The Door (A Dark Tower spinoff) Part 1.

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    Please note: This story is somewhat inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, Numbers One trough Seven. Any ideas or similarities are inspired by his story and i take no credit for creating the conpepts. That said this is as far as i’ve written so far and if anyone has read the Dark Tower they will recognize some of whats going on. I know there is much more to this story and i will add to it as it flows out of my fingers. If you haven’t read The Dark Tower, run do not walk and go out and read it!!!

    The Door. Part 1.

    I found the door when I was eleven. I was mountain biking in palmer park, and on my way home I rode through monument valley park, the park where I would be training with the Palmer high school cross country team in two short years. I knew this because one day after a ride I passed by one of their races and watched my future team finish in second place by just five points. I knew then that I would have some mighty big shoes to fill.

    The day I found the door was unlike any other in my life, it was one of those perfect days, not too hot, the perfect number of fluffy clouds in the sky, and everything seemed more vibrant than ever, everything seemed somehow more real. Even the clouds had this weird v shape to them as if something, something very powerful, was slowly but irresolutely pushing them northwest. As I looked up at those clouds the image of a turtle streaked across my mind as clear and dazzling as a meteor.

    I caught a glimpse of it from the corner of my eye, and when the trees cleared I looked at it amazed. It was the most unlikely thing ever. It was made of what looked like petrified wood, like the stuff you find in Utah or wherever the Petrified forest was supposed to be. It had brass hinges that looked like they bolted into nothingness, and a brass lockplate with a doorknob and a keyhole. At the sight of the keyhole a feeling of desperation consumed me because I knew I didn’t have the key for that door and I knew I’d wish very much when I went up to it for a closer look that I did indeed have the key. It was at this moment that I also wished that I’d been watching the trail I was riding on because I’d drifted to the side and was about to hit a log. As panic and adrenaline leapt nimbly through my body I leaned back and put on the brakes, but too late, I began to endo, and had the endo under some sort of control but I was just too close to the log and flew over it when the front wheel hit it. Momentarily weightless I didn’t hit the log because of the endo, it had done that much, but landed on the rough hardpacked dirt and rocks. My helmet took the majority of the hit but I was still stunned and had about an acre of road rash on my arms legs, stomach and chest. My crotch hurt like a summbitch and it was a few minutes before I was able to sit up let alone do anything but writhe in agony. A few people saw my fall and came to help me. Other than the road rash I was fine, I gladly accepted the antiseptic a lady, whose house faced the park and had seen me fall while she was doing the dishes, brought to me.

    After some water and rest my helpers decided I was fit to drag my bloody corpse home to lick my wounds. I thanked then and wished them a good day. I was glad when they were all gone, because I wanted, no needed to get a closer look at the door that apparently only I had seen. I rolled my bike towards where I remember the door stood, limping a bit, I guess I’d turned my ankle a bit too. It was exactly where I’d seen it, standing in it’s little clearing within the trees, mowed bluegrass all around it for about twenty feet, and those heavy duty brass hinges anchored into nothingness. There was a word written across it in brass inlay, a word that gave me chills into the deepest part of me, body mind and soul, even though I had no idea what it meant. The word was : NEMOW and I thought, The World Next Door, for no reason whatsoever. It just came to me, and I found that I’d be doing and saying a lot of things in the future without thinking and not knowing where in this world they came from. I would find out much later that they were coming from my twim, not in the world behind the door in front of me, but an entirely different world, as far from where I’m standing now as galaxies are spaced from each other. But that comes later.

    I reached out for the doorknob and before I even tried it I knew that it wouldn’t budge at all, no give no nothing, because I didn’t have the key. There was, however, the keyhole, it looked like an old school keyhole for what my mind came up with as a skeleton key. Did anyone still use skeleton keys? Maybe in older parts of the world like England and China, but definitely not here in the good ole’ US of A. Where was I going to get a skeleton key, or more specifically the right key for this door. I had no idea why this need for the key to this door was so great, but I couldn’t deny it. Might as well deny gravity, the same gravity that sent me crashing into the ground after my unsuccessful attempt at flight not ten minutes ago.

