The Blue Necklase Part 2 By Ristard McSean

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    Mandy got off the bus just in front of the old warehouse. The noon day heat had chased the locals off the street, so no one saw her walk up to the old warehouse and key in the combination on the electronic lock.

    She wondered again to herself why Sandy and Sean lived in this dilapidated area, but as she shut the door to the huge service elevator she new the reason.


    Sandy’s art was a bit on the industrial side so she needed a ton of space and neighbours that didn’t care about the noise she made in the " creative " process. So Sean and her had purchased this old warehouse to suit her needs.

    As for Sean as a writer he could work anywhere so this monstrosity worked out just fine.

    It had been a few weeks since she’d been to the place, Sandy always let her "older sister" stay over when she got kicked out of yet another apartment!

    She turned on the lights and walked up the stairs that led to the extra bedroom they had built as a loft, throwing her bags in the general direction of the closet she collapsed on the bed and drifted of to sleep.

    At the same time as Mandy was getting of the bus Sean and the again massive Sandy were enjoying a leisurely ride home from the cottage. Sean had his head resting on her huge breasts and loving ever minute of it. Never having made love to a large muscular woman before he’d never realised what a turn on it was for him. So the long trip home wasn’t so long this time as he enjoyed the feel of Sandy’s hard powerful body.

    " Almost home now babe and I cant wait to get you onto that big bed of ours and take advantage of you again and again."

    " Oh your scaring me stiff muscle girl!" Sean said as he moved Sandy’s hand down to his crotch.

    " Mmm, hold that thought kiddo cause in about ten minutes I’ll be expecting you to satisfy my every desire!" she said in a chuckle while her fingers unzipped his fly to give her hand access to his shaft.

    Mandy woke up to the sound of the elevator door opening and a very deep feminine voice laughing. Thinking that the apartment was being robbed she snuck to the door to see who it was and was amazed to see Sean being carried out of the elevator by the most massive woman she had ever seen!

    She was about to walk out and confront the two timing bastard when she realised that the Amazon with the bulging muscles and huge TITS was her sister Sandy! Mandy stepped back into the darkened doorway not knowing what to do, that was definitely Sandy but there was no way it was Sandy.

    Just then the amazon woman that was Sandy put Sean down and put her hands to her melon size breasts. Mandy watched as her now massive younger sister cupped her huge tits in her monstrously large hands and began to squeeze and fondle them.

    " Oh Sean I think there getting smaller again!"

    Mandy heard her say and as she looked closer she realised it was true. The Amazon Sandy’s chest was shrinking, getting smaller and smaller, if you could say that about a woman with such a hugely muscled chest.

    What the hell was going on here she thought.

    Before Mandy could think about how what she had just seen happen… happen she heard Sandy talking or rather purring to Sean. Although she new that this was a very private moment she just had to watch and find out how Sandy had gotten so large and were her huge tits had gone! So she inched out onto the landing and spied even closer on her now massive sister.

    " Sean" sandy said in her sexiest bedroom voice.

    " I want my big breast back so I think you have some work to do lover!" As Mandy heard her sister talking to Sean she saw her flinch and rub her hand as if she had been bitten by something, but then she saw a huge smile break across Sandy’s face and watched as she peeled of the skin tight shorts she was wearing.

    " Did you just!" Sean started to say but Sandy cut him off. " Yep and now you need to do your part so we can both enjoy my big breasts."

    Mandy watched as Sandy pulled Sean to her and lifting him from his feet kissed him passionately and deeply. To Mandy there was no doubt who was in control between the two and that thought was confirmed as Sandy

    broke the kiss and gently forced Sean’s head down between her massive thighs.

    Mandy knew she shouldn’t be watching this intimate moment between Sean and her sister but she couldn’t look away either. She had to know what was going on and also watching Sean eating her sisters pussy was so damed erotic!

    Just then Sandy’s moans became loader and deeper and Mandy watched in amazement as Sandy’s chest began to expand! Oh my God Mandy thought, her tits are actually growing.

    As if to give Mandy a better view Sandy then ripped of her shirt exposing her enlarging tits!

