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    In the midst of the Chicago air was girl whose name was Alissa Abbadella. She was a young girl who aspired to be an actress someday because that was the lineage that was in her family. She was of Puerto Rican/Italian descent. She was about 5’8" and about 140 pounds. She lived in NYC and resided in Mount Vernon on the Hudson. Well one day, she was watching Gremlins, pondering the idea of going down to a Chinese shop in Chinatown to pick up some formula to make her less thick. Well she took the train to the city and found herself in Chinatown at a little pawnshop. Inside it was a bit musty and she found some potion sitting on the shelf, she look around to see if anyone was looking and then stole it. The owner saw her and tried running after her but failed, he just thought to himself, ‘oh well she soon find out!’.

    Well Alissa rode the train back home, while riding she drew alot of interest into this potion, needless she was excited.

    She arrived in Mt. Vernon, got into her house. She was single at the time but she really had a crush on this really cute guy that lives across the street. She invited him over as friend because she wanted to see what would happen. Tim comes over.

    She changes into some Spongebob pjs and small halter top. He’s sitting down talking about school and she’s showing interest in him, like alot. Tim starts squiggling in his chair because he is slowly getting aroused by her, always has been. Alissa leaves to get something, comes back and sits down on him. She moves up and down saying, "I couldn’t help but notice how handsome you are…"

    Tim is just feeling heaven right now…ALissa, "first before we get started I want you to witness me lose weight via this potion.."

    She takes the cap off and drinks the whole thing..First nothing happened. Then all of the sudden, she got some wincing pain in her stomach, all you can see is her bending over..Her pjs look like there hugging her legs and butt, top is hugging her backside….

    She stands up with a look of horror on her face and here is what happened….

    Her shoes started stretching to grow with the feet

    The shoes deciminated and the socks ripped completed showing her wonderful feet.

    Her thighs and calves doubled as they split the pjs…


    "Whats happenninggg…Noooo!!!Nooo!!!"

    Her pajama bottoms were now rising but staying with her but no for long.

    Her butt expanding outward as she could feel her cheeks pushing for their freedom…..

    The back of the pjs started ripping at the "Spongebob" written at the seat if her ass….SHHHRIIIIPPPPPP….

    She now was standing in her boxers which were about to soon give way.

    Her shirt was ripped at both shoulders and fell off…

    "I am going to be a huge…..Noooo…."

    Her boxers stretched and got wedged into her voluptious ass crack and SHrrriippppppppppp……they were gone

    Her breasts gained….C…D…..D…..the clasp broke leaving her completed naked….

    Alissa look around and saw she was naked. While this was happening….Tim drank a little drop out of the bottle…..

    Afterwards all that could be heard in the distance was YESS YESS YESS!!!!!!

    The Chinese man laughed to himself, she got her ass fixed literally!!



    nobody says a story needs to be long to be good but the end is one of the most important thing and yours is …."how to say"…something is missing…you let us imagine to much !!! Sorry but for this kind of story something is missing.


    Unusual story…

    I thought this was going to be an SM story at first.

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