    Then I got an even bigger shock when I walked around to look at the back of the door. There was no back, it simply vanished as if it never existed at all. After stifling the moment of panic when I though I’d lost the door, I saw it’s shadow in the grass so I knew the door was still there. I stuck my hand out and it kept right on going past the point where to door actually was, I verified this by looking at the shadow of my arm which was going right through the shadow of the door. I knew I could walk right through it if I wanted to and get a taste of the world next door. Without thinking I did and the feeling I got was one of incredible desire, for what I didn’t know but it had something to do with women. Since my own hormones were going to start raging anytime, it felt really good. I spent the next few minutes simply walking around the door. The door’s there, the door’s gone, the door’s there, the door vanishes. I stopped when one of the guys who helped me earlier came back around and saw me acting a bit loopy. With a pang of regret I gingerly got on my bike and rode the five minutes home where I washed my road rash and bandaged the worst of it.

    A week or so went by and I was getting more and more curious about that door. I took one of my friends Steve, who had an identical twin Mike, to see the door. When we got there he told me he didn’t see anything. Not even the shadow of the door was visible to him. As he told me that I was probably starting to loose my mind and that they’d have to throw me into the Looney bin, he clapped his hand on my shoulder. And then his eyes went wide, and I knew that he could see it too. "Holy shit, there IS a door, but it looks more like the ghost of a door." apparently it seems very dim to him but he could see it which re-assured me. "The brightest part is the keyhole, the one that looks like a skeleton key should go in it, like from those pirate movies." What he said flared in my mind like a red hot poker. The keyhole, of course, it was big enough to see through, just like the old school keyholes in this world. I very quickly became comfortable with the idea that there were other worlds and that apparently they were accessible, if you had the damned keys. I shrugged his hand off my shoulder, he was too stunned to protest, and knelt down to look through the key hole.

    What I saw changed my whole life. Actually, I would learn later, that this was just the first step, the first riddle, that I would have to take on my own, without hesitation towards the ultimate destiny that awaited me. I make it sound more grand than it is, but all I’m doing is speaking truth, and in this case the truth sounds more grand than the reality it turns out to be. I was getting good at the acting without hesitation bit too. When I looked through the keyhole, I saw the park behind the door. That’s it, just the part of the park that I would have seen had the door not impossibly been standing where it was. Steve looked at me strangely because he couldn’t see the door anymore and he told me it looks like I’m trying to look through a peep hole in reality. I just looked at him because that’s exactly what I’m doing. He picked up on that right away. I looked through again, seeing the grass, the trees and the trails that met at a fairly busy intersection, thinking that the world next door was identical to this one, until she came into view. I saw her jogging along the trail from the corner of my eye and looked to be an average sized college student jogging on a lovely summer afternoon. Then she came into view in the keyhole. She was gigantic! Not only was she much taller, almost a foot and a half taller I’d guess, but she had muscles upon muscle upon muscles bulging from her neck, her arms, her shoulders, her torso, her ass, her legs. She was still jogging but the symphony of her muscles was mesmerizing, almost hypnotic and I now understood the feeling of desire towards women that I felt when I walked through the door. This was to most beautiful example of female perfection ever to exist in all the universes. Then she was out of sight and I lunged around to side of the door, which was extremely solid from this side to get a good look at the woman jogging by. It was undeniably the same woman I’d just seen through the key hole but now she was back to her normal slimness that women seemed to aspire to, in this world I added. I had just seen something that convinced me of that. I looked around for another woman coming towards that intersection but there were none, and Steve pointed out that I had a hard on. He asked me what I’d seen, but I was too stunned and embarrassed to tell him. I let him hold on to me so he could look for himself but all he saw was the park behind the door, as I knew he would, especially with no women behind the door, it would look exactly like our world. He just chalked it up to the fact that the door was so dim for him, that he thought he was only seeing through the keyhole the same way he was seeing through the rest of the door. I knew better but didn’t tell him because there still weren’t any women nearby.

