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    If you had to convince a stranger that a female bodybuilder is hot who would it be?  Im not talking fitness here… has to be a hardcore bodybuilder.  I think I would go with Gina Davis.


    Cindy Philips, Lindsay Mulinazzi, Gina Davis as you said, or Melissa Dettweiller.

    I'd be smart not to start someone off with a hard core ripped body builder unless they were ultra attractive, because the first obstacle is getting them comfortable with the muscles.

    Bombarding them right from the get go, you'd never convince anyone no matter how hot the body builder.


    I'd add Nikki Fuller and Lenda Murray. Lenda in particular is one of the classiest and well spoken fbb's I've met.


    Having been in this situation many times in life, I's would simply tell them to seek out photographs, footage and biographs for themselves and point them in the directions of good and reliable publications, video distributers and websites. This is soley because peoples' notions of attractions are all different and they may not approve of one lady who I's may recommend yet like another for what ever reason suits their natural preference.
    And, also in my's experience, you tend to fidn that no matter how ardent a person is against such sport as bodybuilding and bodybuilders in general (no matter the gender) they almost always tend to have a softspot for at least one bodybuilder (usually female too). Humans are most strange sometimes.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    I'd have to include Andrea Trent along with all the other ladies mentioned above.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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