She wants to talk to you, be a good host and keep her company” the gangly musician announced. Walking to the washroom which now had the undercurrent odor of sex pheromones Bark snapped back “Well if she’s MY guest why did you fuck her? And I better get the corner pieces or I’m going to hit you with a chair”. The miasma of lovemaking curled into his nostrils as he entered and thought he saw the mystery woman curl into the tub. Bark wasn’t sure since the light sources for the bathroom had seemingly multiplied and mutated since his last visit hours earlier

    Bark stood in the hazy mist of the converted bathroom his fragmented short term memory suddenly gelling under the hot lamps like bird shit on a sunny day. Through awakened eyes he saw his houseguest for what she was, the shape changing date of the prior evening. He noticed her hairs standing straight up along the damp tile wall fighting each other for the sustenance of the simulated sunlight as veins underneath her pale skin reminded Bark more of a leaf then mere varicose.

    "You mean to tell me that the only reason mankind hasn’t been invaded by alien plant spirits is that you have good psychic bladder control?" Bark half whispered as he backed away sick with the implications and nearly boiling with the violated nausea of remembrance. "You made me forget. I saved your ass!" those last words were cut off as the newest room mate consolidated her mass the water swooshing as it was quickly converted to powerful pseudo-flesh. "That isn’t quite right.. I’m only Mandy Gora to you and your hetero life-mate out there" she punctuated by stamping loudly with a foot that was almost double the length of Bark’s leading along a stretch of toned leg to a body that was merely larger yet in its scale immediately imposing.

    In that panicked moment Bark focused on the details that were the most strange: how her hair popped from its place on the tile like reluctant creeper vines torn from the campus brickwork. Her eyes were now baseball sized pools of black into which his attention soon fell. "You know you should really get someone to trim your bush" he found himself babbling as she crouched in front of him her shoulders brushing the dangerously hot lamps yet refusing to be burnt. "You didn’t ask me any questions yesterday" a voice eerily unaffected by its larger portal of escape crept from Mandy’s relatively thick lips to Bark’s quivering ears. "I’m so grateful that you’ve accepted ME into your home. If things are going to be safe for the three of us in this room I strongly recommend you make peace with my other nature" while one of her pillar sized arms kept the archaic bathroom door from giving Bark exit.

    "Look bitch you MADE me remember! I was fucking FINE with you living with me until you made me forget. What the hell is wrong with you? Is that even you now!!" despite his suggested jeopardy Bark was rabid with rage. He wanted to see this apparition rendered into soap eaten by a thousand sacred cows and voided out into whatever cosmic cycle it came from.

    Mandy then sat knocking down and covering Barkeley from neck to knees. He would have struggled if he could breathe properly, instead Bark whimpered as his chest made cracking noises. "Hmm you obviously think my attitude needs adjusting, how about my altitude?" Mandy quipped as her body slowly began to shrink. Bark noticed that flesh was becoming a thick mist as the woman shaped thing straddling him slowly regressed.

    Mandy’s head no longer brushed the ceiling from sitting position she adopted to avoid crouching moments earlier. However the oppressive weight of Bark’s houseguest from Hell kept him cemented to the tile floor no matter how much he feebly attempted egress from under Mandy’s mammoth rear. "Now I want you to know I’m not going to be your little pet. Someone you keep here for sex and house chores in exchange for not paying rent" she made her point by squirming on top of Bark. A tortured groan was response enough so with a nod as she continued diminishing her multiplied stature. "Now I’m going to need your help for this next part" she smiled as her hands enveloped the comparatively tiny ones of her crotch cornered hostage. "Think of the way you’d have me look when you have company, shant be your maid but won’t be an embarrassment" she offered to the breathless Bark.

    He tried thinking her back to her original waifish format. The image of the petite pale girl currently using him as a futon but back to her, as far as he remembered anyway, Friday night proportions. "Hmm you just want me off of you?" Mandy looked heartily disappointed by that "I know what gets you going why not add a little of that into the mix". As helpless as he was in terms of locomotion Bark still had enough oxygen in his brain to connect the dots and imagine the way out of this mess. Mandy continued to turn pounds into fog and soon was only as tall as a basketball champ. Bark noticed this as his ability to breathe returned with each elapsed moment but for some reason he was still unable to budge her at all!

    Mandy’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as an obscene ecstasy made her snarl "Ohh that’s it exactly I’ll take it slow keep that coming ..I’m going I’m going!". Her height kept its decline but the strength from her earlier loftiness remained manifesting itself in muscle that bulged and contracted like self tempering steel. As she got shorter and denser the heaviness Bark felt stabilized like an anvil driven onto his pelvic region. "AGG…" his cry was cut short by soft wrested kisses and a verdict from Mandy’s lips but not her voice "I hope you’ll grow me to like you".

