Re: Young Sis goes to College and Grows "BIG"- by fbbfan

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    😎 nice  😎


    Nice work. Maybe you should do a short comic story about it. Like what did he do to her before she went to college and now what's going to do to get out of the punishment she has in mind for him.

    Awesome work. Draw however you feel like drawing.

    Comic?  Maybe…tRight now I am interested in the short and sweet styled drawings,
    telling a story in 0ne-two pages, but who knows?

    That brother was not that mean to her, his is more surprised, and probably a little spiteful. 

    Cool idea and cool sketch!

    Thank you for sharing!


    Thank you for the compliment Hunter, means a lot….you are one of my heroes in this genre..
    I totally love your love your work….some of the best.

    And thanks for the other compliments folks, it encourages me to post more.
    I was about to possibly slow down on posting my drawings…but it seems some folks dug em.

    I will possibly post more.  Starting with the sketch that started it,
    I decided to sketch with the thickest sharpie I could find, no pencil…
    I then re-drew for better detail, you can see some of the changes I decided like hair-style etc.

    Please feel free to give me suggestions, pointers, or encouragement.
    I love to hear comments and critiques.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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