    The image of the tall and amazingly muscular woman that I’d see through the door would not leave my brain, and slowly over the next few days I became obsessed with this image, was it a fluke, what was going on. I had to look through the door again, and somehow time it with women in view of the keyhole. So I hung out at the park one afternoon and sure enough a perfect opportunity came along. A couple of young women, presumably college students again, met each other while jogging at the intersection. I immediately looked through the keyhole, not caring that I looked like a sniper kneeling to aim at his target, and saw the women of the world next door. Again they were much taller, almost a foot and a half taller judging by the sign post next to them, maybe ten inches, and both were superbly muscular. I watched in amazement at one of the girls re-tied her ponytail, making her arms bulge obscenely with muscle as she did. Her arms alone looked to be bigger than my whole body, which at twelve was not much granted, but it didn’t change the fact that I was definitely becoming aroused just watching them, and their muscles as they moved, chatted, stretched and flexed. As they were chatting a guy came running along. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, and was suddenly very interested in how the men looked next door. He came running into view and didn’t look at all different, maybe a little more muscular but nothing to write home about. As he passed the two gigantic young ladies he greeted them cordially and they smiled in return, and I got to see the true difference between men and women. He was eye level with their enormously muscled chests, yet not once did his eyes wander there, he was looking the ladies in their eyes, he also looked miniature compared to their ginormous muscular bodies. They could have lifted him off the ground and thrown him 150 yards with one arm no problem, even though he looked like he weighed in at about 180, they were that big.

    I was hooked. I sat back and watched as the now normal sized women commenced their jog, the guy was already up the hill. I re-arranged my pants and laid back in the grass savoring and memorizing every moment of what I’d just seen. I knew that from this point on, the normal sized women of this world would not be enough for me, I wanted to be dwarfed by gigantic muscular women that seemed to command respect from men, but were otherwise not much different from the women here. I started to put some serious thought into finding the key for this door.

    A couple years went by and I was in eighth grade, and of course I started noticing that the girls at school were maturing, and hoping, wishing that they would grow very tall and start growing muscles on top of muscles, but of course I was still trapped in this world, what I wanted was next door. This one girl, Sarah, was an athlete and somewhat of a tomboy. I was instantly attracted to her because I could sense that she might be receptive to the idea of being stronger than her man, if not taller, she was about 5’4 to my 5’8, soon to be 6′. So, without thinking, I went up to her and talked to her and asked her out. It worked and we started seeing each other. We were each other’s first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, and took each other’s virginity, eventually. We had a good time together. When I felt I knew her well enough I brought her to the park to where the door was. I asked her if she could see anything when she was standing right in front of it and me. Of course not, so I put my hands on her shoulders and she gave a little gasp as the door appeared before her. It was quite a bit more solid for her but she could still see the park behind it, only faintly. As she explored the door while holding my hand, the door was apparently meant for me, she tried the doorknob and asked me if I could open it. I answered her question by trying the doorknob myself. Then what I was waiting for happened. The two college girls met at the trail intersection for their regular run. I had Sarah look through the keyhole and this time she was speechless. She simply stared at the two women and I could tell by her reaction that she was hooked as well. She wanted what those women had and with a surprising strength she pulled her hand out of mine and towards her newly discovered peach flesh. When the door disappeared and the two normal sized college girls replaced the ultra muscular ones she was startled out of her trance.

