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    Resident Evil: Survival


    The Storyteller

    Disclaimer: This passage of text takes place after Alice played by Milla Jovovich, has escaped from the BioLab, and armed herself with a shotgun. The following story is not meant to be an extension of the Resident Evil film or the series of the games. All characters and events are fictitious and in no way coincidental with any persons living or dead.

    The wind blew through the wreckage-strewn street as it carried the scream of the living dead to where she stood. The police shotgun felt comfortable in her hands as her eyes scanned the road ahead. The numbing pain of where the IV drips had been, nagged her but she ignored it.

    “Umbrella is going to pay for this.” Alice vowed.

    Slowly Alice walked towards the mansion; there was a cache of weapons that she could use if she could get there. The scent of burnt flesh caught her nostrils and then she saw crisp corpse of a body. Alice tightened her grip on the shotgun and carried on. Suddenly a telephone booth flew across in front of her. Taking cover behind a smoking car, Alice kept the shotgun trained ahead of her. A window licker creation sprang into view; it’s claws tearing into the pavement concrete. With it’s enhanced senses, the creature turned it’s mutated head towards where Alice lay in cover, it’s roar filled the street when it noticed her. The creature propelled itself towards Alice. Alice fired the shotgun aimed at the monstrous head, the shells contacted with the weak tissue explosively, sending flesh in all directions. The momentum carried the blood splatter effect towards her. The spray hit the car wing turning it from a gray colour to crimson red. Still drowsy from the drugs in her system, Alice only just managed to get behind the car when the blood hit. The creature hit the floor with a thud, as it tried to continue without its T-virus infected brain guiding it. Alice stood and chambered another shell into the breech, ready for the next thing to come along.

    Surprisingly, Alice made it too the mansion without much difficulty, killing only a few of the undead on the way. Changing from the lab coat she was wearing, Alice, put on jeans, boots, a top and a leather jacket. Next she went to the dresser where the weapons were stored. The drawer was empty, slight panic ran through her mind as she took stock of what she had. Taking the shotgun, Alice made her way out of the mansion and down to the garage; she’d take an easier way back to the town. The Jaguar started first time and it roared out of the garage with its driver, down the drive and onto the road to Raccoon City. In the outskirts, Alice found a hunting shop, here she stocked up on shells for the shotgun and took a pistol from the counter. She also equipped herself with a hunting knife. Returning from the back of the shop, Alice found herself face to face with the owner of the shop, now one of the undead, instinctively she pushed him back dropping the supplies onto the floor. The shop owner reached out for her and began its lumbering charge, easily Alice avoided it and from behind broke it’s neck. Breathing heavily, she checked for scratches and bites, she found none. Retrieving the supplies Alice loaded up the car, her heart rate raced in her chest, adrenaline pumped through her veins and everything seemed much clearer. She deduced that the drugs had now worn off and she was her old self again. Movement caught her eye from up the street. Alice refilled the shotgun magazine and chambered a shell. A mutated Alsatian dog crawled from under a mailbox propped again a wall, standing, it looked at Alice and growled, Alice raised the shotgun and the dog ran for her. The shotgun sounded once and the dog slumped and slided on the floor, it’s slick skin leaving a trail of slime behind it.

    Standing there, the smoking shotgun in her hands, Alice looked at the dog sadly, a shriek sounded from her right and when she looked. There before stood a group of men and women who had been infected, pumping another round into the breech, Alice fired at head height into the group. The shell killed one of the undead, and sent several others to the ground, but the group still lumbered towards her. Shell after shell went into the crowd, thinning out their ranks as they came ever closer to Alice. Now they were close enough, so that Alice could smell the rotting flesh on their bones, the click of the shotgun signaled an empty magazine, Alice stood frozen for a couple of seconds, which allowed the closest undead to reach her. It’s hands clawed at the shotgun trying to get to her through it. Alice now reacted automatically; a powerful kick sent the undead thing back into the crowd. Alice dropped the shotgun, but before she could draw the pistol the crowd was upon her. Her training took over, lashing out pushed the crowd back the way they had come, giving her some vital breathing space, a cop taken over by the T-virus went to grab her arm and bite it, he was rewarded a punch which broke his neck, another received a kick to the temple killing her outright. Each member of the group came upon Alice in turn and she was ready for them. A kick sent the nearest flying backwards, this allowed Alice to draw the pistol from her belt, and finish off the group. In front of her lay a group of twenty undead people, former residents of Raccoon City. Alice picked up the shotgun and walked back to the car, as she did, she felt as if she floating on air. Even the shotgun felt lighter, this he put down to adrenaline. In the car, Alice refilled the magazines of the shotgun and the pistol. The sun had begun to set and she decided to find a place to camp for the night, quite suddenly she had become tired. Alice drove to the Jaguar to a small shop she knew of in a small side street, here she made sure there were no undead waiting for her and she set about setting up home for the night. With a fire lit in the centre of the shop, Alice set about organizing her supplies and getting some food in her. The IV drip supplied food was beginning to wear off, and she was famished. After eating heartily, Alice fell asleep quickly, the fire keeping her warm through out the cold night.

