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    This is the first FMG story that I ever wrote. I’ve tweaked it a bit and tried to make it easier to read. If you like it let me know and I’ll get to work on finishing Part two.

    My name is Sean Thornton and as I was finishing my last year at Ryerson University studying Biochemical Engineering.

    I realised as I watched my classmates all receiving lucrative contracts at large company’s or government research centres. That I had had, entirely to much fun in the various bars in and around the school instead of really concentrating on my work.

    Now it’s not that I’m not a good student or for that matter a smart one, I am actually. My High School average was an outstanding 99%. It’s just that I’ve never been really driven to succeed as most of my classmates seem to be, and so I will graduate at the bottom 10% of my university class with no prospects to speak of whatsoever.

    So with this thought banging around in my head I went about the last few days of my university life in a bit of a funk.

    Well that funk turned into absolutely stunned amazement when I received a call from Dr.Erin Summers.

    Dr Summers was a bit of a legend around this place that even I knew who she was, or is I should say.

    The good Doctor (and she had five doctorates that I knew of) was one of the great minds in the science community and had been for over Forty years. Her work had earned her Two Nobel Prizes and a fortune that was said to be in the Billions. So imagine my surprise when she called offering me a job!

    I of course accepted immediately and then had to ask her to repeat almost the whole of our conversation when she called back the next day.

    As it turned out she was quite the recluse, living all alone on a huge estate in the heart of the Canadian Rockies miles from civilisation. Hence it was that she couldn’t find anyone else to take the job (she would tell me that later).

    So two weeks later I found myself flying across the country to Calgary where I traded in a large comfortable jet for a tiny single engine suicide pontoon plane flown by Grizzly Adams.

    We landed 300 miles from Calgary at a place called Crags Creek. Were after a 2 hour wait I came face to face with the good Doctor.

    She stepped out of a Forest green Hummer, a petite woman about 5’1" and if I had to guess about 95 lbs. The biography I had read on her said she was 61 but I wouldn’t have thought her much over 50. She had an aura it seemed, a vitality about her that struck me immediately and when she clasped my hand her grip was sure and strong. My mouth didn’t want to work right as she said hello and I tried to stammer out a response. I was holding the hand of one of the smartest people in the world and my mouth didn’t want to work.

    "Well Mr.Thornton "she said rescuing me from myself.

    "The flight must have been a long and tiring one for you. Why don’t you curl up in the passenger seat and relax while I see to your things".

    Well that snapped me back to reality,I may not be the best example of manhood but my mother raised me to be a gentleman and most of the time I am. So I quickly made my excuses and grabbed my things while she opened the back of the Hummer.

    "This is beautiful country", I stammered as we were a half hour into what would be a two hour drive threw and around the majestic peaks.

    "Yes it is Sean ,I may call you that yes?" she said in a tone that told me she already knew my answer.

    "Ah ya sure ".I said.

    "Excellent you can call me Erin so it seems we both have Irish roots and to tell you the truth its why I even considered you. I thought it might help with us being so far away from everywhere to have something in common. Actually the isolation I crave is why I cant seem to keep assistants for very long, so even thou your grades were terrible I took a chance. That and your professors seemed to think you didn’t bring much of the real you to class." She said not taking her eyes of the treacherously narrow trail we were on.

    "Well that’s mostly true I guess ." I said somewhat embarrassed,

    "About class that is Ah… Dr Summers?".

    "Your supposed to call me Erin remember, and never ever Doctor OK!"

    "Yes mam I mean Erin" I stammered out my tung feeling three feet thick.

    "Hehe well Sean I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    For the next hour and a half we talked nonstop. She told me of her house(a re-creation of a sixteen century castle)and how it was built on an old gold mine that had petered out in the late eighteen hundreds. About her wish to do research to help people this time and not help corporations get rich.

    The project we were starting on was one she hoped would ease the suffering of ageing. She had an amazing mind and was far superior to me in her intellect but she didn’t flaunt it. She wanted me to be a contributing partner on this and so shared with me all her ideas in a way I could understand. I must admit I was jazzed by the prospect, for the first time I knew what I wanted and when we reached the castle I was ready to get right down to it.

