The all-mighty Regime, finally finished!

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    Matthew Lim

    Finally finished off this image. Now that it's finally finished, I can once again move forward with this project.

    Next set of updates for the Regime of the Rogue project:
    – Inked and Flat colors version of Omniscient
    – Sketch of the next two in line to be Jugger-sized (the poll winner and another character I wanted to do)
    – Shaded version of Omniscient


    Great Job KTM, so detailed and well colored!

    Muscle Growth Nut


    KTM, that is just…that's a damn awesome job you've done. Very rarely does my jaw drop open in pure awe, but you, sir, have done that. Bravo!


    😎 nice  😎



    Tommy Dreamer

    I don't think the phrase All Mighty has ever been so appropriate.  Excellent job.


    As I said on DA, this is great ^_^ I really love it! Colouring is spectacular.




    That is one awesome piece of art.  Regimaniacal!

    ze fly

    Holy Shit!! And I was thinking that Roguernaut was a piece of Art, but you surpassed yourself with this one!!  The shades, the colors, the lightning touch… it's almost alive :-o.


    This is where we say HOLY SH**!  That is some serious rogueage!  I simply love the way the electricity was done on her gloves, really spectacular!

    If I had to nitpick it would be on the following:

    – There seems to be an extra muscle bulge on the right calf, our right not hers.  It doesn't look very realistc and it also looks like that muscular bulge doesn't belong there.

    – Her facial expression doesn't really match what she's doing.  It's more like "Oh… yeah I'm just generating 100,000 gigavolts of electricity."

    – Not liking the shape of the boots for aesthetic reasons, seems just too bulky and ugly.  Skintight would be a heck of a lot more interesting to look at than those.  Only an opinion though…

    – On the left glove, our left not hers, you missed a spot where the background belongs.  It's all white instead of blue where the sky is and I know it's not a part of the glove because it is a solid white color.

    – Lastly, her boobs look a bit too smushed in that robotic strap she's got on there.

    Other than that freaking great job!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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