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    I just read in an article from the latest issue of Comics Buyer's Guide (#1614, March 2006) that one time Sensational She-Hulk artist Tom Artis has had two strokes in the last several months, which have affected his drawing hand.

    I know he has more than a few fans in this female muscle crowd. The magazine lists an address where you can send the artist "letters of support." If you've ever liked the guy's work, whether it was in Sensational She-Hulk, Justice League International, or to quote Artis, his "many…come-and-go strips", drop the guy a line and let him know. A little fan appreciation goes a long way towards rehabilitation, especially for someone who's trying to re-learn his craft.

    Tom Artis
    1722 E. Clay
    Springfield, IL 62703

    The article also notes that he'd like to sell some original art.


    Delmo Walters Jr.

    I found out about it on Peter Gillis' blog, and the strokes occured during the summer. It's a shame the news took so long to get out there.


    I do hope he recovers… -_-

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