    Erin had other ideas and getting me stowed away was the start.She lead me threw the elaborate passages of the place and pointed out things of interest such as art and tapestry’s. The place was immense to say the least and over the next few days I would find myself lost on many occasions. My room or rooms rather were about the size of my apartment in Toronto if you added the apartment next to it as well. I settled in just fine.

    We ate a light meal and she said she was going to bed and that I should as well for she liked to get an early start. That night was one of the longest I’ve had in a while being in this wonderfully strange place.Sleep was difficult and I was awoken at 6:00am by a knock on the door .

    "Time to get up Sean, if you would like to join me in a work out that is."

    I didn’t but how can you tell your boss that on the first day, so I dragged myself out of bed and threw on my track gear. She was waiting in the hall dressed in light sweats.

    "Great lets get a light jog in then some weights before breakfast shall we ,then to work"

    It actually sounded great,and the short 4km run and half hour of weights really woke me up and I was impressed at how she attacked her workout.

    After breakfast it was right to work and work we did threw lunch and into the late night.

    "That’s all for today Sean." she said as she shut down her work station.

    " Tomorrow we can finish those up ." She said pointing to the chemical compounds I was breaking down for her. We had a light meal and then of to bed. That night sleep came easily to me and as the days went by they all sort of blurred into one, always starting with a run and a workout and then long hours in the lab.

    Our efforts were starting to show progress and not just in the lab . My body was responding well to the workouts and I was finding them a bit to light now, but I wasn’t about to complain to Erin. For a sixty one year old she was amazing. And in the lab things were getting kind of amazing as well. The chemical component we were isolating when bonded to the human genome seemed to marginally affect cellular degradation. With this accomplished Erin wanted to take the next step. And a big one it was it involved bathing the compounds in energy of at least the equivalent of a gigawatt. To achieve that amount of power Erin like Dr. Frankenstein wanted to channel a bolt of lightning into the power converters here in the lab and focus it into the components. Well as amazing as that sounds from what I had learnt and seen she could do it. The castle was built in a way to allow the strike to travel into the lab and be converted. Theoretically anyway, she had never tried it as of yet. But as she said science is all about being the first to try things,so we set the lab up and waited for a storm. While we waited we sort of kicked back and took it easy ,a vacation of sorts. I spent a lot of time at her gym working out and most of the time she joined me. She was in great shape and one day she wore shorts for the first time that I had known her, I’m not sure if it was because we had been isolated for so long or what but her legs really turned me on, so much so that I cut my workout short and made my way back to my room to relieve my sexual tension. Well the next day our satellite feed showed a storm front moving in over the mountains and so we made our way down to the lab to set up the experiment. My part of the set up was to ready the samples and place them in the power converter. Erin’s was to align the lightning rods and open the channelling ports. Well as it turns out storms in the rockies tend to travel very fast and this one was on top of us before we knew it. Erin yelled down to me in the chamber that the strikes were happening and to hurry as she didn’t want to miss them. I yelled back to her that I was ready even thou I was about ten seconds from it. I didn’t want her to be over cautious and miss it and I was almost done. I had just placed the last sample and was running for the door as the lightning struck. I felt it before I saw it, maybe only a millisecond before but my skin tingled as a wave of something hit me and then a searing light and my body was lifted and thrown across the chamber and then darkness.

    I awoke slowly and to tell you the truth quite carefully, trying to feel if all of me was still all of me! To my relief it seemed that it was and I lifted my head slowly to look around. I was in bed in my room and sleeping in an easy chair beside me was Erin. The window was showing the first light of what looked like morning? Had I been out half a day and all of the night! I slowly lifted myself up to a sitting position looking at my hands for the burns I was sure to have received, but much to my surprise and relief they were fine. I felt my face to discover it to free of any bandages. Erin opened her eyes and then noticing me jumped up and almost sprinted to the bed and pushed me back down.

