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    Over the next few days She Grew! will undergo some significant changes.

    On Saturday, the board will be unavailable for at least an hour beginning around noon EST. I will be moving it from a phpBB installation to a Simple Machines Forum installation. The layout will change substantially, but your user ids, posts, etc will not be altered.

    After a day or two has gone by without incident, She Grew! will go dark at this location. I will shut down the board, back up the database, and open it up fresh a day or two later as the core of the new message boards at Your user ids will all migrate over. For those of you who already have user ids at Amaz0ns, I have no idea what will happen, but it shouldn’t be too hard to put right. That said, if you haven’t already created a sign on at Amaz0ns, hold off on doing so until this process is done.

    With the new system I’ll be able to allow file and picture uploads. I’ve already set up a story archive at Amaz0ns, though thus far there are only two stories in it. 🙂 One nice example is that, if I’ve set it all up right, the story archive and the forum will interoperate. So when someone adds a new story, they can include a line of code in the story that will automatically create a new message board thread upon submission of the story.

    I think you’ll all mostly like the changes. Thanks for your patience.


    OK, it looks like the move was successful.  Please let me know here if you have any significant problems. 

    (Avatar problems are not considered significant – 200 x 300 is top end, and even that will exceed the site layout.)

    Matthew Lim

    No Problems, but definitly love the new look.  😀


    Well, it's just the default template.  I'll make changes down the road but not right away.  I'm just glad that it seems to be working.


    Hey!  You installed a karma applaud/smite thingamabob!  Coolies!  😀

    And allow me to use it to thank you for a successful transfer and cool new look.

    Erik Von Halle

    With the Site Move you announced a Story Archive.

    I assume that is why FMG Stories is no longer a main menu item.

    My question is: How do I get to the Story Archive?

    Erik VH
    Golden, CO

    Erik Von Halle

    OOPS! My automatic login did not work on the new site.
    Once I loged in everything was fine. Apparently Guest Access does not show the story boards.

    Thanks, Erik


    Yeah, the new board does not recognize the old site cookies.


    This is my favorite smilie ever.


    All the best with this move. 🙂

    I too love the smilie.  :mrgreen:


    Well, this is only about 1/3 of the move.  I'm going to give the new installation a few days to make sure it's working, and then I'm going to back it up and kill it.  Then I'll restore the database to another SMF installation running as a component under Amaz0ns.  Everyone's user logins will carry over and will function at Amaz0ns.  (If you haven't already created a login at Amaz0ns, please don't, because I'm not sure what will happen to the duplicates and I'd prefer to have as few to fix manually as possible.) So people will have the ability to use the chat room (already installed), make use of the SMF calendar that will be integrated into Amaz0ns, and I'll be able to give authoring permissions to the story writers here, too. 

    I also have the bandwidth available at Amaz0ns to permit file uploads.  What I have in mind for the file uploads is that images will remain on the server for about a month, but that we could come up with some kind of jury system to so that the most highly regarded material could be moved to a kind of "keeper" gallery.  That won't be available right off the bat, though.

    I have a lot of work to do but it's definitely coming along.

    Oh, one last thing – I'm not sure yet but I think I might be able to include a spell-checker feature once the whole thing is moved over to the new Webhost.  Which will be nice.

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