Sexiest transformation sequence in a movie?

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    I’ve been a reader of this board for a while and now I have a chance to put my interest in the subject to good use.

    I’ve been hired to write a remake of a 70s sci fi film (can’t say which one) and I want to include the ultimate transformation sequence. If I say too much more, I’ll be giving myself away… but let’s just say it’s a combination of increased strength and sexual awareness.

    I was curious, in preparation for writing the film, if anyone had any suggestions as to what they think is the sexiest transformation sequence ever captured on film…

    (and then I promise to top them all!)


    as long as it has muscle growth its amazing and sexy to me 😀


    Few and far between sexy female TFs be. It’s not a fetish filmakers seem aware of. The Attack of the 50ft women remake had a decent one. I always liked village of the Giants’ TF but it’s not much. You’ll have to surprise us, I guess. Good Luck.

    Zespara Alathar

    Well, it wasn’t a movie but in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV show, the episode where Sabrina casts a spell to make herself very buff was a very good morph using a bodybuilders body with Sab’s head. I forget off-hand what the episode was called but it occurred a couple of years ago.



    I know it’s not film per se, but the She Hulk transformation sequence in the Incredible Hulk cartoon of the 90s has got to be the most (ahem) stimulating for me and it seems most people who’ve seen it. I think someone posted a link to it on this board somewhere.

    There’s also the Fairchild growth sequence that has a nice clothes ripping pose…

    Also, although it was giantess rather than muscle, I think a lot of the techniques in the Moon Princess clip would be very arousing in a transformation sequence. As she grows we see her rising up slowly, intercut with snippets like the heel on her shoe breaking as her foot gets larger, her pearl necklace breaking and scattering pearls, her underwear tearing off etc. It was a simple clip, but very effective.

    There’s also a clip with no growth, but a sexy musclegirl in a show I think was called Arliss? (I’m from the UK, so don’t know American series very well). She is using a bloke to increase the resistance of her pulling exercises in a sexy way, and then they’re shagging and she punches a hole in the headboard in a really sexy manner…

    (Grr! Have been trying to post these clips at a number of Yahoo groups but can’t connect to server to upload them. Anyone got suggestions where I can upload them or where they can already be found on the web for him?)

    Anyway, have fun writing! Looking forward to seeing the result in the future!


    the movie pluto nash, starring eddie murphy, has a really good scene in which rosario dawson looks in this mirror, and shes morphed into this super buff version of herself with extra large ummm additives haha.




    I was curious, in preparation for writing the film, if anyone had any suggestions as to what they think is the sexiest transformation sequence ever captured on film…

    Peter, sometimes the sexiest transsformations occur off-camera. For me, the scene in H.O.T.S. where Boom Boom (Angela Aames) walks into the plastic surgeon as a flatchested, scrawny runt and walks out a few seconds later as a big-breasted, broad-shouldered hottie with a perfect hourglass shape is extremely enticing.

    Additionally, the gradual muscularization and increased assertiveness of Erika Eleniak’s character in The Opponent is very exciting.

    Amanda Bearse’s transformation in Fright Night from nerdy, straight-laced high school girl into large-breasted, super-strong, libidinous vampire was also very well done.

    Most of these transformations can be accomplished simply with wardrobe changes – Angela Aames spent the first ten minutes of the movie with her breasts strapped down and wearing oversized clothes that made her look underdeveloped. Eleniak just wore long sleeves or was filmed from the neck up until one scene when she’s curling a dumbbell, and a substantial biceps suddenly pops out. And Bearse looked like she’d probably been working out before filming, so her arms seemed very toned once she shed her sweaters, and the make-up dept attached some very impressive and sizable breast prostheses for the vampire scenes.

    Most female bodybuilders are not humungous – if you were to cast a female weightlifter of above average height, say 5’8", weighing in the vicinity of 145 pounds, she could look to be of average build or very muscular depending on whether she was flexing, wearing tight clothes, or using creatine. Just a week would give her time to achieve the "creatine pump" look, which consists of often dramatically larger-seeming muscles due to water retention within the muscle fibers. Also, if she’d worked out each morning before shooting, her muscles would naturally have a greater pump. There are other supplements, such as NO2, which are also alleged to increase "pump".

    Contact me privately if you’d like the names of some possible models/actresses you could use.


    What exactly happened in that scene? Did anyone understand the Japanese that wass spoken?

    And what was the movie as a whole about, anyway?


    If LF is referring to the Moon Princess clip I also wonder about that one as if was a very cool scene.

    Overall I’d agree with most of the points brought up here, as my own thoughts are that I personally haven’t seen enough of this kinda scene in a live action medium. Hopefully you can surprise us [not tough in my case] and that it shall be a pleasant surprise.

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