    "Relax Sean just sit back and let me have a look". She checked my eyes with a pen light and then my pulse and blood pressure(did I mention that she was also a Doctor of medicine).

    "How do you feel "she asked me.

    "Fine a little groggy but fine.How long was I out?"

    "About a day and a half."she said." I was thinking of having you air lifted out if you didn’t come around today."

    "I’m glad I came around then." But then I remembered what we had been doing." Shit hows the samples did I screw them up. I’m so sorry Erin."

    "Don’t you dare be sorry Sean accidents sometimes happen in science, and as much as we try to be careful we cant take everything into account. So you rest here and I’ll go check". With that she left for the lab, she’d been so concerned about me she hadn’t been back down there to check. I slipped out of bed and noticed I was naked. Suppressing a blush I threw some clothes on and headed down after her hoping all the way that I hadn’t screwed the pooch on this one. Erin looked at me with a small frown when I entered the lab but the a smile spread across her face as she showed me the samples. They looked fine and under the scrutiny of the electron microscope they proved more then fine they were charged with energy. It had worked even better then we thought because ordinarily being left out in the open for that amount of time they should had degraded into almost nothing by know. But there they were not just as good as new but better. They actually showed growth patterns. We packed them away in the sample fridge and then Erin decided to celebrate as she grabbed my hand and lead me up into the dinning hall.

    "Sit here Sean and I’ll get the Champaign."

    We toasted ourselves and the cultures and drank the bottle dry. Then out to the hot tub! Erin thought it would be good for me and who was I to protest. She threw me a pair of trunks and then went to change. I slipped into the soothing hot water that came from a natural hot spring in the mountain and relaxed enjoying the warmth of the water and the stunning beauty of the mountains. Erin came out a minute later and I realised this was the first time I had seen her with so little clothing on. OK I’ve said it before but she sure as hell didn’t look 61 and as she slipped into the water my body was responding to hers. I felt my cock harden as I looked at her and I tried to relax because for god sakes she was sixty-one and my boss!. But as I looked at her I noticed that she looked a little flushed.

    "Are you OK Erin".I said

    "Yes Sean fine, but just now I felt a tingling sensation and I do feel a little strange right now sort of dizzy but in a way I’ve never experienced before!" As I looked at her I noticed that I had never noticed her breasts before, and they seemed worth the noticing. Not huge by any sense B-cups I’d guess but firm and shapely and seemingly to large for her suit? A smile ran across her lips.

    "This feels nice Sean. My body’s all tingly."

    My hard on was raging as I stared at her breasts which seemed to be straining her suit further as if that were possible, but it sure looked that way. Then I looked up into her eyes and they met and locked. She reached over to me and taking my hand placed it on her breast.

    "No man has touched me here in a long long time Sean." She then pressed her body to mine and our lips met with what seemed like an electrical shock, it rolled threw us both and before I knew it our suits were off and we were making love there in the tub. Her nipples hardened to my touch as I caressed her seemingly fuller breasts and before I new it Erin was riding me like a cowboy on a champion bull and it seemed that with every thrust she looked better and better. Then in the best orgasm I’ve ever had (and so it seemed for her) we came simultaneously. She collapsed on top of me both of us spent and totally satisfied. I carried her out of the tub and up to her bedroom were we made love three more times that day and threw the night sleeping together in between.

    In the morning we woke together in her huge bed.I felt her slip out of bed and opened my eyes to watch her glide into the en-suit. Did she look bigger from the back I wondered , her legs certainly looked more shapely and her butt was real curvy. Just then I heard a small gasp and "OH My GODDDDD!! SEAN!!LOOK AT MEEEE!!"Erin stepped back threw the door and I got a look at her from the front."OH MY GOD!"I said.

    There before me wasn’t a 61 year old woman but a woman perhaps in her mid thirty’s with a toned shapely body and D-cup tits.

    "What the hells happening here"

    I said as I took in her seemingly new and improved body. She seemed a bit taller as well and her red hair hung to her shoulders. Wait a minute, red! It had been that light grey colour last night and now it was a deep crimson.