    It was then that Mandy saw the necklace! It was glowing a deep blue as if lit from the inside and as Sandy’s tits grew Mandy watched the necklace glow brighter and brighter until Sandy’s tits seemed to speed up their growth becoming huge orbs of flesh on a massive chest. Then with a deep throated cry of ecstasy from Sandy the necklace stopped glowing and Sandy’s breasts stopped expanding!

    Mandy knew then that somehow the necklace was how her sister was so big and now busty and as she watched Sandy pick up Sean and carry him to their bed for what would be a very entertaining marathon session of lovemaking Mandy knew that she wanted that necklace!

    As the two lovers immersed themselves in their passion they had no idea that Mandy was watching them and that she couldn’t help but masturbate while she watched!

    For Mandy it was an amazing experience as she had multiple orgasms while watching the two lovers explore each other and the fact that her sister was the dominant partner excited her even more. She wanted what her sister had, she wanted to be bigger and stronger, she wanted to dominate her sexual partner and as the two lovers talked to each other after making love she found out exactly how she was going to get it.

    Mandy could feel the power of her new body coursing threw her, she could sense the strength she now possessed thanks to the power of the blue necklace that hung glowing between her large engorged breasts. She moved her hands up and cupped each marvellous tits caressing and squeezing them, then lifting her now massive tits to her mouth she licked and sucked each one just as she had always fantasised doing. Thanks to her stupid sister Sandy she now had the body of an amazon and she was going to get even better! Mandy lowered her hand to her pussy and slowly started to stroke her lips then spreading them open she felt for her now larger clit and began to stroke it slowly at first but then faster and faster till she could feel her orgasm building stronger and stronger. With one hand she caressed her breasts as she sucked her nipples and with the other she plunged her fingers into her hot hungry pussy! The orgasm hit like a tidal wave of ecstasy rolling over and threw her, she closed her eyes to it’s rapture.

    Mandy’s eyes snapped open to the sound of soft snoring from downstairs! She was still on the landing above while her sister and Sean were sleeping in the bedroom. A dream it had all been a dream, her wonderful body just a figment of her imagination. Well she intended to make that dream a reality but first she needed that necklace.

    Quietly she slunk down the stairs across what passed for their living room and over to the raised area her sister and Sean used as their bedroom. Mandy was shocked as she got closer her sister new body was fucking huge. Her arm draped across Sean’s body made him look tiny with it’s sheer size. The necklace was nestled between Sandy’s massive tits and on closer inspection Mandy could see it looked like a polished blue stone that someone had affixed a chain to and a shitty job of it they’d made of it too! She couldn’t believe Sandy would wear a piece of junk like that, and in a few moments she thought to herself she wont.

    Mandy gingerly nealed onto the bed and delicately felt for the clasp , she had just unhooked it when Sandy rolled over wrapping her treelike arm around Mandy and pulling her to her. A still sleeping Sandy let out a small sigh as she cuddled a terrified Mandy to her bosom!

    Mandy felt the soft warmth of her sisters huge tits

    totally surround and engulf her head in their cleavage as she was squeezed in her sisters sleeping embrace and she was about to panic when she felt the cool surface of the rock against her cheek!

    Gently twisting her head around she used her lips to trace the chain back up to the rock then opening her mouth she tried to suck it in, but just then Sandy shifted and Mandy’s mouth was filled with Sandy’s large nipple!

    Ahh Mandy thought , this is so grouse but try as she may she couldn’t help but suck and as she did the nipple swelled in size and hardness in her mouth!

    What was she to do, she was pinned in her giant amazon sisters embrace and now she was sucking her huge fucking tit!

    Just as Mandy was about to panic again Sandy shifted back towards Sean’s sleeping form , Mandy’s mouth was torn from the large nipple and as it moved up and over Sandy’s tit the rock fell into Mandy’s open mouth.

    Mandy slipped off the bed and made a hasty retreat first to the living room and then to the emergency staircase and out into the night.

    The necklace felt cool between her small breasts as she walked the few blocks to the strip bar she knew was the perfect place to try out the necklace! As she approached the door she saw two very large bouncers at the door and Mandy decided to try out the necklace on them first.

