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    Tiny Black Guy

    You deserve to be banned because all you do is bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.

    You talk a big deal about how the fetish is dying and how the "furries" will take over….well, do something about it!!!

    Do something about the lack of material, don't just sit there whining and bitching about it.


    I can't stress that enough.

    *cowers in a corner*  im sacred of you and im sitting at home.  😮


    It's good that no one is opinionated about this. 🙄

    Seriously though, I agree with Pixxie's views. His method of presenting them, though, are a little disagreeable. First off, you are being hypocritical in the most extreme sense by contiuously complaining about someone else complaining. Also, you can't expect people to do anything by simply shouting at them. I figured that out the hard way. Well, not so much the hard way as it is being ignored. If anyone reading this is curious, I am referring to a message that I posted on the message board on the "A Growing Concern" Yahoo group. If you want to read it, just search the archives for a message written by dragoon0123456789. While I did get some responses from it, I could count the number of them on the fingers of my hands.

    Your heart's in the right place, but there are better ways to deal with problems that arise from conflicting views. I will say this last thing, though. Is it so surprising that this guy was afraid about sharing his views? I don't know about anyone else, but I have extreme dificulty sharing any of my views of what makes a woman physically beautiful with anyone in my life aside from those that are members of this forum and various online groups. I would want to be anonymous about finding muscular women attractive if I were talking to people if I'm not sure about thier personal preferences. By doing this, this person gains a measure of protection while being able to speak their mind.


    Just so you know, I'll be leaving this board now. I've truely had enough of the offensive people here. You know who you are.  😥 😥

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Whatever, you troll.

    See ya, See ya…..wouldn't wanna be ya….you're not original, like stuff from IKEA.

    magnus knight

    Yes, use your hatred for it has made you powerful. Now strike him down, and take your place at my side. 

    _Darth Magnus

    Sorry, I just wanted to say something here, and this is all that came to mind. I just arrived home from work and I'm a bit bored and tired.  I need coffee, double cream, double sugar.  Served by a muse, wherever she is. 



    Wow. Tough crowd on this topic today.  😐

    Deadly Pixxxie

    *slides Magnus a coffee*


    Androxi had it coming.

    May he rot in the pits of hell, licking poop off of Marlon Brando's feet.



    Deadly Pixxxie

    Tara, we need to go shoe shopping.  😀

    magnus knight

    You need to take me too, so I can check the fashions for my stories.  Then later I can write about the little adjustments I make to ladies shoes.  I'll buy the coffee, or whiskey if you ladies prefer. 

    Coming this summer: A giantess, a she-hulk, and a small guy in a shoe store. 
    "If they keep growing out of them, I can't afford to buy them more."  🙄


    (no this is not a story I'm writing so please don't ask)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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