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    Have been meaning to post this a while but only now have the time.

    On my's recent journey from America to England, I's sat next to a woman who took an interest to the contents of my's laptop as we travelled. Most notebly, a photo of a female bodybuilder that marks one section of my's Operating System and a piece of female muscle art that conintates another.
    We asked about my's interest in them and how far they went and then she asked a question that I's found most intriguing. And that was "Do you wish all women to look like that?" (refering to the muscular images that I's did display).
    This question was also echoed by my's daughter and the Lady who hast chosen I to be her physical and emotional companion.
    To all of them, my's answer was simple: "No. Women may look as they wish. It is their internal virtues that are prized more than external  visages. Whilst muscle is pleasing and generally prefered, people must show their Soul to be of true interest to I. So, no. I's do not wish all and every woman to look as such".

    So, the question is now posed to ya'll:
    Do you wish that every women fitted with your general fantasy (whatever they may be) or do you rather have all and every kind of woman to make your fantasy richer when it, or if, it is ever found?
    Please, share with us.

    The Pimp NeonBlack


    For me, basic desire dictates that all women should be big-breasted amazons. Logic, on the other hand, says almost exactly wat you said. I suppose that if I was given the power to change all women into my fantasy, I would probably not do it. Maybe to individuals, but not everyone. I am a firm believer in the idea that life is meaningless if you don't enjoy it. What would I be doing if I changed every woman on the planet? I'm sure that at lest a few would not like the change very much, therefore (from their point of view) I would be ruining their lives. I love musclular women, and I would not mind having a serious relationship with one, but I think that I will stick with stories. Part of the fun of having a fantasy is that you can do whatever you want with it.

    Amazon Lover

    I agree with gblock.  Besides, variety is the spice of life; if every woman was muscular, than none would be.  In other words, muscular women are only seen as muscular when there are non-muscular women to compare them to (Einstein's Theory of Relativity has a place in the world of muscle-girl-lovers, it seems!).  And quite honestly, muscular women aren't the only women I go for.  I do like their body types more than most, but I do like others.  There's one girl I like who's actually kinda plus-sized, and not from muscle.  But I still think she looks beautiful, with deep beautiful eyes and a cheerful smile (And the fact that she's an e-cup ain't too bad neither…! Heh heh heh!  But seriously, she need not be busty for me to like her).  It's good to see so many different types of women.  It is because of them that FBB's stand out so much.


    Very true. Would forums like this still exist if every woman was a muscular behemoth? And if it did, would it be the same? For now, I think that the staus quo is good. There is no need for any woman to change their body in such a way if they don't really want to.


    I love women in whatever shape, form and size they come in!  Variety is the spice of life.

    …Though I do wish I lived next door to an amazon-only gym.


    I can empathize with that feeling. 😉


    I simply wish that women could be as big and strong as they wished and that it was more acceptable. I do however wish women were fitter in general. We we all should be but I'm not looking at you guys.

    Hunter S Creek

    Variety, please.

    However, I would request that at least one tall, leggy, busty, muscular, sweetheart with a very cute, girl-next-door face, humor, and attitude be around and also be interested in me.  😀



    Don't we all?  😉

    Muscle Growth Nut

    I agree, not every woman should fit the ultimate fantasy, although I admit my fetishes are varied enough to keep things interesting. 😉

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