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    "Mmm! Thank you, Superman," sighed Christina,"that was, well, super!"  She licked the last few drops from her mouth as she let his exhausted body fall to the ground.  Overcome by an ecstatic wash of pleasure, Christina's eyes flickered shut as she began caressing herself.

    Superman looked on in alarm as the scientist's already ripped body swelled with even more feminine muscle, stretching her makeshift costume further and further.  Now she'd passed the 7 foot mark and was still rising, with biceps that made his own look puny by comparison.  Superman had long since given up his futile struggles against this woman's incredible strength, but now she was getting even bigger?  How strong could she be now?! 


    Little bonus – I originally did her with a tank, but didn't like it so much, so replaced it with a heavy weight.  Enjoy!

    *edit* Heh, just noticed that the main post was my 500th post!  Suddenly I've got stars aplenty!  That's cool.


    That is a lot of stars I see….whether they are from your new title or the great morphs, THAT'S hard to tell!

    great job! thanks Random!

    ze fly

    😮 Wow!! That's really a SUPER-girl…
    Wonderful job with the pics! All these stars are truly deserved…


    Wow!! That's really a SUPER-girl…
    Wonderful job with the pics! All these stars are truly deserved…

    You're dam right; congrats and thanks random101. By the way, did you ever find a place to post your morphs? I do remember you had a link to them in your signature form the 'she grew' forum. You could always start a Yahoo group, or use a free website like ''.


    Wonderful! I'd like to see the other morphs you have created!


    heh site legend(that's a whole lotta stars)

    nice morphs

    what's the name of the fbb used in the morphs?

    thanks in advance



    *steps up to podium*
    (sniff) I'm just so completely overwhelmed by this award of being made site legend… (sniff) I think I might even cry a little…
    *dabs at eyes with half an onion, starts sobbing*

    *brushes traces of white powder from under nose* I'd like to thank the academy for this award, but I feel I have to also give thanks to all those who made it possible… The cute babysitter who play-wrestled with me when I was 7 and used to hold my arms down and sit on my chest, totally unaware of the effect this was having on me… the next door neighbour who was an amateur gymnast and used to work out on her trampoline in the garden, and once wore a top that showed off her abs when I was 9… my gym teacher in primary school – a sexy young woman who was a fitness fanatic and carried me to the school nurse when I twisted my ankle… and She-Ra, whose feats of superhuman strength gave me very strange feelings inside whenever the show was on and led to my first orgasm aged 10… I couldn't have done this without you!

    *holds up golden statuette of impossibly muscular and busty woman*Thanks also to all the artists, writers, morphers, and others who've contributed to the genre.  A special thanks to Lingster especially, who's so generously given us this site to share our collective interest and who has been at the centre of the genre for so many years, contributing in so many ways.  Thanks also to Wreck – another who's made an outstanding contribution to the genre in his art, time and effort.

    *edit* Thank you all for your kind words, by the way.  Oh yeah, replies to questions:

    nam – Thanks for the suggestions.  I hope to host them at the Cove and have sent a few over to see if he's happy with them.  If so, I'll upload the rest of my collection there.

    tourist – it was Vilma Caez.  I saw this set of three pics somewhere and it screamed 'supergirl' at me for a few months until I suddenly found a set of faces I liked to go with them (Tanya Danielle, I think).


    A most wonderful work, dear Random. Especially your little acceptence speech. Most wonderful.
    One question though: Is the story that your photo manipulations your own original work as well? If though, thank you for that as well.
    'Tis good to see you producing work again. Thank you.
    The Pimp NeonBlack



    [searches archives for the beginning of the story…]

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 14 total)
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