Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

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    I finally got around to looking up the Purple Sentinel. Once my greater question of who the Green Sentinel was finally answered above, wanting to also know who the Purple Sentinel was began slowly nagging at me.

    HUGE thanks to smitty and Uzi4You for providing the initial intel. Without it, I couldn’t have ever found either answer. Since the Wikipedia article doesn’t mention that the two Teresas placed 7th and 8th respectively, in the 1995 Ms. Fitness USA, I’m still left wondering how smitty learned of it. He hasn’t replied since providing their names sometime back in 2019. I’m unsure if like Uzi4You, that smitty found the names from the Wikipedia article.

    The names of the two Teresas were both added to the Wikipedia article on May 18th, 2018 by an anonymous user. Here is the before and after edit view. I’ve not viewed the edit history of a Wikipedia article in a long time. It was once common practice for mods to insist on citations for new information. No request was made here. I suspect it’s not done anymore.

    I’ve been able to verify that the Purple Sentinel WAS Teresa Davis, aka Teresa Davis Summerlin. She has a complete profile including confirmation that she was the Purple Sentinel on a CBD Products website where she has a bunch of (clearly sponsored) “Testimonials”. More video “testimonials (blatant advertisements)” here. I wasn’t able to find any pictures of her in her prime, only fuzzy video and screenshots from video tape of the tv show, so if anyone can find contest or modeling pictures that’d be fantastic.

     Screenshot_2022-07-23_23-32-47.png  Screenshot_2022-07-23_23-34-54.png  Screenshot_2022-07-23_23-34-33.png

    I initially mistakenly thought I had found the Purple Sentinel in Teresa LaCour Davis. Her history, age, physique (especially her arms) supported it. But Teresa Davis Summerlin’s profile showed I  was mistaken.

    I’m still including Teresa LaCour Davis’ information both for the interest of her discovery, and to illustrate that even with careful inspection, circumstantial evidence, and deductive reasoning, sometimes you can still be led down the wrong path and it’s always prudent to double check.

    Teresa LaCour Davis (Instagram), now in her 50’s is owner of Body by T Fitness, LLC Personal Training (Linked-in) (Website). Between reading her Trainer Profile, her age, and the picture below, I was (wrongly) convinced she was the Purple Sentinel. The picture below is from about 11 years ago. I’m guesstimating based on the apparent age of her son in the photo below compared with a current picture posted 2 weeks ago wishing him a happy 17th birthday.

    My Deviant Art Page (old stuff):

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