Rayearth & Sailor Moon Muscle (and more!)

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    Kinsyo and Earth Color probably are the most well-known Japanese Muscle manga artists. It's tough to find the more obscure artists sometimes, but here's a page I discovered from an artist unknown to me:


    It was tough to find and was buried in a weird spot. It's got some fantastic artwork of muscular girls in the manga style.  The first pic is of girls from Magic Knight Rayearth, and the second is of the Sailor Moon gals.  There are some other really nice pics on the page too.  If you like this link, please [applaud] me.  Positive Karma will be a nice incentive to dig around for more obscure links. 🙂


    Whoo hoo.  Whatta find.  A boon for fans of more realistic muscle proportions.  I will give you a whole bucket of karma.


    I'd be more than happy to applaud you, the fellow has a nice sense of proportion.

    ze fly

    Good work! Keep searching… 😆

    Tommy Dreamer

    Cute little gallery there.

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