Ruined Pajamas

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    Weapon X

    MEN! that images ARE great!

    Rob Smith

    ML — love the $3/story idea!


    ML — love the $3/story idea!

    I’m glad you like – Marknew & I used to talk about this, but we both thought only a few people would buy it. But there are almost 3000 people registered here at She Grew! And Transvigor has a regular readership closer to 4000. If I could sell these stories to just 5 or 10% of that 4000ish number of people it wouldn’t be a living but it wouldn’t be chump change, either.

    I remember when Gribble tried this it didn’t turn out well. But maybe if the interface is smoother it will work. I already started writing the story – about 1500 words done – which is probably 8 or 10% of it. It actually has a plot, if you can believe it.


    [quote="unzipped"]Hey Lingster – what clothing model is that top you have her shredding? I’ve seen it in a couple of renders and I’m wondering if it’s worth picking up – and where you got it. Any help would be appreciated.


    It’s actually free! But it’s dynamic cloth, which only works in Poser 5. The stretching and wrinkling effects of dynamic cloth work great with growth renders – I’ve done a couple of movies with breast swaying or "gainaxing", and it’s wonderful to watch the cloth move with the model. The creator is named Sven van der Linden. You can see his free stuff here.[/quote]

    Crud – just one more reason to pony up for Poser 5. Maybe with some holliday money……


    Poser 5 upgrade is just $99 here.

    Hunter S Creek

    Great work, Lingster!

    Thank you for sharing!




    love those poser images. awesome work

    Wreck Shop

    This is an awesome peice, as is all of the work that you do.

    I miss you over on that other message board. 🙁 I really love your stuff.

    Thanks for sharing! 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)
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