She Became Strong for Me

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    She Became Strong Just For Me

    By Jeremy Wilson, [email protected]

    A girl wants to show me the strength she built just for me

    Obviously my other story was not for everyone, probably because of the age of the character, here is a story where the woman is older, but it is not as well described as my first one, but some of you may like it anyway.

    I had met my new girlfriend over the internet, at a chat room where she said

    to me "What do you think of women who lift weights?" It came right out and I

    had to say "I love women weightlifters and bodybuilders, they are really my

    idea of the perfect woman." She responded positively to this, not really as

    negatively as most of the other women I had met online. We discussed a lot of

    different things since then and we found we had a lot of things in common, but

    one thing was a constant, she wanted to get stronger and more muscular and I

    supported her, because most of her friends didn’t like the idea of her being

    strong and muscular. I not only said I was fine with it, I told her, you get

    bigger and stronger, and I will even love you for it, because it has always

    been my fantasy to find a woman strong enough to lift me over her head and

    carry me around like a baby." She had said that her fantasy was to meet a man

    like me, someone who she could share her strong body with and would support

    her to become even bigger and stronger. When I heard that , I knew we were

    soul mates, if I ever met her, I knew we would fall madly in love and both our

    fantasies would be fulfilled. Then I checked her profile and guess what, this

    fantasy woman lived in the next town, just about 6 miles from where I lived. I

    knew, I absolutely knew we were going to get together soon, she lived six

    miles away and we held so many things in common. This is gonna be it, I said

    to myself, after years of searching, finally I found my fantasy woman. Boy, I

    got more than I bargained for, in a good way, but that can wait.

    We finally met at the YMCA gym about 6 months after we started talking on the

    net. It was sort of a coincidence because we didn’t arrange it, it just

    happened that we were there at the same time. I recognized her right away, as

    she was standing , facing me with what looked like 40 pound dumbbells, curling

    them with absolute ease. It took her a second to recognize me from the photo I

    had placed on there about three months earlier. I had lost some weight, but

    not all that much. We were dedicated to working out and from what I could

    gather she was already quite strong, but wanted to get a lot stronger, and she

    said that I was her inspiration, she wanted to get as strong as possible just

    for me. With my help and supervision, she had said, she knew her strength and

    muscles would grow with me at her side. As I watched her I sized her up, she

    was 5’5" and was very thick, not fat but bulky, and probably weighed around

    165. Then when she saw me staring at her, her eyes sparkled with recognition,

    she smiled at me and made a gesture to come over there. My stomach was full of

    butterflies already, and approaching her. I said "hi, Christine, I’m Jerry, I

    didn’t think we would meet this soon, but I am so glad to finally meet you."

    She shook my hand with surprising strength and said "Jerry, I knew we would

    meet one day, and I always wanted to be in the same gym with you, now we can

    truly be the partners and friends we have always talked about being." I looked

    into her eyes and I saw a fire I had never seen before in a woman’s eyes, its

    like right at that moment this woman had seen me and fallen completely and

    utterly in love with me. And my butterflies were in my throat, I was

    absolutely speechless, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t blink, I was completely

    entrapped in her eyes, I knew right at that moment, this was to be the woman I

    would grow old with.

    We had talked about her power level over the net, she said she had benched 250

    before and she was trying to work up to that again, but with my help, she

    would go above and beyond that by a great deal. 250 was not even a decent warm

    up for curls if I have my way and get her to be as strong as I know she can

    get. So we went easy the first time we were together, she was benching 185 and

    it looked like a warm-up for my girlfriend/workout partner, she did it for 15

    reps and asked if I wanted in, I was amazed because the whole time I had ever

    lifted, the most reps I could do with 185 was 7 reps, and she handled it like

    it was nothing. I knew right at that point that she had more potential than

    anyone I had worked out with ever. So we put the bar up to 225, which was my

    one rep max, but she had told me over the net that one time she benched this

    weight for 12 reps, which to me is unbelievable. I, the man of the

    relationship, was 6 inches taller and weighed 100 more pounds, mostly fat

    admittedly, was shown up by this girl, 20 years old herself, 5 years younger

    than me. So she got down and pressed it with seeming ease, doing 10 reps and

    not even sweating and breathing hard she said, "Jerry, two days ago I couldn’t

    do this weight for even 4 reps, now I feel tons stronger. Lets go for my max."

    So we put an extra 10 and 2.5 pound plates on each side for the total of 250,

    her max about 2 years ago. She said she has tried many times to get this up

    over the past two years, but had not. So with me behind the bar as her

    spotter, she lifted it with ease and brought the bar down to her ample chest.