    That night over dinner and coffee I told her everything I knew about the door and how it had changed my life and my perceptions about women, which was why I was attracted to Sarah. She was totally receptive, as I felt she would be, and decided that until I can get the door open she’d do it the hard way and begin lifting weights in this world so that she would be able to achieve even a little of what the world next door has to offer women. Over the next six months I watched her transform herself into the beginnings of a very muscular woman, by this worlds standards that is. She was still young and her body responded to the weight training like a fish to water. After three months she was as strong as I was, and of course I didn’t lift weights, I ran cross country and mountain biked. After six months she was most definitely much stronger than me and enjoyed herself immensely. She wasn’t exactly muscular, but she was solidly built and hard as a rock, when she flexed, her arms tensed up a bit and grew a bit larger but there was no noticeable muscle visible. She was still stronger than me and that’s what the two of us wanted.

    Half way through the school year she wanted to see the door again, to look through the keyhole at the women next door so that she wouldn’t loose her focus, loose sight of her, actually our goal. So one pleasant winter day we went to the park and as always there stood the door, resolutely defying all rules of reality. We held hands and now the door was even more solid for Sarah, she could still see the park through it’s petrified wood surface, but not as much as the first time we’d come to see it. Unfortunately there were no women around, not even the two college girls who regularly met here so we weren’t able to look through the keyhole. Instead I showed her the way the door disappeared when you walked around to the back of it. She had a bit of fun making the door appear and vanish by moving her head ever so slightly forwards and back, when I showed her how the shadows of my arm and of the door swam together when I put it through the place where the door was supposed to be. From the front she said it looked like my severed arm had been attached to the door and was animated into life like in a horror movie. Somewhat disturbed by that mental image I walked through the door and gave her a playful tackle. Again as I passed through the door I had this feeling of intense desire that I now associated with the specimens of female perfection that existed behind this infuriating door that I couldn’t open. I was still no closer to finding the right key. I also knew that I would know the right key when I found it, and so far I’d hadn’t, not from lack of trying. I had started to scour antique shops for skeleton style keys but so far nothing.

    After rolling around in the grass for a bit, and her subsequent pinning of me under her, I told her about how it felt to walk through the back of the door and asked her if she wanted to experience it. She leapt to her feet and sprinted around the back of it. She couldn’t see the shadow of the door so I held her hand so she could set herself up. I let go and she walked through where it should have been. And nothing, she felt kindof silly expecting something to happen, but I had an idea that she wouldn’t feel it unless somehow connected to me. Again this thought came from nowhere, intuition I guess, and it further asserted that this door was definitely intended for me. So I held her hand, the shadow appeared to her, and she walked through. I felt her shudder and this feeling of power and confidence flooded through her body. Apparently she was feeling a hint of the amazing amounts of strength, power and confidence the women next door possessed naturally. She just stood there absorbing and reveling in that feeling as it coursed through her body. She looked a bit different, almost as if an afterimage of the woman that she was on the other side was lingering around her. She liked that feeling so much that she asked me if I would lead her through another time. I agreed and this time I was watching her more closely as she stepped through the door. As she stepped through the door there was a split second’s worth of time delay between her entering the back of the door, and her exiting the front side. But the woman who exited the front side was about two inches taller and seemed to fill her clothes to the point where her winter jacket looked almost too small for her. She stood there absorbing the felling, the energy of the door, when I walked up to her and gave her a kiss. She was now eye level to my 5’8 and when we stopped kissing and she opened her eyes, and I smiled knowingly at her, the look of astonishment on her face made me wish I had a camera with me. I stepped up to her again and kissed her, this time putting my hand on her now muscular and somewhat bulky upper arms, and as she reached towards me to bring me in she flexed her arms and what felt like river bed stones lived and moved around in her sleeves. This time she noticed her increased size and broke off and had me lead her through the door again. Third time’s a charm she said. So I did, as if I had much of a choice in this matter anyway. We had both discovered a way that the door would help us achieve some of what it promised behind it’s unreality, and we weren’t going to squander the opportunity. This time when she came through the front of the door she was most definitely taller than me, by about two inches, and her body had grown to the point where the jacket, and most of her clothes underneath, had ripped.

