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    hi i just had a quick question, i was wondering what was the difference between muscle growth and muscle inflation?, if there is a difference thx


    I'm not sure that there is a difference, but, to me, there is a slight shift in meaning. I think that the real difference between the two lies in the connotations, not the denotations. Muscle inflation doesn't sound healthy in the least. To me, it means that the muscles get bigger, but the strength stays the same or nothing else changes. Muscle growth, on the other hand, has a healthier feel to it. When I think of muscle growth, I see a woman swelling with the sheer power that her muscles contain. That, as well as a few other things, of course. The altering of her figure to better suit her new physique, bigger breasts to accenuate her womanly figure, a height shift to make her more alluring, as well as subtle changes in the rest of her body and face that take her beauty to new heights. Muscle inflation just fills me with images of women who are so big that they can't move. I hope this was helpful.


    There is not true difference. They are merely symonimic terms.
    But they have evolved linquistically to conontate that "Muscle Growth" is someone growing muscles who did previously have them and "Muscle Inflation" is a person with mucles who has them grow large still.
    Dear G-Block did a find explanation too.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    I've never heard of "muscle inflation" before, but it sounds more unnatural than muscle growth.


    Let's use visuals to see how I visualized it.

    Muscle Growth – Jen Walters hulking out into She-Hulk.

    Muscle Inflation – Revenge of the muscle woman, woman who is already muscular grows even larger.

    Hope that helps with the definitions.

    Mark Newman

    I'm with gblock on this.  I always understood inflation as increase in size without substance, like air going into a balloon.  Bigger muscles, same strength.


    Yeah, it's an air thing: boobs and bodies inflating like balloons.  The inflation people are touchy and often don't like actual growth fetishes intruding on their space.  Violet Beauregarde "blueberrying", not Jennifer Walters hulking out, would be their optimal fantasy.

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