    "There has to be some explanation. " She was saying as she was examining and caressing herself. I watched as she cupped her now large breasts circling the erect nipples with her thumbs.

    "MMMMM these feel very nice, I always wondered what big tits felt like mmm."

    I must admit I was getting turned on just watching her and my cock was showing it.

    "The tingling, Sean it’s back! I can feel it again all over me. Oh it feels so nice it must be whats changing me, but why and how?"

    Just then she looked at me and notice my raging hard on.

    "Sean I want you to try something for me OK."

    "Ya sure Erin whatever you want."

    "Sean I want you to try to make your cock soft again imagine something, anything that can take your mind off sex,and certainly don’t look at me."

    I looked away not thinking to question why, she was the boss after all and so I thought about my last chem test. That did the trick all right I had bombed that one and barely graduated because of it. My cock eased back as I thought of other situations were the last thing on my mind had been sex.

    "It’s stopped." I heard her say.

    "The tinglings gone."

    I kept my eyes closed not wanting to look at her and break my focus.

    "Sean I’m going to try something and I just want you to relax OK."

    Without waiting for my response I felt her weight on the bed and the covers being slowly pulled down and away from me.

    "Should I keep my eyes closed". I said.

    "Yes and just relax let me do the work."

    Then I felt her soft warm hands caressing me along my stomach, down along my thighs. She cupped my balls in one hand as the other started to stroke my cock. I felt my erection taking hold growing larger in her hands. I opened my eyes just as she took the head of my cock into her mouth. Waves of pleasure shot threw me as she sucked deeply on my member all the while she kept her eyes focused on mine. After only just a few minutes I exploded in her mouth. She took it all and continued to suck me clean as my cock shrank in her mouth.

    "Wow that was wild." I told her as my breathing started to return to normal.

    "Yes it was Sean it most certainly was."

    She slipped into the bed beside me resting her head against my chest and we snuggled for a time.

    "I think we need to run some test on you Sean, because whatever is making me younger and sexier is most certainly coming from you!"

    "How is that possible Erin." I said, my mind searching for it’s own answer.

    "The lightning strike Sean it has to be that, and if what I suspect happened did happen your cells are going to give us some interesting findings.

    And they did indeed, my cells had somehow been super charged by the strike just as the samples had been. Erin said it was a once in a billion fluke and doubted we could ever reproduce it. But the simple fact seemed that whenever I got horny my sexual energy discharged to the closest women and I say women because when we tested the energy it was only compatible with females. Not only that but it seemed to augment itself when introduced to the women’s metabolism thus making her younger and sexier and as we were about to find out stronger.

    All in all we tested just about everything there was to test. There seemed to be no limit to the energy now flowing threw me. And all in all I felt better then ever before, and once in the gym we found I had a 20% increase in all my lifts and endurance. The interesting thing was (at least to me) Erin had increased by over 100% on her lifts and on our jogs she was starting to push me! Erin made me practise trying to control my body’s sexual responses and for the most part I was gaining a certain amount of control. But then she’d take of her lab coat and stand butt naked in front of me and bang I’d be standing at attention raring to go. For two days we sustained from sex while we tested and re-tested while abstaining from sex then on the forth night after the accident both Erin and I could hold back no further. We made love slowly that night savouring every moment Erin it turned out was an amazing lover and now with her new younger sexier body she was using 61 years of experience to go with it. I was getting better with the whole energy transfer thing, it was what made the sex even better for us both and I could feel it as it left me and flowed into her. It turned out she liked to be on top and I found it stimulated me, I could actually see the changes now as they happened, now that I knew to look. She was looking about 29 or so I’d guess and getting taller and more hard bodied looking all the time. As the night went on her arms were starting to show some real definition.

    When we woke up that morning she looked to be around 25 years old and stood 5’8′.She had the look of one of those fitness models maybe a bit harder that Kianna Thom but still curvy still feminine. Her breasts had settled in at a bountiful E-cup but firm and high like a b-cup sits. You would almost think they were fake until you touched them, then you knew the truth. They were real and they were wonderful. We got dressed that morning me in my sweats and Erin in a pair of tight little shorts that had bagged off her before but that now were almost to small and a shirt that was painted on.

