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    magnus knight

    Erin’s grOWTH

    Magnus Knight


    Erin was an average twenty-seven year old with one little problem. She had stopped growing at about four foot nine, maybe five one in heels. Other than that she was young, attractive, and sick of all the short jokes. Especially from all the guys who’d say how she was at the perfect height for head. That really pissed her off.

    She liked her job as an office manager, and always treated people with kindness and respect. Of course she was sick of clients thinking she was some ones daughter and not an employee because of her height.

    The final straw for Erin came earlier today. You see she’s had a crush on her coworker, Brad, for some time now and was waiting for the perfect time to ask him out. Let’s watch:

    Erin: Hi Brad

    Brad: Hey short stuff, how’s the air down their.

    Erin: I noticed how sometimes you look at me when you think I’m not watching.

    Brad: Yeah, so what of it?

    Erin: I was just wondering if it’s because you found me attractive.

    Brad: Maybe it is.

    Erin: We’ll I was just wondering if you’d like to go out for drinks sometime after work?

    Brad: O K

    Erin: Really?

    Brad: Sure, but…

    Erin: But what?

    Brad: I don’t think they let children into bars.

    Erin: what?

    Brad: I mean your mommy and daddy may not like it if I take you out little girl. Besides I might strain my back having to bend down to talk to you all the time. Or maybe you could wear stilts on our date?

    Erin: Why?

    Brad: Oh good, now you sound like a little girl.

    It was then Erin heard everyone outside her office laughing. Turns out Brad had his phone set to speaker in his hand. She started crying and reached up to slap him.

    Brad: Hope that didn’t hurt to strain and reach my chin.

    Erin ran out of the office with the sounds of laughter trailing behind her, and tears streaming down her cheeks.

    Later that night Erin was still crying. How could she go back to work and face them again. She was just about done crying when she looked up through her apartment window and saw a shooting star. “If they think I’m a child, I’ll act like one.” She said. Then drying her eyes and ruining what was left of her mascara she went, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. I wish to be BIG.” And with that the shooting star seemed to twinkle and fade.

    The crying now totally stopped. Erin suddenly had a big boost of confidence, though she had no idea from where or why. In fact she began laughing out loud about how silly the past days events were. While she was laughing a gurgle could be heard from below. The laughing stopped as she put her hand to her stomach, “I’m hungry, no wait, I’m famished.” She said to herself out loud. Erin went to open her fridge but found it was empty. “Now what.” She muttered to herself. Then she looked up and noticed an add clipped out of the paper for a new twenty four hour dinner that just opened up two blocks from her place. “I don’t remember clipping that out.” she said. Then she went upstairs to change and head out for a bite.

    Erin put on a pink blouse with buttoned cuffs. As she finished buttoning up the front her tummy rumbled again. “Hold on there girl.” She said to herself as she finished buttoning up the front. Then she threw on a pair of black pants and her sneakers. As she was heading out the door she looked at the fridge for the add again to see if it listed any of the dinners specialties, but it was no longer there. “That’s weird.” She said, and with that grabbed her keys and left.

    Later that night she came back home. “I can’t believe how much I ate.” She said. “Three whole dinners and four sides, I just couldn’t get full.” She looked down and noticed her blouse seemed fuller and felt her pants dig into her sides. “Even my clothes are full.” And with that she patted her full belly and walked into her living room.

    As she crossed the threshold to enter she paused with a look of concern. “Ow.” She looked down at her feet, still in her white sneakers. Her feet hurt. “That’s odd, after a big meal your feet shouldn’t feel confining like your pants or top.” Her sneakers felt as if they had just shrunk a size. For that matter all her clothes felt as if they had shrunk down a size. She looked out as she brought her hands to eye level. “My fingers are not this long?” They seemed longer and more slender then they ever were. Erin zeroed in on her nail polish. It was not covering like it was earlier. She could cracks forming in it. And why did it only cover half her nail? As she lowered her arms she noticed something else odd and raised them again. The blouse’s sleeves were a quarter up her forearm. When she left they fully covered her wrists.

    “Creak, push” Erin moved her gaze down. Her sneakers weren’t just tighter, but a bulge could be seen forming in the fronts. Her toes pushing on them with much effort. The laces rising and lowering, as if her feet were breathing.

    “Ow.” Erin’s pants were now really digging into her. She could almost swear she felt them begin to climb up her leg. She looked down, and they were. Erin could now see her feet bulging out her sneakers in all directions. The leather audibly stressing out. Her pants now looking like Capri’s, and her socks which when she put on were a quarter up her calves, their white cottony material barley covered her ankles.

    Erin quickly lowered her arms and was about to take a step when “Pop, pop.” Her sleeve cuff’s buttons popped off. They harshly plinked on the floor. Erin started to take large steps to reach her bathroom, thinking she ate some bad clams and just needed to take an antacid and splash some water on her face. As she raised her leg “shrip!” Her pants leg seam ripped up to her knees on both sides. The other leg came up and “shrip!” The other legs seams failed. When the leg came down “Snap, snap!” two of her laces went on the right shoe. “Snap, snap!” the top two on her left shoe went. “Plink” the button on her pants exploded off and shot out into the bathroom ahead of her.

