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    A Walk in the City
    By David

    (She-Hulk and Rigger are copyright Marvel Comics. This is a polished version of the script that goes with Wreck Shop's illustrations wreck009-013 at Diana The Valkyrie. They in turn were created to fill out his portfolio at the time it all came together.)

    A tall dark haired woman strolled down the street garnering a few stares from people she passed. Aside from being gorgeous, unusually tall and fairly muscular there was only one thing else to attract attention to her. She was green. Jennifer Walters (AKA She-Hulk) is walking down a brownstone lined NYC street reading the liner notes of a new CD while she listens to it on headphones.

    She'd come to New York to see if she could help a friend with some legal problems.  After some expert arguing on her part the charges were dropped so with nothing else on her schedule she did what she loves to do in the Big Apple.


    Suddenly a trashcan lid slams into the back of her head with enough force to crumple with the impact.  Such is her strength that her head barely moves but it does get her attention.

    Picking up the crumpled lid she sees the number 228 painted on it.  She looks at the building in front of her and sees it's number 86.  Realizing that 228 is more than two blocks away who ever threw that lid could've hurt some one badly.

    She quickly heads off in the direction the lid came from wondering what baddie she had to fight this time. As she drew closer she saw a huge young woman chasing a skinny teenaged boy that's taunting her.  The girl was so thickly muscled that her physique was testing the limits of her clothes. While she didn't appear taller she was definitely much heavier, her muscles so thick and round it almost made her look squat.

    "Muscle bound muscle head, can't lay down without breaking the bed!"  He chants dodging her grasp.

    She corners him and grabbing him with one hand lifts him up and cocks her arm ready to pulverize him.  He's trying to apologise. "Let's see you tease me with a mouth fulla' broken teeth."

    A surprised look comes over the boy's face. "She-Hulk!"

    "Stop calling me names!"

    "No really, it's She-Hulk."

    "Yeah right.  You're about to spend the summer sucking through a straw." The burly young woman's punch is halted as a hand grabs hers.

    "Don't you think you're a little too big for him?"

    The stunned girl drops her tormenter and turns having to look up at the jade giantess. Then her face turns to anger.

    "Not you too?  I thought you'd understand."

    "Understand what?  Your big, the mouth there's…" Pointing at the girl's tormentor. "little."

    "Nooo.  Not just him everyone.  All I get is stares and rude remarks.  They're always calling me names.  Ever since I began to grow."

    "What happened.  I doubt my cousin's been giving transfusions, you lack the family skin tone."  She-Hulk asks putting a concerned hand on the girl's broad shoulder. She-Hulk is amazed at how solid it feels even to her super human strength.

    "It all started my freshman year.  I was in gymnastics and my tumbling started to go all wrong.  Suddenly I was going too high and I couldn't control my landings.  Then I noticed I was going through leotards way too fast.  Muscles were growing everywhere.

    "I tried to hide my growth from my mother, but she noticed when I started to ask for more money.  I really enjoyed sports so I tried out for track but I was soon out throwing the guys.  All the kids called me a mutie or said I was trying to look like a guy. Then I got tossed off the track team. All I ever wanted was to …"

    She-Hulk pulled the crying girl close and held her until the tears stopped. "I'm sorry.  I do understand.  But you have to learn to use your muscles like a shield.  You have to understand that people are scared of people that are different. I used to be able to look normal but soon I found myself enjoying being strong.  I changed back less and less until an accident left me permanently big."

    "But how do you take the taunting that you're not a girl anymore?"

    She-Hulk smiled and put a pointed finger on the big girl's thickly packed chest. "Femininity comes from here," She points to the girl's forehead. "And here." Don't let any one tell you different.  Too many girls starve themselves trying to look like some magazine model or TV star.  Do you feel less of a woman?"

    "No."  The girl said shaking he head.

    "Then to hell with them.  There are people out there who are grown up enough to appreciate you for who you are inside.  Not what they think you are from your outside.  By the way what's your name?"


    "No kidding, so's mine.  So what do you want to be?"

    "A cop."

    "Great I know a woman you should talk to.  Her names Margarita but everyone calls her Rigger.  She can tell you what to do."

    "She…  ah Jennifer?"



    For those of you unfamiliar with the character reference.

    Paul Schilling

    I am very familiar with that story, even though there was no dialogue wreck-shop did an excellent job with showing the difference between slim muscles and slightly heavier ones


    Sorry I didn't read or comment on this earlier.  Excellent story.  Thanks for sharing it.


    Thanks guys. I've lettered pages here somewhere. I'll see what I can do about them.

    Deadly Pixxxie

    This was a cute little story.  😆


    good story


    Thanks DP and 00.



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