    "I’m going to have to go shopping soon if this keeps up" she said as she struggled to get the top on.

    We started out for a longer jog and today Erin was leading, we passed our best effort of 8k’s easy and pushed to 10 then 12 keeping a good pace and the last 200 meters we sprinted and I just edged her out at the end. We were both winded but recuperated much faster that we should have. Erin stepped up to the weight scales and we were both were startled to see it stop at 185! She was 5’9" and 185, I was 6’2"and only 195. Erin wanted to try the weights before we tried to solve this new wrinkle. So we set the bench press at 100 to warm me up. After my set of 10 she slipped under I wasn’t sure she should start that high but she had a feeling she could handle it. And handle it she did banging out 10 faster and more fluid than I did. Warm up done we went for my max which had been 210lbs. It was easy, I pumped out 10 without a strain. Erin slipped under and I readied myself in front to spot. It was an impressive set I must say, her shapely arms just nicely muscled lowered the weight down onto that gorgeous rack she now was sporting until the bar just grazed her hard nipples that were straining threw the shirt. Needless to say I was getting aroused as I watched her again press 10 easier that I had. We set the new weight at 250 and I pressed 10 again easy. Erin slid under and started to press the weight I could feel the energy flowing from me to her as she lifted and as I watched I could see her arms getting larger her triceps strained out in a compete horseshoe becoming more and more defined every rep, her chest expanded straining the shirt more and more . Her shoulders broadened before my eyes and she pumped out 10 without breaking a sweat. Her chest expanded with each rep growing larger and larger. This time we added 100lbs making it 350. I pushed 10 but I could feel it, and Erin had to help on the last one. As I got up she pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply I could tell she had grown taller she was at least 5’11" now and her body was hard as we hugged.

    "Just for good luck" she said as she slipped under the bar. She then proceeded to rep 15 easy. I was horny as hell watching her and watching her grow larger and larger before my eyes. It was a vicious circle, the more she grew the hornier I got and the hornier I got the more energy she had to grow! At this time we placed 200lbs more on each side!. I was a bit concerned then but she looked at my with a slyly sexy smile.

    "I can do it Sean my love." she said as she flexed an arm exploding with muscle equal to any hard core female bodybuilder to prove her point. The bar was straining with 750lbs now, a weight that only a few men had ever lifted. I was a bit worried as she slipped under it, if she couldn’t hold it I didn’t think I could be much help but she was confident as she slipped under the bar. She then lifted her feet onto the bench to keep her back flat. And I saw her thighs for the first time, they were huge at least as large as Peggy Scoolcrafts and filled with striations. With a jerk she presses the weight up and locked her arms straight. The intensity on her face was amazing and a jolt of energy flew from me to her almost as if she were draining it from me with force of will. Her arms seemed to expand before my eyes then as did her whole body as she lowered the weight oh so slowly down to her eraser size nipples then she began to shake as she strained to raise the weight. Her whole body seemed to quiver and I could feel her absorbing even more energy from me converting it to massive muscle.

    "YES" she screamed as she pressed the weight, then holding it there above her she looked at me and giving me a wink said.

    "Watch this lover this ones for you."

    With that she lowered the weight in a controlled decent and then without much of a struggle pressed it back up! She pumped out 10 reps then each one easier then the last even lifting her feet on the bench and raising them vertically in the air as she pressed the bar. And when she stood up again and faced me it was eye to eye. She stretched out her arms and her triceps exploded outward. Huge horseshoe shaped and as large as my hand. She then shifted into a double bicep pose and my jaw droped open as her biceps rose to at least twice the size of mine. As she was doing this her shirt lost it’s battle to contain her growing body and simply shredded and fell away from her. Her breasts were sitting high and firm on a chest exploding with muscles. Her lats expanding like wings at her sides! My hard on was ragging just looking at her and I could feel the energy flowing into her but strangely enough not nearly as strongly as before?