    With a grunt of effort she brought the bar up, looking as though it was easy

    for her. She did 4 reps with it and set it down, with a look of euphoria on

    her face. She had done, not only had she conquered her max, but it seems, with

    me at her side, she can get nothing but stronger. She got up off the bench and

    came around to where I was standing, she had a look of animal lust in her

    eyes, a look that I had never seen a woman direct at me. She wanted me right

    then , right there, and she didn’t care about anyone else in the gym. Her body

    looked different somehow, she looked to have lost some of her bulk, but with a

    sweatshirt on, I couldn’t tell if it was real or my imagination. She said

    "Jerry, I have to go right now, but I want to meet here again tomorrow, I know

    that we can help each other out with our fantasies, because with you by my

    side, the sky is the limit." I listened to the passion in her words and could

    feel chills up and down my spine, I said without hesitation "I will be here,

    right on time, ready to help you make your body stronger, I would love to be

    with you for as long as you’ll have me." She smiled and said, "Be here

    tomorrow at 2pm, I will be ready and I know you will be, I know you can get me

    stronger, oh and one more thing." With that she made a quick pass on me and

    kissed me right on the lips, it was a little peck, but it truly was

    earth-shattering for me, this pretty muscle girl found me attractive. My heart

    was going like a drum and I could almost feel my breath being drawn from my

    body. It was very intense and I had weak knees the rest of the day.

    So, I got up extra early the next day and did some light cardio and

    calisthenics, but most of the time I feel energized at the end of them, that

    day I felt like I couldn’t lift my arms. I got back to feeling normal in about

    20 minutes, but what happened distressed me, how could I be so out of shape

    that a little cardio and stretching could tire me out so quickly. Then I

    realized something, after we shook hands the day before, Christy had somehow

    gained some strength, and then we kissed at the end of the workout. Oh, God,

    it can’t be, Christy was absorbing my strength through bodily contact, but

    how, that is stuff out of fictional stories, like those posted at Diana the

    Valkyrie and the Xtreme Strength website. This can not be real, but what else

    could explain it, she was more fit and stronger than from when I met her and I

    was all worn out and somewhat weakened. I imed her right then, at about 8am

    and asked her if she came in contact with anybody last night after our workout

    session. She said she talked a lot with her roommates and saw an old friend

    from school and went and hugged him. Oh, man, I thought to myself, she might

    have stolen their strength too, even if she didn’t know it. I asked her, "Do

    you feel any stronger today, because I have this little theory, and I want to

    test it today when we work out?" She said that she did feel a little stronger

    and more energetic today, but didn’t know the reason for it, then she asked

    why I wanted to know. I said "Well, I guess it could be a coincidence, but

    when we were working out yesterday, after we shook hands I felt a little

    weaker and then you were able to push yourself harder and make yourself

    stronger. And then after that you looked a little less bulky, in your sweats,

    we kissed and I had another feeling of weakness, like my breath had been

    drained from me. I had trouble getting energized this morning and my cardio

    workout just wore me out."

    So we made plans to go to the gym at the same time as the day before, but

    instead of working a different body part, like is usually done in

    bodybuilding, I decided to test my theory and have her bench her max once

    again. So we met again, and we had some light contact, we touched hands

    lightly and she gave me a short peck on the cheek. I didn’t think it affected

    me that much this time, but I did find it a little more tiring to climb the

    steps, much more than the day before. I was out of breath for a while, but

    didn’t let it show to Christy. So we took over a Bench press station and

    immediately stacked it up to 250 pounds, the amount that used to be her max

    two years ago, but she did it for 4 reps the day before. If she had gained the

    strength that I imagined she had throughout all of yesterday, this should be

    no more than a warm-up for her. So she got down on the bench and lifted it

    from the rack without any help from me. She brought it down to her chest and

    without even thinking about it, lifted it straight up, she started repping it

    out, each rep as easy as the rest until she finally finished 25 reps, which

    confirmed by theory, but I wanted to see how much stronger she possibly could

    have got. When we first met she shook my hand for about a second, if she

    hugged her old friend for a long time, say more than 10 seconds, it is

    conceivable that she gained 25-30 percent of his strength. Over the net she

    told me he was a champion football player and power lifter, so she might have

    gained a hell of a lot of strength.

    I was conflicted at this point, I knew in the past she had said she wanted to

    get strong mostly for me, but how strong was she able to get by draining the

    strength of others. Then a light bulb turned on in my head, she could be

    superhumanly strong, as strong as the fictional superheroes in the comic

    books, who knows where she would stop. So without a second thought in my head,

    I said "Let’s get some real weight on this bar." So I took off the small

    weights and put one two 45 pound plates on each side, making the combined

    total 405 pounds, what to my knowledge, was an official woman’s world record

    for bench press. I said, "Since you handled that weight so easily, I know you

    can get this up, and if you need a little help, here’s some good luck for

    you." With that, I gave her a long and passionate kiss, that for me lasted for

    minutes, but might have only lasted for five seconds for her. While I knew

    this would drain some of my strength, I was willing to do it for her, she was

    my life now, she was the one who I wanted to please, and I knew if she could

    do this, it would be the most pleasing thing that could have happened for me.

    So, she got under the bar, a look of determination on her face and brought the

    bar off the supports, once again without my help and without any effort. She

    slowly brought the 405 pounds to her chest, stopped for a moment, looked me

    straight in the eyes, and said this is for you, honey. With that she brought

    it up like there was nothing in her hands, as though the weight haven’t been

    heavy at all, not only that but she wasn’t done with it. She was repping it

    like it was the 250 pounds she had used before, but this time she went beyond

    what she did, with over 150 pounds more on the bar, she finally finished at

    100 reps, which had everyone in the gym cheering and chanting her name, but

    she was oblivious to all this. She only had two things on her mind, her love

    for me and her determination to make me the happiest man alive.

