The blue necklase Part 3

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    Sorry that it’s such a short chapter in the continuing tale of the blue necklase folks, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding time to write down what I already have written in my head. So I thought I’d just post what I have for now and hopefully I’ll get some time soon to finish up this story ( I have two others already almost written in my head that I need to find time for them as well arrrr).

    So short and sweet and not done but here it is!

    Oh if you haven’t read the first two installments it probably doesn’t matter. hehe

    Sean went from a blissfully erotic half sleep to terror filled wide awake when Mandy screamed in her orgasmic release. He tried to yell for Sandy but no sound escaped his lips, and as his eyes made contact with the gorgeous amazon straddling him his desire to do so also left him.

    Sean knew deep inside himself that this growing muscle goddess was Mandy, Sandy’s sister and that he should be fighting to get her off but his body was betraying him.

    " That’s right Sean don’t fight me, just relax and let me take you were you’ve never been before." Mandy cooed in an ultra sexy, deeply feminine voice. As she spoke Mandy again started to ride Sean pressing him deeper and deeper inside her and with every thrust more and more power flowed into her, making her bigger, stronger and more intoxicatedly beautiful! Sean couldn’t help staring at Mandy as she drove herself onto him again and again and got bigger and bigger and sexier and sexier.

    " Mandy!" he struggled to whisper as he forced his eyes to look away from the intoxicatedly attractive behemoth.

    " You cant do this Mandy!" he blurted out trying to resist looking back at her.

    " I love your sister Mandy and I can’t betray her this way."

    "Ah Sean " Mandy said as she turned Sean’s head back to looking at her with her massively gorgeous hand.

    "I need you Sean! I need you to give me all the power I’ve stolen tonight. But there’s no reason we can’t both benefit from this. You see I took a bit more from some of the guys then I really want so I’m going to give some to you. I think it’s only fair don’t you!"

    With that Sean felt a warmth flowing from Mandy to him and although he knew he shouldn’t he looked down to were Mandy was rhythmically grinding herself on him and every time she move he saw his cock getting bigger and thicker, he had never been small but now he was getting porn star size and more!

    " Oh you like that don’t you Sean, oh yes you sure do and so do I. Take a look at how much I like it Sean, take a look at me!"

    As she said these last words Mandy cupped Sean’s head in her now massive hand and tilted it up so he could watch her growing body!

    Sean couldn’t believe how big Mandy was getting, she was already as large as Sandy and swelling larger and larger. Her tits were the size of volleyballs and being pushed forward on massive slabs of pectoral muscles. Her stomach looked like a cobblestone road the muscles were so large and pronounced. Mandy’s lats were growing like wings opening on her back while her shoulders were wider then an axe handle and filled with cannon ball like muscles! All this Sean took in in only a heartbeat but his heart almost stopped as he gazed upon the angelic features of her face. Sean’s vision blurred as he was almost mesmerised by her beauty.

    It was at this moment when Sean had almost completely succumbed to Mandy’s new and rabidly improving charms that he saw the powerful hand of Sandy close around a huge swath of Mandy’s golden like locks!.

    " Get the hell of my man you freakish BITCH!" Sandy said yelling the last as she ripped Mandy from Sean’s lap and throwing her clear across the room and threw a partition wall!

    Sandy knelt down beside Sean her hair still wet from the shower and gently rested her hand on Sean’s chest.

    " Are you OK baby!" she said in a soft gentle voice.

    Sean stared up into her loving face and turned away in shame.

    " I’m so sorry Sandy… I thought… I thought I was dreaming and that it was you but it wasn’t and I couldn’t help myself."

    "It’s OK Sean, I saw enough to understand you had no choice, but who is she and how did she get so big!"

    " I think I should answer that question don’t you Sean!" Mandy said as she walked threw the whole she had just punched threw the wall.

    " I’m you older wiser and now oh so much better looking sister you silly little girl" Mandy said as she brushed of pieces of plaster from her prodigious breasts.

    "And as for how I got like this don’t you recognise this pretty little bauble I purloined from you earlier! As Mandy said this she flexed her massive pectorals there by lifting and separating her cavernous cleavage to expose the blue necklace to the two lovers.

    "You thief!" Sandy shouted at her sister.

    "I let you stay here whenever you need to and you reward me by stealing my stuff!

    " Not just your stuff tonight dear little sister" Mandy said as she flexed her massive muscles showing Sandy that she now was larger then her.

    "I’ve been quite the thief tonight sister. I’ve stolen from so many people tonight that I’ve lost count, and I’ve barely begun to fence my stolen property so if you don’t mind I need your little sex toy their to achieve my maximum return on my loot!" With that Mandy walked towards the two with an erotically arrogant gait and brushed past Sandy reaching for Sean.

    What happened then was so fast that Sean barely saw Sandy spin and grab her sisters forearm pulling and lifting her backwards. The two then began to grapple with each other both trying to gain an advantageous position. As the to Titans struggled with each other blue electrical sparks started arcing between them. Sean couldn’t believe what was happening as a halo of blue sparks encompassed the two combatants. He hesitated for only a second and then reaching under the bed he pulled out the baseball bat he always left there just in case. Stepping up to the two amazons Sean reared back and drilled Mandy across the back sending vibrations down the bat and along his arms so strong he almost dropped it. Mandy seemed to buckle a bit allowing Sandy to gain the upper hand pushing Mandy more and more off balance. Gritting his teeth Sean started to swing short chopping stroke at Mandy’s thighs and hamstrings trying two break her legs but the bat just kept bouncing off her as though she was made of concrete!

    Mandy on the other hand was getting quite a kick out of the little guy trying to protect her sister, in fact she was finding the slight stings of his bat quite stimulating.

    Sandy realised she was in the fight of her life as she felt Mandy start pushing back trying to regain her balance!

    She now knew that her sister was defiantly stronger then her! God how many had Mandy absorbed she thought as she strained to hold back the stronger woman with leverage moves she’d learnt in self defence.

    Sandy realised her cause was lost as she heard Sean’s bat slamming away at Mandy but instead of pain she heard an erotic moan escape her sisters lips. Before she could yell at Sean to stop she saw her sisters body swell and grow larger and larger at every strike of the bat!


    Beautiful part. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you can continue with the match of the amazons.



    realy dude it would be a shame to stop right there 🙁 . please finish it 😀 .


    I think like everyone else on this forum that You should make this incredible effort and finish it. We could than be Your devoted fans…

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