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    Jayne Greye

    My new novella, Submission Training, is out.  It is available on Amazon (and Smashwords soon).  There is a brief excerpt and description below:

    The disquiet after dinner was palpable. All of us felt it. Questions tumbled through my brain. Why is so much of my life defined entirely by my fetish? What happened to my hobbies, goals, and dreams? Am I one-dimensional? If I go ahead with this, will Jack forgive me? Can I accept him having sex with her after the two of us are done tonight? But desire overwhelmed my hesitation. The idea of legs spread, two powerful bodies smashing against each other, measuring the power of each thrust, colored my mind. Two women with raw, brutal power. If I agreed, we’d be using that tool tonight, or better said I’d be using her with that tonight. “That sounds intriguing. I like the idea of that.” I said, trying unsuccessfully to keep the menacing tone from my voice.

    Tiffany Brooks is a powerful female bodybuilder accustomed to getting exactly what she wants — especially in the bedroom. When she falls in love with a man who prefers to hold the power in their lovemaking, though, she turns to an old friend, Dani, for help. Dani and her husband have perfected the Dominatrix-Submissive relationship, after many long trials and tribulations of their own. But when they agree to teach her Submission 101 first hand, will it damage their own chemistry or amp it up further? How will the fiery, independent-minded Tiffany take to being the sub in bed? One thing’s for sure — things will never be the same again, for any of them.

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