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    By: nic2800

    Man, I sure wish I could keep my promise to myself and stop spending my money a the bar. I’m not a drunk but when I get around people laughing and having fun. I let loose. Next thing you know I’m at home looking at my empty wallet with a woozy head.

    Things are spinning as I sit in my chair watching some stupid infomercial. Looking to my side table I see a comic my nephew left. I pick it up and thumb through the pages. One whole page has a huge woman with thick long red hair. She is very well muscled and super tall. Most of the guys around her come up to her chest or shoulders. I read and find her name to be Giganta.

    What an amazing style of woman. She is drawn very unlike anything most artist would do.

    I just………wonder……..

    Aw damn it’s already time to go to work. My head is still swirling and I’m so tired. I think I can manage to get a sick day.

    “Hello Ben,” I say after calling my lead man. “I don’t feel well enough to come in today. I must be coming down with something. I’m going to use a sick day …………Yeah, I know it’s a busy day but I’ll be no used to you ………… Thanks man I’ll make it up to you.”

    As I hung up I felt lousy for it but I just didn’t care right now.

    After getting a cold coke from the icebox and taking a soothing swig. I searched through my cloths to find any money left. I got lucky a twenty was folded up in the corner of my jeans.

    I don’t have any booze in the house but a hair of the dog would sure help my head. I get cleaned up a bit and take a short drive down to Kelly’s bar.

    I get there and I find he has just opened up. I usually don’t go to a bar at 8 in the morning but I gotta get this pounding to stop.

    “Hey Scott, your here early.” He shouts from the back of the room.

    “I tied one on last night man. I need a Bloody Mary to smooth out the bumps.” I said smiling a bit at him.

    He just chuckled and mixed up a tall glass for me.

    “I gotta do a little stocking in the back Scott. If you need anything just get it or shout for me.” Kelly said as he when through some doors toward the cooler.

    I took a slow sip of my drink and felt the cool liquid slide down my throat. Soon the drums were down to a dull roar and the head ache was just a small vise now.

    The front door opened but I didn’t feel like making the world spin again so I just didn’t look up.

    I felt someone come close to me and stand by the end of the bar.

    “Does anyone work in this dump?” a very husky female voice asked. “I’m in the mood to drink and I need one now.”

    “Kelly is in the cooler right now. He’ll be back in a few minutes.” I answered.

    “Well hell, This is the only bar open till 11 and I really want a tequila or two.” She huffed.

    “Kelly won’t mind if I pour you one.” I said and went behind the bar.

    I picked up the bottle and headed toward her end of the place. Putting a shot glass on the drink pad. I looked up to pour. A very wide hand came down and pulled the bottle from my hand.

    “I’ll just drink from this.” She said with a light laugh.

    I looked up to argue. I saw in front of me a wide six pack muscles belly. Up higher was a pair of huge round breast covered with a pink halter type top. They seemed to almost want to pop out any moment. .

    “I’m up here.” She laughed while tilting the bottle up as I looked up to her face.

    My God, she was huge. Red hair thick down to her bowling ball shoulders. I’m 5′ 8” or so and about 210 pounds. This woman made me look like a kid. I started to back up a little as she drank.

    The bottle was almost full when she started but after it came down from her lips. There was only a couple inches of liquid was still in there

    Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She looked down into my eyes. “That hit the spot.” Her tequila wet hand shot out and grabbed my t shirt up by the collar.

    “Come here little guy. I would like to have some fun with you.”

    “Hey lady I don’t … uh …I’m just here to get over a hang over then I’m going home.”

    I couldn’t get her face out of my mind. Strong chin ….wide full lips. Oh my God she is the image of that comic gal Giganta.

    I tried to pull away gently but I heard my shirt ripping.

    The bottle tilted up again and the rest of it was gone in a quick gulp.

    “You don’t really want to leave Big “G” do ya?” The woman asked while leading me to an open end of the bar by the wall.” She pushed me up with my back against the wall and stepped in close. Her large firm breasts were so very close to my nose but not touching.

    I looked up to her smiling face which was shaded from the dim light. I could catch the white of her teeth as she smiled down. The air smelled of tequila as she breathed down at me.

    “Lady please just let me finish my drink and I’ll be on my way. My head hurts and I need some food.” I stated and tried to worm around her thick body.