    The bigger of the two held open the door for her as the slightly smaller but still massive one tried to delicately tell her she may not want to go into this type of bar! Mandy stepped closer to him and then whispered into his ear that some women liked to look at other women and then she brushed her hand on his chest for just for an instant. All at once she felt the stone between her breasts warm considerably and felt a sort of static buzz around her hand. The bouncer closed his eyes at her touch and seemed to diminish slightly as he slumped against the wall. Mandy turned from him and walked threw the door being held open by the larger doorman and as she passed him she caressed his arm with her hand. The necklace heated again against her breasts and this time she could feel the static charge surrounding her hand and flow into her from the bouncer! She looked back to see him also diminish slightly and then slump backwards as he let the door close. " Looks like those boys aren’t feeling so hot." Mandy thought to herself as she walked into the dimly lite bar. It took a few moments for Mandy’s eyes to adjust to the dark interior but when they did she was a little disappointed in how few patrons the strip club had attracted tonight. She strutted around the room feeling better then she’d ever felt, her body seemed to be invigorated by whatever she did to the bouncers.

    Feeling like the fox in the hen house Mandy sauntered around the room gently touching a half dozen men before sitting at a table near the back. Siting at the table she revelled in the energised feeling coursing threw her, spotting a mirrored post beside her she swivelled around in her chair and was amazed at the subtle changes her body was experiencing. Her boobs seemed to have swelled a cup size and her nipples were perky as hell standing at attention right threw her now tight bra and shirt! As she crossed her legs she notice that her skirt seemed to pull up higher on her thigh then usual and her legs were getting some serious tone to their shape.

    Mandy was still admiring her longer curvier legs when a tall voluptuous blond sat down at her table and asked her if she wanted a table dance. Mandy’s eyes flashed a mischievous glint as she told the busty amazon that she most certainly did!

    Ah hour later Mandy watched as the same busty blond amazon took to the stage. The stripper seemed tired as she gyrated against the brass poll and her figure wasn’t quite what it used to be! Mandy smiled as she handed the last of the bars strippers a five spot letting her fingers brush against the woman’s. She felt the now familiar tingle as the static charge lept from her hand to the woman’s but she had gained so much more control as the night went on that now she could drain anything she wanted from the girl. Mandy smiled as she drained the woman of her great legs fantastic breasts and here was a new one, a large portion of her intelligence! The girl slumped noticeably as Mandy surveyed the bar as she stood to leave. Most of the strippers were sitting at tables with patrons looking as if they were about to fall asleep which didn’t seem to bother the customers because most of them were already dozing! Mandy stood in front of the mirrored post and couldn’t believe what she saw! Her just below the knee length skirt was know almost a micro-mini showing of a fantastic pair of long muscularly sculpted tanned to die for legs! Her waist looked tiny and as she felt her stomach she could feel the hard muscles of a washboard. But it was her chest that struck her most for when she had entered the joint she had been a small saggy B-cup but now the buttons on her blouse were being tested by what had to be the perkiest D-cups she’d ever seen. Her face hadn’t changed except that whatever imperfections she had had were now gone. Mandy had never thought of herself as pretty but now she was gorgeous. Lastly her hair was no longer a mousy blond but now golden blond that almost glowed, thick and full and had grown well past her shoulders. Mandy stood their staring at herself thinking that it must be a dream but knowing it to be real, she smiled and a small giggle erupted from her as she caressed her new body luxuriating in the eroticism of it all. Her smile grew deeper then as she realised that this was only a fraction of what she had absorbed, and that the rest was pulsating in the blue stone between her breasts, waiting to flow into her when released. All she needed now was to find the catalyst for that release, and she new exactly were he was!

    As Mandy left the bar she noticed the two bouncers leaning against the wall both fast asleep. As she stared at the two she could actually feel their stolen strength trapped in the necklace waiting to be released. Mandy turned away then suddenly in a hurry to get back to Sean and her sisters place. She wasn’t sure how she would do it but she had to get Sean to release the stones captured energy’s into her. An idea was forming in her mind but she had to get back before they woke up if it was to work!

