Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills

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    There was this show during the whole teen hero fad called Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills. The plot was great but the acting was terrible and the effects were even worse. However the characters of Scorpio and Centaur made it interesting to watch as they were quite muscular and shapely. I wish I knew who played them. All I can find are the girls in their human form before they transform into Scorpio and Centaur. Does anyone know their names?


    Friendly well-known secret.  When in doubt… IMDB it!

    Sez here Leslie Danon played  Laurie Foster (Scorpio) and K. Jill Sorgen played Drew Vincent (Centaur)

    I'm ashamed of knowing this one… I caught it while channel surfing into the USA network when it still had a kids'/youth viewership.  It was an AWFUL DiC/Andy Heyward knockoff of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  It made the original series look like high art.  It was THAT horrendous.  Not even Jump the Shark ( has touched that one. 

    Seems Leslie's had a bit of carreer up to 2001… Jill's popped up in two eps of Weird Science, but vanished after that.

    gimme size

    I vaguely remember this terrible show as well. Like others of its ilk, the "super" personas of the heroines were played by stuntpeople/martial artists (and rather buff ones), who unfortunately wore full-face masks.  They don't seem to be credited on any of the official listings.


    AHAHA how I had forgotten about this turd!  Hoo boy I don't think there is a word strong enough to accurately describe how cheap and crummy this show was.  The bad guy used diablolical planet-concquering devices such as an upright kerosene heater.  They didn't even bother to tape on some strobe lights or anything; just a plain old kerosene heater.  I only managed to sit through MAYBE 15 minutes of this atrocity.  The buff gals were attractive, but not enough to stave off how terrible the rest of the show was.  I think the  USA network just  hated children.


    USA loved us a little…they gave us Mortal Kombat…and that pretty damn Decent Street Fighter cartoon.

    Muscle Growth Nut

    God, I actually remember this. I watched it quite a few times because, well, I watched pretty much every Power Rangers rip-off on TV at the time. Only thing I really remember was an episode that ended with the teens getting sent to an alternate reality where Zsa Zsa Gabor was running for some governmental position or something.

    …Man, that show was bad. At least Beetleborgs and Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad were entertaining…


    USA loved us a little…they gave us Mortal Kombat…and that pretty damn Decent Street Fighter cartoon.

    And Dragon's Lair…ah.. Dragon's Lair.  But anyhoo, none of those were USA Original productions, were as Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters was.

    I am not joking as to how bad this show was.  I think they summoned it via the Necronomicon through a blasphemous ritual to Tsathoggua.  Really.


    Hello all,
    Ahhh, yes, I do remember the show alright, used to watch it early in the morning during my high school days. I agree, the show was crap compared to season 1 of MMPRangers, but, I did like it for the two girls -teens transforming into superstrong, muscled, skin-tight wearin superheroines!- 😛 I do wish there was a place I could find these eps as I am collecting 90s shows -good and bad- that delt with the superhero themes.

    Oh, and for those who couldn't find pics of the girls in muscled forms, I managed to find some and here they are. 🙂 -as I said, hot muscle girls in skin tight latex suits…woooow lol!- I hope you enjoy the pics. Also, I managed to find the opening cip from the show too -those who hated the show, turn away, the opening still might make you cringe!- ahaha




    Oh wow, I almost forgot about this show. Yeah I wasn't well writen but hey how many shows let alone kid shows are. Sure was nice to see some muscled women every now and then on TV though.

    Paul Schilling

    Looks to me someone pulled out their "Cheerleaders from Hell" comic book out of their archives and read it every which way. 😆

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