    As I stepped away her large right hand clamped onto my shoulder like a velvet vise and stopped me cold. I was turned around. The Amazon tilted down to put her face even with mine.

    “Ah, is the little man feeling icky?” She asked with a pouting lip. She brought the back of her hand up and brushed my cheek lightly. With a palm larger than my face she cupped my chin. I tried to pull back but it was as if she didn’t notice at all.

    “Lady please just let me get my drink.” I tried to step away.

    Standing up she lead me to my stool. Then to my wild surprise she easily put her hands under my armpits and lifted me. She sat on the stool. It growned from her weight. Then she placed me on her lap.

    I sat there with my mouth wide open looking up into her eyes.

    She smiled and brought my glass to my lips. I took a few slips as she quietly watched me. Then with a chuckle she drowned my drink.

    “Okay, this is how it is going down.” She stated. “I came here to drink, rob the bank next door, and go on my happy way.” Now that have seen you I find I want a little fun too.”

    “What. … I …. just want to ….. “ I stammered. “Why me, I’m a little plump and 41 years old. Heck even my hair is almost gone?”

    “Well, you see little guy.” She laugh while touching the tip of my nose with her index finger. “I like older guy. It’s the experience and the stamina thing.”

    “You can last a while can’t you? She asked while her hand felt my arms. My arm was lost inside her palm.

    Just then Kelly came out of the cooler. “Hey Scott are you doing………{as he looked up}, OK? He stopped in mid-stride. The sight of a full grown man sitting on an Amazons’ lap must have been an odd thing.

    The Amazon stood up quickly. I crashed to the floor at her feet.

    She walked to the end of the bar where the cash drawer was. I noticed as she walked away she had no shoes on. Even her feet had a powerful look to them.

    “I’m Giganta,” She said, I”m going to need all your cash.”

    I came up off the floor to see her reach across and grab Kelly by the collar.

    “Lady I just opened up, there is only a few hundred dollars here.” Kelly stammered while reaching for his bat he keeps for bouncing drinks.

    Wait did she just say she was Giganta? I mean did I just.

    Whop …. whop …. whop. I saw Kelly take 3 big swings at her. She just laughed and blocked each one of them with her palm. The third swing she took the bat.

    “That isn’t very nice of you to hit a lady with this little stick.” Giganta said and bashed it on the bar. BAM ….. the whole corner of the bar broke off and the bat shattered. Her hand came back in a huge fist and she swung at Kelly’s head.

    “NOOOOOO!” I yelled.

    The fist never connected just at the last second she stopped the death blow and patted Kelly on the cheek.

    “You’re lucky my little toy over there likes you or you’d be hamburger. With that she stretched up and hooked Kelly on something near the ceiling. He hung like a limp rag.

    “Now you stay right there till we are gone, Okay.” She patted his belly and took a finger and thumb and gently tweaked his butt cheek.

    Turning around she made a fist and smashed open the cash drawer. I got my feet under me finally and started a mad dash to the door.

    I didn’t make it. Some how this bulky amazon did a flip over my head and landed just short enough for my face to bounce off her boob.

    “Ah, did Big “G” scare you?”

    I noticed a wad of bills in her cleavage as her hand took my wrist.

    “Scott I don’t think you understand.” She said as she lifted me by my arm. “Your going to be my fun toy for a while.” “Now let’s go make a withdrawal from the bank.”

    She opened the door and dragged me outside. I kicked and hit at her fingers, but a quick squeeze of her hand on my wrist made that stop even without her saying a word.

    As we made a few feet in steps. Giganta started to growl just a little.

    One more step and we shot up in the air. Her hand became a platform as big as a king size bed with me riding it.

    “Oh sh#*! Put me down!” I screamed.

    Giganta just laughed. The voice rolled and echoed over the area. Cars were screeching breaks and people started to run while screaming.

    “I love it when I get big!” She chuckled again and brought a single finger up to nudge me playfully. “You’ll like it too.”

    I was picked up by my hand that was trying to push her finger off. Just a simple pinch and tug, then I was dangling over her chest.

    “We’ll have to put you somewhere safe for a few minutes as I take care of business.” She smiled as I was brought to her lips. They were like soft leathers couches as I was pushed into them. She sucked in and all my air left my lunges. I was pulled away and found myself surrounded by hot flesh. Only my head was left sticking out.

