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    In case you're looking for more of Denise, a new gallery of her was recently added to Andy's Muscle Angels ($$$) site.


    Denise Rutkowski: Blast From The Past…The Incredible Muscle Beauty!


    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    Thanks for posting these.  They make me recall when I first first saw her and was totally stunned that such a beautiful woman could be so big and totally hot.  She definately brought the "woman" in women's bodybuilding.


    Here is a Denise Clip from my FBB Channel on YouTube, Denise was amazing……

    She is interviewed here about her amazing physique, and her community service.

    I was lucky enough to record this in the mid-90's when it aired on Fox News.


    It was 1993, and she won two first places – Jan Tana and NPC USAs – as well as taking Overall winner at the NPC USAs, then shot to 2nd place at the Ms Olympia.

    (And more then a few commented that she should have taken 1st place over Lenda Murrey.)

    Considering her almost near-continous 1st place past track record (see link below), between 1990 and culminating in her shooting-star winning rate that year in 1993, one couldn't help but wonder if she didn't have a serious case of FBBing burn out, which might have directly contributed to her dropping off the radar screen soon thereafter.

    Source: Muscle Memory Database – Denise Rutkowski

    (My personal favorite amongst her covers)

    The last mention I saw of her on TV was her guest appearance on ESPN's FLEX Magazine Workout w/ Debbie Muggli . . . talk bout packed femuscle a-flexing.  ;D  8)

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    She really was a stunning woman. 😮 8)


    i know this topic has not been posted since 2 years, but i have to say a few words about denise..

    in 1993, i was 13, and i discovered my passion for female muscle, on magazine of bb..
    this year, this dear denise was often on those bb mag, with a lot of pics, like those ones

    i really remember this moment: 13 years old, a night, about 11 pm, i was in my bed, i was reading the mag where this pic was, trying to hide it from my parents, with a litlle light under the sheets…
    BAM! she almost kill me! with one look at me, she excite me like i ve never been before!
    wow! a woman could be as sexy as her? impossible! but she was real: huge, sexy, muscular…

    this pic haunted me for a long time… i couln t stop watching her… i even bought a second magazine to be sure to have this pic two time, if i loose the first… 😉
    this huuuge back, those thights… and her smile! god! she knew she was sexy!

    i was sure she was looking at me, and only me, and said "so, little boy, do you see what a woman can be? do you like my muscles? i m sure you do… forget the others women,i m the woman of your life!"
    and i was listening to her: all the others women disapeared at this time, there was only her, her big muscles, and me…

    still today, i dream of her and her sexy muscles…


    As women to introduce someone to femuscle go, there were few, it seems, better than her.


    As women to introduce someone to femuscle go, there were few, it seems, better than her.

    whaaat????  ;D



    "Denise is a great way to introduce a stranger into female muscle girls."


    oops… i m sorry, i think i ve understood the contrary! ;D

    yes, denise is probably one of the reason why i love women with big muscles so much…

    when i think about this incredible period of my life, when i discovered the wonderful word of female muscle, i just can t stop thinking about her, this yellow bikini and the effect she had on me…

    i mean, "normally" ;), at 12 or 13 years old, a boy fall in love of girls in his class, or of a movie star, a singer… not a female bodybuilder! not of a simple picture of a woman with huge thights and big biceps! 😉

    this pic had really a influence on me, on my way to do and to see things…

    obviously, at this young age, a boy doesn t know a lot about love and sex… and about female bb!
    the first pics i ve post in the precedent mail questioned me for a long time: what was there under this yellow pants and bra? what was there between those muscular thights?

    evey young boy wonder about this kind of question…"what is there under girls' skirts?"
    to me, it was denise who wake up my interest for sex!i can only thanks her for that!
    and, as a female bodybuilder, she made me wonder things that other boys dont think about: what is like to touch her muscles? to see her flex them? still now, i don t have the answer.. but i have another questions! 😉

    i really didn t understood why i loved her so much, and felt a little embarassed about that: she was the only girl who excited me so much! why didn t i love "normal" girls?

    i really dont want to offense or chock anyone on this wonderful site, but i d like to say some things more about her, things more "explicite" and "sexual"… i really apreciate the fact to talk about things i ve never told to anyone, i think it could be helpful to me..

    but, before i do, please tell me if it s a problem, i dont want to do offense anyone


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