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    Here's a super strenght story i decided to write. well, less of a story, more of a private fantasy put to paper. text file. whatever.

    Super squad

    six identically uniformed girls flew throuth the air. their arms outstretched, ther toes pointed, everything about them perfect. they spun twirled and twisted like women posessed. feet kicked out, arms shot forward and cried out in a single voice:

    "GO PENGUINS!" a young man across the hall clapped and got up from the bench he had been seated on.
    "Good work girls, excellent form." he was, broadly speaking, a geek, though if he removed his acne and did something with his lacklustre hair he would have been considered an ok catch. possibly for one of the cheerleaders that were wiping their brows across the hall. each of the six girls was perfect in their own way, from the cute little black haired japanese immigrant daughter ki-lu, to the tall, statuesque blonde jenny. "You've really improved over the past month. Told you that weights work would pay off."
    "Joe" said redhead sara, "You've been coaching us for just under half a semester, and you know absolutely nothing about athletics. how can you tell we've improved?"
    "Everythings much more polished. Your toes point more, your movements are smoother, you're leaping higher." he shrugged "Granted i'm not a sports buff, but it does look better."
    "Yeah, come on sara. he's doing his best, and coach needs all his time for the football team." ki-lu piped up.
    "Why? They're hardly chapionship material." haggled brunette nathalie.
    "Which is why he needs all his time for them." reasoned jenny. "Look, none of us are pleased that ms natalsky had to leave at such short notice, but joe was the only person in the school who could and would take up our training. He's not an athlete" joe shrugged "But he's trying, and this is a good routine he's come up with." the two girls who had not spoken up, gothy serena and the black cara, looked at each other and grinned despondantly. arguments like this had permeated every one of their meetings. at first the threats had been serious, but after a few training sessions they had taken on a more playful tone. Their previous trainer, ms natalsky, had been called away just before the start of the somester for a far better paying job. Joe had been the only one willing to take up the cause, because as he said "It's going to be the best chance i have to talk to sexy girls this year." The squad had been less than eager at first, but quickly warmed up to him. especially when they found out how alone he was. he had done lots of research into athletics, and had come up with a training regime that was working ok. The cheerleaders had worked hard throughout the weeks leading up to mid-term, and the prospects at the cheerleading championships at the end of term were looking good. not top place, obviously, but they were excited about it. stan also insisted on lots of machines being used in their work. training computers, simulators, personal fitness monitors. They had wondered how the school could afford such expensive equipment. joe had explained that his parents allowed him to keep his salary, and that he made them all from scratch insisting "Its no biggie."

    the session over, he walked to the gym office to catch up on the meager paperwork he had to do, mostly scheduling and the occasional shipping order. coach bask, the huge, short haired, becapped man, waved at his entrance.
    "Here." he held up a large brown envelope. "Its for you." joe cracked open the envelope and looked at the contents.
    "Cheer squad world" he read out "A magazine for trainers an cheerleaders nationwide. Coach, where did this come from?"
    "Syade used to get it." he used ms natalsky's first name "Guess they forgot to cancel the subscription." joe opened the magazine and flipped through the pages. it was all what he expected: news, training and diet tips, routine ideas. he was going to the training section again, when a news article caught his eye.


    An exhibition show at thortop college this summer concluded with a twenty foot backflip from standing. the executor of the move, ellen smith (18) had this to say: "We've been training hard all year, and this was the result. our coach is really great, and she gave me all the encouragement and support i could ever need. it's just such a pity she's leaving." ellen has tested negative for drugs. the flip was the finish of an amazing display…

    joe noticed the sponsors logo on her shirt, "AIRBOURNE ROBOTICS". frowning, he flipped through the pages untill he located the advertisment for airbourne training aids. the writing was exactly the same. he folded up the mag and put it in his bag. "Coach, i'm going to be leaving now." bask grunted in acnowledgement. *I'm going to have a busy weekend*

    monday practice, and joe burst in late and flustered. "Girls." he announced "We're in trouble."


    Interesting beginning. I will be looking forward for more of this story.

    Good luck



    Glad you pointed this one out from the FMG story thread, it's off to an intriguing start…

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