    “I better leave you little noggin out so you won’t die.” “Please I really don’t want to be a part of this.” I pleaded. A finger tapped on my head. “I didn’t say you had a choice did I?”

    She bent down and just ripped open the roof of the branch bank below.

    “Hello, all you little busy bees.” I’m going to give you all the day off.” Giganta turned around to the street and found a pick up truck that was speeding by.

    “”Hey buddy, can I borrow this?” She asked while reaching down. The driver yelled out and tried to jump from the truck. Thick fingers wrapped around the cab and forced the doors shut.

    “No you don’t have to get out.” She stated while lifting the truck to her face. “I’ll do the heavy work. She kissed the windshield leaving a huge lipstick mark on it.

    The guy just yelled and honked his horn at her. She shook the truck terribly till he just sat there starring at her.

    Then she turned placing then truck through the hole in the roof. As she did some people were heading for the front door.

    “Oh, no you don’t you little scrappers.” She said and placed a foot in front of the doors keeping them shut.

    “Now fill up my new truck and I’ll be on my way.”

    She nudged a few people with her fingers toward the safe. “Get your tail in gear.”

    Over the city police cars started screaming toward our direction.

    The truck was filled quickly. If a they slowed down Giganta would flip them in the butt sending them across the floor.

    Scooping up the truck she turned to leave with her loot in hand.

    Cop cars screeched to a stop around her feet. “This is the police put down the truck and put your hands up!”

    Giganta giggled.”Like this?”

    She upended the truck while pulling out part of her top. The money poured all around me into her cleavage. Then she gave the truck a squeeze till just enough room was left to not kill the not faint driver. She slowly bent showing her intent to place the truck down.

    “Now you said put my hands up huh?” With a finger in at her lip like she was thinking. “How’s this?”

    She reached in the air and we zoomed upward. I couldn’t see anything anymore. We were above the building. She had to be 2000 feet tall. The weight she was putting on the ground made the street crack below. Placing a foot on a police car. She stepped down. Over 4,000,000 pound of force made the car flatten quickly.

    “Oops,” She laughed. “I was going to go quietly but I think I broke your car.”

    A helicopter flew by. I felt her breathe in. Giganta blew at the machine as it went by it spun off and crashed into a ball of fire on the side of a building.

    “I want to stay and play but my little guy.” She said pointing to as she bent over to talk to them. “Is sick and I want to have a little fun with him.” “So I’ll see you later.” She stood up. As we made it down the street she smashed a car or two, then caught herself in the reflection in a tall skyscraper. Bending down she kissed it leaving another massive lip print. “That’ll keep the window washers busy for weeks.”She said poking down at me. This time she pushed me all the way inside her flesh prison the darkness surrounded me.

    The air got thin and I felt dizzy. I tried to struggle and get some air but the soft flesh held me.

    “Oh God , I need air ……… I can’t ….breathe ………….

    My head is pounding.

    I opened my eyes. I’m in my chair at home.

    The comic I was reading is on my chest. I feel weird … I feel wet in my pants.

    I’ve had a stupid wet dream about a comic book villian. A 41 year old guy with dreams of an amazon the grows.

    I need to clean up. As I look up I see my house is a bit different. Then I slide to the big bay window to look outside. The glass is all smeared with a pink paint. There is dust everywhere. The wall has a crack along it and up to the ceiling.

    What the hell is going on?

    I walk outside to look around. I turn to see a huge lip print on the house and window. Then to my car. The top has been dented in. There looks to be swirls in the paint.

    No it’s oil. Looking harder it looks like a huge finger print.

    I must be crazy …….. I go inside to get cleaned up and take a good long needed pee.

    I pull down my jeans and ……….. what the hell ………. there is pink ……. I pull off all my cloths. In my full length mirror I see what looks like a huge lipstick stain. Feeling in my pocket I find a big bunch of money and a note.

    Hey I had a good time. I will be seeing you.

    Big “G”


    Is this worth keeping alive folks.

    I was trying to set up a few things.

    I know it is shy of action but I’m just working on it now.

    Matthew Lim

    Shy of action? 😯 😯 😯 MAN THAT WAS ENOUGH ACTION FOR ME!!! 😀 😀 😀


    Now that was nuts.

    Pretty darn good, though.

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