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    Hey there – I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I'm starting up a Dragon Ball Z interactive story on, and I'm hoping that any anime fans here will help get it going!  Since it's an interactive story, I've decided to allow the entire cast to become more powerful, not just the females, so anything is fair game.

    Here it is (I've only the initial chapter done, but I'll definitely be doing more tonight!)

    Also if this one takes off, or if anyone is interested, I'll be starting up a street fighter interactive story featuring only the girls of the series gaining strength – through more conventional means.


    I added something.I'd be willing to do more if we get some people on this.

    Bulma decides she has no time to waste, so she wraps a towel around her supple newly young breasts and ran to the room in which Vegeta's gravity machine is. Normally she would never go in there, but Vegeta was out for the day with Trunks, so it was open. She was a bit apprehensive because this machine could easily kill her and there was nobody to save her, but she know that with her youth back the serum was working and she was confident that it would work for her.

    When she got in the room she made sure nobody was around and went to the machine and typed in 2 times earth's gravity. Instantly the machine reacted and initially she felt pain, but within seconds it was like the machine wasn't on. Perfect she thought, it's working. She noticed that her body had again changed. She now had the build of a fitness model. She was defined, but definitely not overly defined. Amazingly her bust did not suffer in anyway

    Eventually she worked her way up to ten times earth's gravity and she was looking like a light-weight female body builder with about an inch in added height. She felt like she could do anything but still knew she was nowhere near the level of power that even Krillin possessed. The feeling was intoxicating. She finally knew why Goku and Vegeta were constantly working to become more powerful. She had to have more, so she increased the machine to 50 times earths gravity and the pain was imense. This was a huge jump compared to what she had been doing, but again the serum took effect. This time she didn't gain much size, but mass and definition she definitely gained. Still, at 50 times gravity she was no match for even the weakest of the z fighters, but that felt impossible. How could that be? She felt unbeatable.

    She dialed the machine up again to 150 times gravity and was in more pain than she'd ever been in for 5 second and then again her body changed. This time she gained size and mass and was up to about 6' tall now. She was as big, vascular and cut as any female bodybuilder and she felt like she could take on the world, but still knew she was no match for any sayian, so again adjusted the machine. This time she turned it up to 500 times earths gravity! Her body was ready for it though as she not only had the serum in her, but she was powerful now too. The results were incredible. This time she only gained density and height though. She was sure now that should could take on most of the z fighters and was absolutely thrilled. at 6'2" she looked very formidable. Bigger than any of the z fighters now, but far from the strongest. She knew that, but that was about to change. She had to take a break though because she was far too aroused. She HAD to test her strength, but against who? As she thought about it she ran her hands all over her body paying special attention to her breasts which remained proportionate to her body size wise but that was really the only fat she had on her body.


    I know that a few months have passed, but I felt like sharing that I’ve begun to update the story again. Any help or even friendly reviews/criticism would be appreciated. (Criticism for the most recently updated pages would be more helpful than that of the older stuff)


    Not to double post, but it’s been some time since my last reply here. Story is slowly progressing, with a path featuring Videl going pretty far.

    Wanted to just let anyone who’s interested know that I’ve started up a street fighter story as well:

    Also, someone anonymous has given me a 3 month upgraded membership gift for… I know that costs 20$, so if whoever that was frequents this place as well (I exclusively write about FMG there, so it’s a possibility) thank you very much!

    Quick edit: If anyone is a member of I invite you to join this group I’ve made:

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