    We walked to my house, which was about four blocks away, her house was two more blocks but her mom was home in the afternoons. Both my parents worked and wouldn’t be home ’till six or so, which gave us a good two hours. When she took her jacket off we could see that the sleeve seams had pulled away from the shoulders, and her clothes underneath weren’t faring very well at all. The seams on her pants were half ripped and her shirt was already in tatters. She pulled what was left of her sweater off with one rip that made her arms bulge and grow with her new muscles. Standing in front of me in just her bra, she flexed her legs and the legs of her pants ripped all the way to the waistband. She finished off her pants with a tug from her now muscular arm. I walked to her, looking up at her and began to explore and enjoy her new muscles. Sarah was now 5’10" tall and weighed in at a massive 165. Considering that only an hour ago she was only 5’4" and 120 that was quite the transformation. Her arms were now 15" around and she had no trouble at all carrying me around my house and up to my bedroom where us young people couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I loved the fact that I had to reach up to kiss her on the lips and that she could overpower me just by holding me with her now much bigger body.

    After we were spent, and had dinner, my mom commented on Sarah’s sudden growth spurt but said nothing else, we looked on the internet for women to compare her to. Two women came to mind, Collette Nelson, and older pictures of Tazzie Colomb. Collette had the same mass as my Sarah but not the height. Tazzie on the other hand was the same height and when she was younger had about the same mass. Now of course Tazzie is 200 plus pounds of womanly muscle. Sarah now knew that she was among one of 5% of women in this country who were muscular, and she was only fourteen. For the rest of the school year she hit the weights like a mad woman, ate well and added about twenty pounds of muscle by the end of eighth grade. Her arms were 17 inches of might, had tree trunk like legs that felt like warm marble, shoulders like football pads and was able to bench press almost 500 pounds for reps. She was undoubtedly the youngest, and most muscular bodybuilder her age in the world.

    That summer I had my final growth spurt that put me at my final 6 feet tall and in a month I became the taller of the two of us. We were no nearer to finding a key, even with Sarah’s help searching antique stores and various websites of stores around the world. We made a date out of going to the park about once a week to look through the keyhole. The door was almost completely solid for Sarah but she still couldn’t see it without holding my hand. Once I was taller we went on one of our door watching dates, but when we got there she used her prodigious strength to drag me towards the back of the door. I knew right away what she was doing and came along for the ride willingly enough. Once again there was that split second delay as she entered and exited, and once again when she exited she was taller and much bigger than before. This time however, she grew about four inches taller all at once. She went from being two inches shorter than me to two inches taller than me. Her muscles had ballooned to the category of enormous, definitely as big as any champion male bodybuilder. But before she could register these far bigger changes she lifted me off the ground with her new muscles and walked through the back of the door again. This time I could feel her body change as she grew four inches taller and her muscles became bigger than any human ever. Well almost ever, next door there were women who made Sarah as she is now look puny. She didn’t realize the changes in her body until she set me back down on the ground. When I was eye level with the middle of her gigantic chest and her now volleyball sized breasts, and she had to look way down to finally see me, the reality of her new body began to sink in. She was now a six and a half foot tall 450 pound muscle woman, who has just picked up her boyfriend with one arm as if he was a feather. We knew that she was now the most muscular woman, actually human ever in this world. We knew that no man has ever been able to develop the mass of muscle that my fifteen year old Sarah now has.

    Just then I had an idea, actually it felt more like another intuition from the world next door, I had her go around the back side of the door to where the two college girls we always time our dates with meet and stretch. There’s a young tree planted there and also next door, that’s about as tall as the taller of the two girls. Based on the heights of guys we’ve seen pass by we figure the tree’s about seven feet tall and when Sarah stood next to it I began to realize that she was really getting huge. Then I looked through the key hole and I got another shock in my young life. The Sarah next door made the tree look short. the top of the tree came up to her collarbones and the muscles she was carrying around made the two college girls look as skinny as I look compared to my Sarah now.

