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    Wow! Fantastic cover there – I’ll have to go out and buy one… (or two?)

    Damn, that’s fine!

    Mr Burroughs

    She-Hulk Vol.2, "Superhuman Law," should be out today in book and comic stores. This contains issues #7-12, which feature the awesome arc that was widely discussed here and elsewhere.

    To summarize: She-Hulk is transported to an alien planet to adjudicate some of their cases. The planet is currently run by Champion of the Universe, a crappy Marvel villain who has come into posession of the Infinity Gem of Power, rendering him invincible. She-Hulk takes him on anyway, and loses – but then she remembers that as She-Hulk, she’s exponentially stronger than she is as Jen Walters.

    Pelletier’s art is stunning, and when he gets to draw Titania – well, watch the hell out.

    If you’ve missed these issues, buy this book.


    Thanks for the heads up Dave, I haven’t had a chance to go book shopping in a while so the update on Shulks’s collection status is a big help 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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