    The dying embers of the fire, smoked as Alice awoke the next morning, the first thing she thought of was food, for she was famished again even after eating heartily before sleeping. The food she cooked disappeared inside her, and she was still hungry, not wanting to eat all of her supplies, Alice decided to remain hungry until lunchtime. Alice stepped out of the shop straight into one of the undead, it’s teeth mere inches from her face, Alice kicked with all her might, and the zombie flew across the narrow street and slammed into the opposite wall. Alice stood in amazement at her own strength, deep inside her; she felt a sense of invincibility. Putting this down to adrenaline, Alice returned to the shop to gather her weapons. A body length mirror stood in the shop, dust smeared on its surface. Through the dust, Alice looked at herself. She looked a little fuller than the last time she had seen herself in the mirror. Her belly crumbled and Alice chewed on a bar of fudge to keep it satisfied.

    Back in the street, other zombies had arrived and were eating some of the flesh of the one Alice had kicked to death. Quickly dispatching these, Alice made her way to the car so she could retrieve more shells for the shotgun. Fumbling for the keys, Alice looked up at the car when she heard it being crushed. On it stood a window licker, unlike any she had seen before. Its posture lade Alice realize it was a gorilla from the Raccoon City Zoo, that had been infected by the T-virus. Its ice blue eyes seemed to bury into very soul. The slick skin of the T-virus had replaced the fur, underneath she could see the augmented muscles twitch as they made ready to leap for her. The roar that came from its throat echoed off the wall of the street, the teeth dripped with saliva and the lengthened tongue licked them clean. The car was pushed deeper into the ground as the dead gorilla pushed off it and sailed through the air towards Alice. The rapport of the shotgun clipped the shoulder of the approaching gorilla but it still came on. Frantically Alice pumped another shell into the breech and fired, this time the gorilla howled as she caught it in the stomach. Shell after shell, Alice fired into the gorilla before she caught its head; the blood splatter covered everything including Alice.

    Using a foot, Alice turned the corpse over to see her handy work; the gorilla had been female and now it seemed to dissolve into the ground. It’s flesh melted away leaving only bone and sticky goop on the pavement. It was then that Alice realized she was covered with infected blood. Rushing back to the store, she raced to her water container and poured it over her head. Drenched from head to toe, Alice breathed heavily as she faced the fact of her being infected by the T-virus. “As long as I am alive, I shall take as many as those things I can with me to the grave” she said looking at herself in the mirror. Fortunately the store she had chosen to spend the night in was a clothes store, dressing fresh clothes Alice looked once again in the mirror. Taking time to clean it had been a good idea for she saw how big she had gotten in the last few weeks since the incident in the hive had began.

    As Alice was looking in the mirror, she felt a headache coming on, and very quickly the headache became very powerful, causing her to look away from the mirror. After a few minutes the headache became numb pain in the head for Alice, composing herself she looked in the mirror and screamed. Her face was covered in veins; each one pulsated with each heartbeat. Alice closed her eyes and counted to ten, reopening her eyes, she saw that the veins had gone. Thinking she had just suffered a hallucination, Alice sat down on the only chair in the shop. From where she sat she could still see herself in the mirror, feeling a little better from the illusion; Alice returned to in front of the mirror and looked at herself again. Then she felt something strange happen to her, it was as if she had sprouted wings. Alice then saw that her body was changing shape, it was widening at the shoulders. A rip came from behind her as the top tore to accommodate her growing torso, slowly but surely her top rose up her body, showing the trim belly of Alice. She watched on as a tear formed down the front of the top to show her small cleavage rise as the pectoral muscles swelled, the tear stopped just short of the hemline at the bottom keeping her top intact. Alice’s normally straight-arm became kinked as the biceps grew to beyond the capacity of the short sleeves. The thick forearms bore the clear outline of her veins and the natural grooves of the muscle. Her biceps became smooth and rounded apart from the single thick vein that ran the length of the upper arm. Alice took stock of her arms and chest in wonder, the feeling of her trousers falling onto the hips brought her attention to the mirror, and she watched on as the slight fat on her hips melted into her own body. Following the fat; came her oblique muscles, creeping inwards to the center of her belly. As they initially formed, they were small, but as the process went on, they grew taking up as much room as they could butting up against one another. Small pebble like muscles formed equidistant in the middle of her still smooth stomach, in turn each pebble grew to the size of a small rock, until it came into contact with it’s opposite number. The growth of these pebbles continued until they came up against the oblique muscles. A tearing brought Alice’s attention back to her arms, as the triceps grew forcing the sleeve back until it could go no more, at that point the sleeve gave way revealing the highly striated triceps.

