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    Matthew Lim

    Okay this little number came up in a set of dreams I had a few weeks ago.

    Regime of the Rouge

    By KissTheManiac

    This story takes place during the X-Men’s Age of Apocalypse.

    In this alternate of alternate universe, Scarlet Witch doesn’t die. During the attack on Wungadore Mountain she is saved by her brother Piotr, also known as Quicksilver, who severly injured his legs. Losing the usage of the limbs that his powers depend upon, he stays as a support personel.

    In a suprise move, Apocalypse makes a head-on attack on the Xavier mansion. Apocalypse’s son, Nemesis, leads a group consisting of the the four horsemen and the largest groups of prelates that attacks the X-Men. Magneto and the X-Men Alpha, unprepared for the attack, fight the best they can. In the battle, the X-Men lose Magneto their trusted leader. Barely escaping with their lives, the X-Men Alpha try to gather a plan. Rouge, losing faith in her companions, decides to defect to the apparantly winning team. Jean Grey takes the role as leader and attempts too find a way to take stand against Apocalypse and his forces. When Nemesis’s forces finally leave the mansion, Jean and the X-Men seach the mansion for anything that they could possibly use to their advantage. Jean finds schematics to the unfinished Cerebro that Magneto and Xavier were working on before Xavier’s timely death. In a favorable mistake, Jean wired Cerebro to alter her telepathy to trace sources of energy. Jean manages to find an extremely strong source in Asia. This source was the Ruby of Cyttorak, the gem that would have given Cain Marko the power of the Juggernaut. Rouge, during that time had become Apocalypse’s successor. She quickly climbed the ranks, first completly absorbing Autumn Rolfson’s power becoming the new Famine of the four Horsemen, then overthrowing Nemesis, proving that she was a much more powerful mutant and earning her way to the highest rank. She was carefully watching the activity of her former team. Seeing that the X-Men Alpha was making a course to Asia, she ordered a secret group of prelates to follow them and hold them back at their destination while she makes her way there. Upon crossing paths with the X-Men she manages to beat them into the temple of Cyttorak. Finding what the X-Men had been looking for but unaware of what she was about to possess, Rouge takes the ruby. About to head out, she notices some inscriptions on an idol she once wasn’t able to understand. The incantation unlocked the power of the Ruby and became a female Juggernaut.

    With the Helmet of Cyttorak extending her telepathy into the realms of time and space her mind was able to travel to every corner of the universe. Her infinite knowledge was able to comprehend not only the powers she was granted but also the importance of the emerald shard she possesed. Long ago before the world came to exist, the powerful diety Cyttorak was unable to contain his limitless powers. With the creation of earth, Cyttorak extracted his power into six powerful gems and spread them across the earth. The energy of these gems, spawned the creation of humans. The gems themselves were destined to be in the possestion of some fortunate human. Each gem granted a power of Cyttorak to the possesor. Regime’s gem granted her Cyttorak’s strength, while Jean’s gem granted her Cyttorak’s knowledge. The power of the other gems prevented Jean’s telepathy from tapping into the history of each of them and exactly what they granted, but she did know that the shards of the emerald were somehow the most important and once brought together would grant it’s possesor a power that would make Cyttorak himself tremble in fear. Not only that, her telepathy was able to trace the energy sources of the gem. At the same time, she discovered that a group of several prelates were right outside the temple, ready to ambush her. Although the power of the ruby prevented her from tapping into Regime’s mind let alone find her, she deduced that Regime was able to track her through the powers of the emerald shard, which she concluded to be the heart of the six gems. She needed to devise a strategy with her team to gain possesion of the remaining three gems and to recover the emerald shards. With her limitless power of the mind, she easily tapped into the minds of her would be assailants and converted their loyalty to serve the purpose of the X-Men. Regime, feeling the loss of her servants decided to take the plan of her opposition and regroup and strategize. The Age of Apocalypse had ended, and now dawned the era of the Cyttorak wars.


    I’m trying to avoid posting too much as I don’t want to go through the whole wreck-shop thing over again, but since you posted on my thread I’m giving you a shout out back.

    This is a pretty awesome idea and an even greater drawing, though I was hoping for a more RADICAL design on Rogue’s juggernaut costume because we’ve never seen a female really get infused with Juggernauts power.

    The muscularture is awesome though and the picture is freaking great, but I’d love to see a totally different juggernaut costume to show off more of her body and be as form fitting as possible.


    nice indeed my dear maniac.

    the drawing is amazing, and her size is… well, she is HUGE!!

    I’ll have to go with TC2 about the costume, although i pressume that the costume should be identical, male or female, i would like to see some more skin.

    on a side note, this drawing (actually the tread title) brough back some old memories to me. it was the ’96 or ’97 X-Men animated cartoons, where Rogue tries to get the juggernout’s power (wish i could spell that one right).

    that’s how she should have looked.

    BTW, nice drawing.



    Rogue actually did absorbe juggys power way back in the last marvel team up book. She grew to a massive bulky size ( they did’nt do muscular females back then). She also went quite beserke untill it wore off.


    Great Drawing, Maniac!…I’m glad you didn’t do the whole "Juggernaut’s helmet" thing…

    I like the detail in your women, especially the abs! And I like how they have a ripped look without the veins…I don’t mind em’, but I’m not a big "veins fan"…

    Great stuff!


    Luv it all. Cool outfit, and she’s pretty massive. This would make for an interesting fic I think (*drools at the thought of the battlescenes*)

    Can’t wait 4 more on the subject.

    About the Marvel Team up thing though; what book exactly did that happen in? Sounds old… maybe I can find it though.

    Matthew Lim

    It actually is fairly old, this was when Marvel loved doing a lot of gimmicky stuff and putting heros from different series together. You don’t see too much of that happening anymore. Anyway, here is a link to a discription of the issue for the sake of interest.


    😯 Terrrific!


    You know, I found that issue at a comic store and eagerly bought it because I had been searching everywhere online for pictures of the Jugger-Rogue (or Roguernaut). I have it, but unfortunately I have no scanner to share them. It’s decent, but nothing earth shattering. She’s basically normal, only bigger. I would have liked to see more.

    I prefer this picture to Marvel’s any day.

    Rob C.


    Great stuff. I’d like to see more

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