    As she started away a huge white limo pulled up to the curb in front of her and as the door opened up she watched five truly massive men get out. Mandy felt like a kid in a candy store and if she had been into sports she would have recognised them as the starting offencive line for the local NFL team. The largest one stepped toward her. " Don’t tell me the headline peelers leaving so early." He said in a deep rumpling voice. " Ya come on back in with use darling we’ll show you a real good time." said one of the others.

    " They think I’m a stripper!" Mandy thought to herself." But not just any stripper, the number one stripper!" This realisation confirmed to Mandy just how much she had changed in so short a time and she hungered for more… so much more!

    "Well boys a girl has to get her beauty sleep if she wants to maintain her figure." she said to the five as she slipped between and around them, touching one caressing another and all the while the static hummed in her ears and the gem warmed against her breasts.

    It was early morning when Mandy slipped quietly back into the apartment and silently made her way up to the loft landing to the place she had hid only hours before. Now all I have to do is to wait for Sandy to stay true to her habit of getting up early and enjoying one of her long showers.

    As if on cue she watched as Sandy slowly slipped from the bed careful not to wake her sleeping lover, stretch her magnificently muscled body and then head to the shower.

    Mandy waited until she heard the water running and then carefully made her way to the sleeping form of her sisters fiance. She quickly stripped of her very tight clothing and slipped into the bed beside him. She began to caress him gently along his inner thighs moving her hands higher and higher until she softly began to stroke his rapidly hardening penis.

    Sean let out a soft moan as Mandy’s fingers worked their magic upon him and his now fully erect cock. Sean was in that in-between stage of sleep and wakefulness as he was being stimulated and he felt Sandy’s body straddle his and her gently insert him into her. It was at this moment that he almost opened his eyes to look upon her new body in all it’s massive glory but her hands brushed his eyelids closed and she softly whispered in his ear for him to relax and enjoy the ride!

    Mandy could feel the necklace starting to release into her it’s prize as she rode Sean’s cock deeper and deeper into her with each thrust, building her body closer and closer to orgasm. She had never been this horny before or this swept up in the sexual Maelstrom as she built and then reached her orgasm. It was like a tidelwave washing out of her and at the same time slamming into her as she felt orgasmic relief and the rush of pure power from the necklace wash over and into her! She screamed then, a primal orgasmic driven scream as she felt her body begin to grow and a strength unimagined begin to flow into her.

    Sean’s eyes flew open at the sound of the scream suddenly fully awake yet unable to comprehend what was happening as he watched the familiar looking woman who was straddling him begin to grow bigger and bigger before his eyes!

    Hope you liked part 2 I rushed it a little but I wanted to get it out before Christmas. As allways feedback is most welcome. Merry X-mass everybody!


    hmm…he’ll have a hard time explaining it to Sandy.

    There’s only one criticism I have to make in this chapter. The names Mandy and Sandy are just to much alike. I got confused a few times with it. And I think you switched them at one time too.

    I really look forward to reading more.

    ps: Any chance of a new Sexual Healing chapter?


    I used the names Sandy and Mandy becouse so many parents seem to think it’s cute to have like named children sorry for the confusion. In the part that I think your talking about Sean thinks it’s Sandy on top of him. Sexual Healing 2 a revised version is curently about half done but I have a few other story ideas that are screaming at me to put to paper so it’s been put to the back of the line. Thanks for taking the time to post your comments I cant tell you how much I enjoy feedback on my stories good or bad!


    I really like Mandy.

    Not just for her body either 😈

    She isn’t intentionally EVIL just really really repressed.

    It would be funny for the build up to be the inevitable amazonian catfight only to have them shrug from the experience of years of sibling rivalry and instead shoot hoops or something to settle the score.

    What would be even funnier is if Sean was tricked a second time somehow as result of a bet between the two sisters.

    Sort of a hypertrophied version of the God and Devil’s wager on Jonah.


    I think you may be right about the hoops game but mandy may be useing Sandy as the ball I fear. But you never know, as much as the stories allready writen in my head sometimes when I but it down on paper it takes a different direction. So maybe the sisters start a Draining men club!


    "It’s draining men. Hallaleuyah.." Hmmm I think I just stole someone else’s joke. Any who my first post on the board and I’m happy to see more and look forward to see more of the ‘blue’ tale.

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