    "You look confused Sean my love." she said staring deeply into my eyes.

    "I seem to have gained the ability to control how much energy I take from you lover."

    She moved closer and pulled me to her in an embrace so powerful it almost hurt. Her lips met mine and I was flooded by a tidal wave of exotic sensations. The kiss seemed to last forever but finally she released it still holding me as my legs were rubbery all of a sudden.

    "Now thats a kiss" I told her.

    She laughed her sweet laugh and stepped back to the bar, but this time she didn’t lay on the bench but stepped behind it gripping it in a curl position.

    "Relax baby " she said "I’m going to need some more energy for this one."

    With that she started to attempt a curl and at the same time I felt a huge wave of energy flow from me to her. Her arms already large now swelled larger still, her whole body was expanding before me as she began to curl 750lbs! Her shorts gave a final rip and then fell to the floor leaving her naked before me. I couldn’t help but stare at the size her thighs were becoming, already they were thicker than my waist and growing thicker and stronger as I watched. I looked up to her face to see her smiling back down at me.

    "You like me getting bigger don’t you baby! Bigger and stronger! Taller and oh soooo muscular!"

    I felt another kick of energy flow out of me and into her. My cock was aching hard now as I watcher grow. She then moved her hands along the bar until they touched in the middle effectively making it way heavier for her. Her arms shook as she curled it again to her huge breasts and then slowly down again.

    "Oh god Sean I feel soooooo strong! Oh yes give me more make me bigger , stronger!!"

    Another wave flew from me to her and her body responded by growing yet again her body getting larger and larger before my eyes!

    She dropped the bar back onto it’s rests then and walked towards me. She was flexing as she walked, a mountain of muscle who now towered above me. My head came just about to her breasts as she stopped before me. Erin was now the biggest person I had ever seen and I was a bit worried until her face lit up in that beautiful smile of hers.

    "I love you Sean and I love what you’ve made me."

    She kissed me then, lifting me up in her embrace as thou I was a child and with her new found strength it was probably about the way of it. She carried me up to our bedroom then and for the next two hours she made me appreciate just what her body could do as she gave me the greatest sexual experience I had had yet!

    I woke up the next day curled up on top of her sleeping body, my head resting between her huge breasts my feet dangling around her ankles. Her huge arms were rapped around me protectively holding me to her, but their weight was immense and as I tried to shift them her eyes opened and a smile came to her lips.

    "Trying to get away my little lover?" she said with little laugh. Moving my hand up to her huge tits I caressed them for a while then snuggled my head down between them. " Nope I’m exactly where I want to be." I told her as I dozed off into a pleasant slumber.


    Wow! I really like this! Thanks for the great story, man. Really looking forward to seeing a part two if that’s at all possible!


    Hey! I love this story!

    Didn’t you write a second part also? I remeber reading it. Was it incomplete?


    Actually Alex I did but I didnt remember posting it but I guess I did and your right it’s not compleate but I’ve been inspired lately so expect to see a compleated part two soon


    very nice story rich


    Fantastic work.

    Michael Pouliot

    Ristard, you posted Part II on DtV a while back…


    Yep and I’m sorry I did , the story wasnt very good. I never should have posted it . That being said I am working on fixing it up a bit and then I’ll repost it here.


    I’ve read this one a long time ago and I can say, it’s one of the better growth story I’ve ever read(and I’ve read a lot). The growth sequence is very "good" (words ar missing) and the rest of the idea is very original (an old female professor is a better idea than always growing teenage girl).

    I don’t remember the part two then, I’ll tell you later about it, but I’ll continue looking here if oyu post another sequelle.

    Thanks for sharing your stories here Ristard, you are one of my favorite.

    😯 😀 😆


    Ok, I’ve just read it, it’s very short and the growth sequence too quick. I understand why you are not very proud of this second part.

    Perhaps you can keep the beginning (it’sa good idea) and make it more with each female muscle growth. You could do it in different way. (making each woman better as they choose to be)

    I’m waiting for the new part two eagerly.

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