    When Erin finally made it into the bathroom the sight she saw floored her. Her short hair was now shoulder length. And her blouse was showing gaps in between the buttons, her tits now really sticking out. She figured she had to have gone from a B to a C cup by now. “I can see my abs.” she said out loud as her blouse was now revealing her midriff. “Zripp.” Her pants zipper now went all the way down on it’s own as her white cotton panties were now coming into view.

    “Snap! Snap…!” the laces on her shoes exploded like gun fire. The tongue of the sneaker now pushed all the way up. If you looked you could see her socks, the cotton straining when “shrip.” They tore open violently on the tops. Then the stitching started to unravel around the lowest part of her ankles where they dropped too.

    Erin gripped her sink tightly as a violent spasm shook her body. “Creak, groan, crack!” the front of her sneaker exploded as her barley sock clad foot burst through. Then the other followed as her socks tore open to let her large feminine toes out. “shplat!” What has left of her sneaker went bye bye as her sneaker’s backs gave into their pressure. She now stood on top of her ruined sneakers over soles now four sizes too small. “Snap” make that sock less too.

    The sink was now starting to crack from the pressure of her squeezing it. “Shrip” Erin glanced at her sleeve as it began to tear up her arm and separate at the seam. “Shrip” and there went the other one. Her pink blouse started to tear as the arms began to separate at the stitching in the shoulders. “Shrip” The sleeves now completely separated from the rest of her blouse. If you looked closely you could see the white shoulder straps of her bra start to strain.

    And what a strain it was. “ohh, gasp, uh.” Was all she let out as her breasts just jumped another breast size, then another, and another. “Pling, plink, plunk.” The buttons shot off from the front of her now ruined pink blouse. You could see them bouncing on the floor next to her ruined foot wear. The white lace cups now jutting into full view.

    The back of her blouse bulged out then violently tore right down the center “rip.” “Shrip, phlep” the shoulders now completely shredded and what was left of the center of her blouse fell away like two pieces of torn pink tissue. “Rip, pop” The sleeves now popped off and fluttered away as well joining the stockpile of ruined cloth upon the floor.

    As she looked into her mirror Erin saw her now shirtless body shimmering with sweat. Her breasts jutting out like to DD’s in a ten year olds training bra. “Creak” She could hear the sound of her cotton bra stretching out as it strained to contain the ever expanding mammary held within. “Shplit” “ “Oh god, now what?” She hissed out between clenched teeth. She looked and to her dismay saw a little mound of pink flesh poking through the front of her bra cup. Then another one came forth on the other side. The stitching on the cups was now giving way. The dark pink mounds began to widen as her breast flesh started pushing through. “Sript, shrip.” The cups began to have massive failures as her tits kept on pushing and fighting for more room. “It hurts.” She exclaimed as the straps began to cut into her flesh as her body still expanded. “Snap” The right strap snapped right where it met its cup counterpart. The other strap could be seen thinning out when “snap” it blew at the back end. “Creak, plink, plink, plink” The hooks on the back now went as they bent and were pulled from the stitching. “Shrip” at that exact same moment the front snapped and the shredded cloth now blew away.

    “Oh god, make it stop.” Erin exclaimed as another shredding noise alerted her to another seam failing. “Rip.” The seam along the ass of her pants split open to reveal a thin cotton thong where a regular pair of panties should have been. “Shrip.” The pants leg tore up her thigh and with a snap burst all the way to the waist. The black slacks now piled on the floor with everything else.

    “crash” Erin looked down in surprise to see her fingers took a chunk out of the sink. She also saw her white cotton panties with small tears forming in the front and a bush double its normal size. “Yikes” she said as she fell backwards, the sink no longer able to support her. As she fell “rip” her panties tore off and fluttered away. On the way down her larger size placed her head square on the edge of the tub and knocked her out cold.

    Erin awoke three hours later. “What happened, Holy Shit!” she exclaimed. She now almost tripled her size to a whopping thirteen foot eight. Slightly more muscular yet no less feminine. After the initial shock wore off she tried to decide what to do. “I wished to be big, not enormous giantess.” Then a wry smile came to her face.

    Erin was the first one to work that day and she kept her office door shut refusing to take calls. Then she paged Brad to her office. As he entered everything was dark. As the door slammed shut the floor shook as a large shadow crept towards him. All anyone heard next was a muffled scream followed by “You’re too large to be on top.”

    The End.


    Good story! This is fun, huh?


    Nice story, man, thanks! Growth fiction is cool!


    Awesome growth story, now that’s the kind of stuff I wanna see here on this forum, keep up the button popping work! 🙂



    Very nice


    just wanted to add my two cents and say that I really enjoyed your growth short story. I really loved the description of the growth process. I would like to say I feel sorry for Brad but he deserves whatever he gets (lucky bastard! LOL) I hope you continue to write more.

    Grey Deth


    I’ve enjoyed your past stories Magnus and this one is no different. Ah, lots of clothes rippage, gotta love it. Thanks for sharing.

    rowan morrison

    Wow! What an awesome growth sequence…thanks a bunch for sharing your story, Magnus.


    Very cool story! Excellent description!


    Magnus Knight,

    The way Erin’s nail polish acted as a barometer of her growth was very well done.

    It’s nice to see such evidence stack up while the growing is going on.

    Cool story thank you for sharing. 😮

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