    Alice looked at her new torso in the mirror, her loose top had become a second skin over her enormous pectorals, sticking out against the top were her nipples which looked like small stones protruding against the fabric. Suddenly the headache returned harder than before. Alice thought her head was about to explode as the pain encompassed her brain. Gently the pain left her mind and Alice took deep breaths to calm herself. Underneath her trousers, Alice’s hip flexors strengthened, and grew to accommodate the new strength; she didn’t notice this until Alice heard a popping sound. That sound was the seams of the trousers splitting under the strain of her thighs expanding. Tears appeared on the front of her trousers, which widened as the thigh muscles forced their way through. Soon the trousers only fitted where the muscle had not grown, looking like rivers flowing through canyons. Alice flexed these new muscles and amazed at the shape of the teardrop effect on her thighs. As she admired her new legs, her calves balled up into powerhouses of strength and then grew in size exponentially; Alice had turned so that she could see the tight buns of muscle where her smooth butt had been. It was here that she saw the calves trying to break out of her trousers, the swelling continued until Alice could make out the inverted heart shape of the muscle. She decided to give the muscles an advantage and standing on tiptoes was too much for the cloth. With the mightiest rip of the day, the calves pushed through the cloth. Alice looked on in the mirror and as she did the headache ebbed away, leaving in its place enhanced senses and faster reaction times making Alice a superior fighter against the T-virus. In the firelight, Alice rubbed her body feeling each curve. The feeling of each curve aroused Alice to the point where she had to bring herself off. Powerful fingers delved into her fantastically wet pussy as she played with herself for the rest of the night.

    Next morning Alice woke to see the fire had died in the night, the morning chill brought goose bumps over her body, causing her to hug herself. The feeling of the muscles of her arms, made Alice smile as she realized that she had not been dreaming. Her enhanced hearing picked up a shriek from a zombie and she moved in the direction of the sound. The feeling of the hunt coursed through her veins as the strong legs carried her quickly to the prey. The zombie that was her target didn’t stand a chance as Alice collided with it, her superiority tore it limb from limb; the blood splattered over her body only fuelled the killing frenzy. The dismembered body fell to the floor as other zombies came out to attack the living flesh on her bones. Their shrieks filled the air as Alice swept through them like a hurricane, the zombies went all over the place as Alice experimented with her new body. In her bloodstream, the T-virus made her stronger and faster with each kill, but it also did something else, it mutated within Alice becoming a virus that made living tissue superior in every way possible, whilst keeping the original effects of the original virus.

    Alice surveyed the carnage in front of her as she sat on the bonnet of the burnt out car. Not one bite or scratch had touched her as she had fought with all the training she had been given. The idea of using a gun to kill the zombies now felt inadequate to her. Alice smiled as she stepped down from the car and stood. The only survivor of the hive had now become the ultimate killer thanks to the mutated virus flowing in her veins. Alice moved to return back to the shop when she saw the massive crowd of zombies making their way towards her, she smiled and felt within her as the adrenaline kicked in. To herself Alice said “This is gonna fun


    Very nice work. Being a big RE fan as well as FMG, this is one nice treat.


    Said it once and I’ll say it again.

    We need more She-Virus mutant Alice!

    For a battle royale I suggest you continue to dropkick continuity and send her up against that evil lady in Antarctica from RE:Code Name Veronica.

    -Virus incubated queen ant of inhumanity verses our favorite Leylu lookalike Alice.

    Perhaps she’ll get ‘frisky’ and break in one of the more humanoid Tyrants. 😈

    Keep up the good work Storyteller/Praetorian!


    I remember the first time I read this story, on 2003, when I downloaded it from the "Diana the Valkyrie" library. It was one of the greatest stories I have read. And in my oppinion Cowprobe’s idea is a very good one

    Too bad I haven’t played that game yet

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