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    Apologies if this has already been mentioned.

    Coming out later this month is a program thaqt provides the framework for making your own computer RPG game.

    To avoid hotlinking I put an asterisk (*) in front of each of the web addresses just copy paste without it and they should work fine.

    The official site:


    Unofficial translation of the japanese version and forum resource


    With the level of detail that this program supposedly allows it might just be the thing for FMG/BE/Mini-GTS/GTS/Furry fans to craft their worlds in.  👿


    If you could add your own artwork, I think a few of us artists could definitely contribute to the project!


    I could provide 'power up' animations if you catch my drift!

    Find me a programmer and I'll give you the artwork!


    heh…I've actually done something with RM2K that I havn't seen done in any games done with it….  I made it so that I can create 'pseudo 3d' (walking in a diaganal instead of up/down/left/right) like some SNES games had.  I never really made any maps using this 'technique' but it was completely possible.  ^^;


    …so, how would one get a hold of this thing…

    for free?…hehe…. 😆


    I've been creating my own game with this for a while (illegal japanese version), nothing to do with female muscle though.

    However I can attest that it is quite powerful and intuitive.

    It allows for 640×480 resolution, and has fairly detailed tilesets.  Also if anyone is a programmer, they can actually edit the programming of the game, though it is quite tricky.


    I don't know the exact specifics of what the free version contains and if one is actually able to make batch exe's without having first bought the license.

    That being stated this is sure a nice chance to experiment with the darn program a bit and in ENGLISH for those who have it as their first language.  🙂


    Remove the asterisk and copy paste to address bar  :mrgreen:


    I used to play around with RPGmaker2000, and I got a hang of some of the programming, and it is tricky, but once you understand switches it's much easier.
    You can put your own artwork into the thing, but it has to be sprites…

    As for this new version, I don't know. Is it so different from 2000?

    The Muffin man

    Well, for one thing, the Help menu actually gives you information, Kulli 😛

    The last one: "What's a switch?" "A switch makes stuff happen."

    Although I still have no idea how to set map events like entering a town, set random encounter rates, or anything that makes RPGs remotely fun.

    Also, if you tweak ANYTHING, it becomes ridiculously impossible to balance ever again. Wanna make the max MP anyone ever gets 99? Fine, just remember to tweak every spell accordingly. Max HP 999? Fine, tweak everything accordingly. Max stats 999? Fine. Tweak everything accordingly….

    NOTHING balances itself out. This program is 100% manual. Not a goddamn thing will change, reset, or alter itself without you specifically telling it to.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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