    Bark after being pulled to his feet and checked for any incidental injuries his toilette temptress spoke from the former giantess fog. "She was wrong earlier, while Mandi won’t be your house servant I’ll be YOUR maid" the woman sharing the bathroom with Bark intoned as she moved him gently from the door to past the bath. From the cloudbank a face soon was realized backlit by the strong lamps whose light was temporarily dimmed by the passing of the silhouette. Arms appeared so fastened with power that Bark followed their movement with his whole head as they opened the window and let the fog escape. His sanity didn’t even have the self respect left to fail him and save his mind from the apparition now apparent in the morning light.

    Within Bark’s experience Mandy’s permutations, since meeting her a night prior, had maintained a singular and consistent facial identity. The foundation and arrangement of all those windows of the soul be they eyes nose and mouth had not changed course on the sea of her face. Always leaving the recognizable cuteness of a girl becoming a woman in the beginning of her eighteenth year as counterpoint to whatever body was being worn. Now that familiar landmark and upon further scrutiny quite possibly the mind behind the face had been overhauled. The eyes were different colors and changed in the light like the wings of a butterfly and the sultry sparkle spoke volumes of their new tenant. The lips were perched beneath a more than button but unmistakably feminine regal nose that joined the face in its powerful symmetry. The little mistakes and blemishes that charted a life lived and once made up Mandy’s face as Bark recalled it were obliterated. Replaced instead by an attempt at perfection that was almost chillingly clinical but undeniably sexy. A characture of a woman but exaggerated in all the right ways.

    The Woman breathed in so deeply that Bark’s unkempt hair shook from the inadvertant breeze. The eyes that demanded so much of Bark’s attention were shut behind flawless lids.

    Long Ago

    It wasn’t enough that the world had turned to ash in her mouth. Her love had spurned her and used that very same ashen orb as a witness against their fortold union. With but a touch he asked Gaia to witness his legitimacy and so it did.

    Looking through the run of centuries after her horrible revenge she thought that dysentary wasn’t the best way to have offed the groom her father chose for her ‘But I was still blinded with need’.

    Need summed it up because despite her every effort she still couldn’t understand people that presumed to know the world for what it was and thought to act accordingly. There were are no mysteries within her own frame. Every sinew and joining was present in her will and could be changed through an exertion of such. The false static nature of everyone else surprised her.

    "They rebirth themselves every few years while I have remained unchanged in content" she wanted answers. "Perhaps I must see through their own discoveries as they must: a clouded lens. Then can I see the moonlight, know the unknowable, from an obscured pool?" this held promise.

    It took the toll of plague and infected grain before a proper carrier was inhabited. But Kama’s daughter, in consuming the other woman, did not eliminate the others will. Soon the daughter of Kama found herself as prisoner in another instead of master. Given a cell of thought fibers in Mandishmee’s reconditioned womb as her only physical self she became sullen.

    After a period of years Mandishmee begain to realize she was different and to dream of better things while Kama’s Daughter silently fed those ambitions. She gave a home to all the learning Mandishmee, her host, procured allowing instant recall far beyond a normal minds capacity.

    The struggle soon became symbiosis as a learned, as opposed to englightened, Daughter of Kama in turn taught Mandishmee how to change her body as she once had. Having the illusion of science to comfort and disclipine her Mandi was able to attain and mantain quite the appearance of normalacy.

    But that wasn’t enough Mandi’s will was something that intoxicated the Daughter of Kama and in turn made her want the best for her willful host. A medical school scholarship and the sebsequent arrival in the USA made the Daughter Of Kama realise that another potential world king had been born. Someone able to lead any army to victory, that is if properly exploited. As the karmic wheel ground along Mandishmeen was ignorant of the darker purpose behind her second brain’s assistance in emigrating.

    Nothing less than the destruction of the Eight Fold Path.

    Right now.

    Bark looked the Woman over and almost gasped. She could have been Mandy’s mother or her twin but the resemblance ended as soon as the body was taken into account. Bark started to leave and took in as much of her sculptured body as his animal survival instincts would allow. From the sweeping calves to the substantial glutes and thick back the Woman reeked of purpose. This wasn’t a body enacted through whimsy or sudden need but clear headed planning. Roughly the same height as Mandy had been when Bark first met her the Woman was a solid example of how much camoflage a good set of frumpy clothes and large glasses might afford. Such power hidden below the eye level of most people. An unseen shark with breasts.

    After slowly closing the door he made his escape into the hallway. Each breath was a swear each exhale a curse as Bark trudged into the living room dripping as if he had visited Niagara Falls.

    In this wet dog state Bark soon noticed something in the living room that rivaled the sanity flushing moments prior. The prescense of visitors. Not just any callers but those he had a secret lust for every day working at Veggie Burger in the college cafeteria. The college ladies looked back at him expectedly as an apparently indifferent Option 30 snuck lingering evaluations of their anatomy between bouts of Bloody Alley on the TV. The digitized anguish of those video game combatants before Bark provided a bizarre counterpoint to the whimpers of ass carried defeat he had felt moments prior.



    Just realized the F-bomb must be censored for some reason on this forum. Dear reader please replace >I am a poopyhead< with the respective four letter word and see if this chapters exchange makes a little more sense.

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