    After she set the bar down she did something I wouldn’t have imagined her to

    do, since she was a generally shy person, she ripped her sweatshirt off her

    body to reveal the most muscular body I had ever seen on a woman. Her arms

    were huge and ripped, showing striations and veins that no one in the gym and

    maybe the world had seen up to this point. I was mesmerized, I couldn’t

    believe my eyes, here standing in front of my was my dream woman, a beautiful

    face on a huge muscular body that was strong enough to lift and carry me like

    I was an infant. She saw me staring at her unbelievable body and licked her

    lips and winked. It seems that she didn’t just get stronger and more muscular,

    but she also got less inhibited. She appeared to be a totally different

    Christy than the one I met just yesterday. Yesterday, she was the almost

    nerdy, bulky, and shy bodybuilder. Now she was a smoldering sex goddess, with

    muscles that rivaled those of Mr. Olympia, and she wasn’t shy about showing

    them either, as she flexed in several different ways, her eyes never leaving

    mine. The whole gym was crowded around her, eyes open like they had just seen

    the most amazing thing in their lives, but that didn’t matter to her one bit,

    it was like she was focusing just on me and didn’t even notice anybody else in

    the room. I noticed this tunnel vision and had to snap her out of it, I didn’t

    want a whole disruption in the gym. So I said, "Christy, I love you, you know

    I do, but this is neither the time nor the place for this, how about we get

    out of here, then you could show me how much you love me back at your place."

    This snapped her out of the trance she was in and finally noticed that there

    were other people present. She didn’t go back to her shy persona though, she

    just smiled at them and said "Thanks everyone, but this show is over." With

    that she put a warmup jacket on, barely squeezing it over her record breaking

    muscle and went out with me, hand in hand.

    Boy, walking out with her, hand in hand was a bad idea, I could feel my

    strength fading, my knees becoming more and more unstable and her strength

    increasing by the second. Right after we got out the gym’s door, she let go of

    my hand and then I collapsed on the sidewalk. She knew she had to do something

    quick, so without a second’s hesitation, she took her jacket off, picked me

    off the ground easily in a cradle carry and carried me to her car, which was

    parked on the street two blocks away. I was conscious but I was almost

    paralyzed, she had drained so much strength from me that my limbs had lost

    most of their feeling. After she picked me up, I looked up at her amazed to

    find that even though she was holding me, no more of my strength was being

    lost and I seemed to be regaining the feeling in my arms and legs. She walked

    slowly to her car, not even noticing my 275 pounds, and took great pleasure in

    my amazement of her great muscles and strength. We finally got to her car, it

    seemed like a long time, because she was very gentle with me, but I knew she

    just liked showing off her new strength for me. I looked at her car and saw

    possibilities, it was a 1986 Chevy Nova, small and probably weighed about a

    ton and a half. I said "How much stronger are you, because that 405 pounds

    looked completely weightless to you, I bet you’re just itching to see how

    strong you really are. Well, I have an idea, I have seen this done on the

    world’s strongest man shows without much effort, big guys 6’5" and over 300

    pounds dead lifting these size cars with ease, I bet you’re strong enough to

    do it with your Nova." This was not as surprising to her as I thought it would

    be, so she said "I’ll tell you what, how about you get in and I will deadlift

    both you and the car at the same time." I knew she could do it, but I sat in

    the back seat almost believing that my baby was not strong enough to lift it.

    It was 3275 pounds total, of course, the front end weighs more, probably more

    than half, but still, it would be more weight than a female has ever lifted

    and I was there to witness it. She got behind the car and without warming up

    took the back bumper, got herself a good grip and proceeded to lift the back

    end of her Nova, with me in it, to waist height. I couldn’t believe the power

    this super girl must possess, but she didn’t stop there. With me watching her

    every move, she had to do something effective and mindblowing, so she took her

    right hand off of the bumper, effectively putting the whole strain of the

    vehicle on what she said was her weak arm. Not only that, she winked at me and

    started to curl the whole thing higher until the car was up over her head. She

    walked her hands to the middle while still holding it up and, when she found

    the perfect balancing point, she lifted the entire car, all 3275 pounds,

    including me over her head, with not even a grunt. It seemed impossible to me,

    but this girl had gotten so strong in just two days that she went from trying

    to bench 250 pounds, to being able to overhead press a car, easily I might


    After that feat we got settled down a bit, she drove us to her home and when

    we got there, she insisted on carrying me up to her apartment, even though I

    was strong enough to walk by then. But she didn’t care, she brought my 275

    pounds up two flights of stairs, but this time she was cradling me in one arm.

    I didn’t know what to do or what to say, she was absolutely the strongest

    person, living or dead, Earth and she did it all for me. The End…for now.


    I remember reading this story before. It’s a very lovely one Iceman. I enjoy the wonderful relationship Christine and Jerry have, I only hope they know how to stop the transfer of strength or they won’t be able to love each other.


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