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    What follows is a list of pre-approved set of rules and guidelines I will ask all posters on this thread to follow:

    1. All artwork must be clean in nature, no images depicting acts of the sexual kind. If an image of that kind is found, the thread will be removed and the poster will be warned.

    2. The persons depicted in any piece of artwork must clearly appear to be older than the age of 18. If there is a post of a picture depicting a minor, the thread will be removed from the board. The poster will also be notified of the removal of the thread and a warning not to do so again.

    3. Because we have some members who check the forum at work we ask that any pictures depicting nudity of any kind must have some kind of clarifying tag in the thread subject (ie. NSFW, nudity, etc.). If the tag isn't present, the thread subject title will be edited with a tag added in. Upon this action, the poster will recieve a message to notify the poster of the change and a warning to remember to add the tag in on the next post.

    4. No flaming of any kind. We are here to provide a comfortable and positive community for artists to post their work. Any replies to artwork with the obvious attempt to belittle the artist in any way will be removed and the poster will recieve a warning for their actions.

    The above four rules must be followed and will be strictly enforced. Any violation of the above will be followed up by a warning. If a member is found frequently violating these rules, with permission from Lingster himself, that member will be banned from the forums.

    The following rules are simply guidelines for posters to follow, these rules will not be strictly enforced but posters will be lightly warned for going against these guidelines.

    5. To keep the post counts legit, I will ask all posters to please use the "modify" post button located over your post. This will prevent threads from being filled up with unnessecary "correction" posts. A double post will likely be merged into one post or the excess post will be removed.

    6. All threads are to remain on-topic. If any thread strays too far away from the subject (ie. the thread starts discussing about Icelandish government or something to that extent) this board discusses, I will post a reply on the thread to keep the thread on-topic. If the board remains off-topic I will post a closing message and the thread will be permanently locked.


    Updated: 08/22/05

    7. No copyrighted materials (i.e. scanned pictures, drawings or photographs) can be directly loaded onto the Amaz0ns server (via the attachment feature) – however, linked materials established on another independent server (such as Imageshack et al) and then linked, URL linked or through the use of a thumbnail link is permitted.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)

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