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    I would like to see more foot growth shown. After all it only takes 1/3rd of inch of growth on the foot to become a whole shoe size larger. I would like to see a foot outgrowing shoes (or at least the illison of this.) I seen 2 examples of this on a yahoo group that I can not remember the name too at the moment (I am willing to post the name once I find it again.) I am not a foot fetish man myself but it just something to see once and a while. Something like for a growth fan liking to see BE even if their not a Breast Fan themeselves.

    What you all think?


    Could have been one of mine… here we go shameless plug again.

    Have a few animations on that "have" foot growth but don’t focus on it specifically rather it is mainly FMG and sometimes BE.


    To be honest, I think that the people interested in foot growth are in the minority in the GTS community. For ages it seemed that this area of the fetish didn't even exist at all.
    If your interested ( I know I was) there was a great foot growth sequence I saw, though it was not connected with GTS. it was of the character Starfire from Teen Titans series 2, episode name "Transformation". About 10 minutes or so into the episode, her feet bulge and then burst out of her boots. It must be the best foot scene ever made.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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