    I realized that the world next door was linked and dependant on this world, and as Sarah grew bigger in this world she also grew bigger next door. But next door she was confused about why she was growing so much bigger than any woman had ever grown, but she was having vague dreams about a dangerously skinny version of her appearing through a solid ironwood door and growing taller and more muscular. I also knew that Sarah next door was going out with me next door and that if either of us went through the door there would be one less version of me/her, I/she would disappear from this world but continue on next door, with my/her memories and personality because this world was somehow…keystone, the only world that matters, somehow.

    At this point I had no idea what I was thinking anymore, but I knew that if I/she ever came back to this world I’d/she’d disappear from next door and might not be able to come back. So the world next door was almost a mirror of ours, with a twist. I was getting a headache thinking about how two different worlds might be related to each other. I never even considered what it’d be like to consider the relationships between and infinity of worlds, yet, later I’d have reasons to consider it and wouldn’t even come close. So to avoid the headache I told Sarah what I’d seen through the door and realized about the world next door. All of this still didn’t get us one step closer to the key, and now it wasn’t just the height and muscles, but the idea of traveling to different worlds. And we were becoming more and more convinced every day that there were more worlds that just the two that we knew about.

    But all that could wait, we had her new body to explore, and explore we did. She had worn elastic clothing so this time her clothes didn’t rip, but they did look like they were painted on her body because her muscles had stretched them so tight that every striation of every muscle, including her ten pack of ab’s, was visible in great detail. We made quite the couple as we walked through the park. Sarah now a head and more taller than me. I had my arm around her waist, just above the enormous rock hard globes of her ass. She had her arm draped on my shoulder, her bicep alone bigger than my head, even when relaxed. Her arm made my head look like it had been shrunk like a shrunken head voodoo man’s prop. And her strength seemed infinite, solid as the earth, and absolutely immovable as she walked next to me, as she lifted me up to kiss me for making her wildest dreams come true, and then let me walk next to her to save my dignity, because we weren’t next door yet and she knew that here I’d get laughed at and that would put me in a bad mood no matter how much I’d try to fight it. Apparently men and women were wired a bit differently next door as well, and we sensed that even though not a word of that passed between us.

    The first time Sarah went through one of her "growth spurts" a few of our friends and family commented on her vigorous growth. Her parents didn’t put up too much of a fuss with her weight lifting and she had fun showing off her strength around school. Once at lunch she had carried all the starters of the high school football team on her back, piggyback style. This time, however, was totally different, because nobody ever, in this world, had ever seen a fifteen year old, ninth grade girl who was 6’6" tall, weighed 453 pounds, had 32 inch arms and could lift a school bus over her head, the non engine end. The media attention was immediate, and the scientific interest came shortly after. She became an instant celebrity not just in the city or state, but eventually in the world. She allowed herself to be subbmitted for limited scientific research, but no breakthroughs were forthcoming. Her sudden growth remained a mystery to the scientific community, actually to everyone but the two of us, as far as we knew. We found out later that at this point there was a specific group of peope, with very special interests, who now took an interest in the two of us, but we wouldn’t find out about them untill much later.


    There better be some Low-men and Taheen skullcrushing action in store 😉

    Especially worrysome if they run into Walter 😈

    Great fan-fic.

    I second ratlaf’s motion get your eyes into the Dark Tower.

    It’s an epic sci fi western on crack.

    Mark Newman

    Thanks for writing and posting the story. I LOVE stories about alternative worlds, as y’all know.

    Does the original Stephen King version have any female muscle aspects or are they just in this version?


    Wow! Great story, man. Never read the original, but really great growth and story development! Thanks for posting!


    no worries, the low men and taheen are coming….not sure about walter yet, i don’t know yet if they will run across the ageless stranger

    nah the mucsle is my creation for us here at she grew, but with an infinite number of worlds supported by the dark tower i’m sure that there’s at least one where women are the taller more muscular gender, if only i could get there….

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